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A Major Reason Why Your Online Business Shouldn’t Just Copy What The Gurus Do!Part Two

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, your semi fledgling and or fairly new online businesscan and definitely will, get completely off course, in a major way.

If you try and simply copy & paste, what you see and or hear, your favorite seven or eight figure a year earning guru and guruette is currently doing, correct?

Absolutely. And even closer to home, as you continually try and do a side by side comparison, of their current online situation vs yours, the primary reasons for not doing so, should become more painfully clear.

Please don’t misunderstand here.Without a doubt, you and I should constantly strive to emulate our favorite guru and or guruettes most productive strategies and or tactics etc.

But in no way, think, (especially) in the beginning of the steady development of your online business, you will be able to consistently produce similar bankable results, and or outcomes to theirs.

When it’s totally obvious (and or it should be!), you don’t currently have anywhere near, similar entrepreneurial skills, cultivated networks, real world experiences, (good or bad), and or the necessary influence within your given niche/target market just yet.

So Why Should Your Semi Fledgling Online Business Simply Copy And Paste What You Continuously See The Gurus Doing?

Case in point; as was previously mentioned in part one and the above paragraph. Like it or not, your already extremely well established, and highly connected, favorite guru and or guruette, has already painstakingly laid the necessary foundational blocks, to be able to create, (get this) multiple forms of benefits, from just a few rather simple, and straight forward actions.

Like namely, publishing some form of ‘how to’ educational and or entertaining content, like a single and or multiple part blog post series.Or a video series,or a Facebook live event, and or a webinar presentation etc.

To the naked eye, and the extremely inexperienced online newbie marketer, they really don’t readily see, and or (come anywhere) near close, to recognizing,and or fully appreciating how your favorite gurus and or guruettes, can and do benefit, multiple times, whenever they publish a blog post.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Do The Necessary Hard Work Once And Benefit Multiple Times!

For ex; your favorite gurus, publishes a single and or series of SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly blog posts and or podcasts etc.

And unlike the completely inexperienced, and currently non connected online marketer, they immediately forward it to (if nothing else), their inner circle of ten to thirty fellow high earning marketers, who have their very own opt in email/mobile marketing list of at least 1,500 subscribers or more.

Plus, they each have at least 5,000 or more combined followers, on both twitter, Facebook etc.

While it doesn’t apparently seem like such a big deal, until you stop and consider, as the one and or this series of SEO friendly blog content, constantly gets shared, via the the gurus inner circles, followers on the various social media platforms.

Plus as it continuously gets visited by the inner circles opt in email and or mobile subscribers, and constantly gets shared even more all over social media.

Your Highly Developed Online Marketing Skills Can And Definitely Should Be Monetized! (As Often As Possible!)

And as a gazillion quality comments continually pile up.The major  search engines, especially (the Mack daddy) of them all, Google, definitely starts to takes notice,in a major way and gradually (over time of course), begins to rank this particular content higher and higher,(on the 1st page) for whatever keyword researched long tail keywords, the gurus were targeting.

All this extremely pro-active, behind the scenes leg work, all but guarantees the gurus, continuous extremely high ranking content, and therefore free (organic) traffic from the major search engines like Google, for a very long time to come.

And here’s where it truly starts to get extremely interesting, and potentially profitable.

Your favorite guru and or guruette, is already wise and Internet marketing savvy enough, to clearly understand, why they definitely need to strategically sprinkle some of their very best, (translated) highest income generating power list building, and or affiliate links, to both their very own and affiliate products and or services, throughout this extremely high ranking content.

Power Lead Generating Opportunities Constantly Multiply As Your Networking Skills Steadily Improve!

Because over time, as their single and or multiple blog post content, and or video or podcast content steadily rises in the various major search engines, over the next few months and or over years, they’ll start to continuously reap, multiple forms of potential money making benefits.

Like more quality opt in leads,far more often, and far more affiliate income producing opportunities, more joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional opportunities.

And or far more lucrative opportunities to sell, (either) their high back end income producing coaching/mentoring and or consulting packages etc.To groups and or individuals etc.

So when you finally combine and steadily add, all this market tested, pro-active marketing activity up, is it truly any wonder, how come, each brand new and or current opt in subscriber they have, is easily worth, anywhere from a measly dollar, up to $5 dollar per subscriber a month, or more!

Successful Online Marketing Is An Ongoing Developmental Process! (Not A Single Massive Event!)

And far more importantly, if your current online business venture, isn’t coming anywhere near close, to matching their perpetual positive motion, how can your new developed sales funnel results, and or amount per new, and or current opt in subscriber values, come anywhere near close to matching theirs?

It definitely should obvious now, why trying to simply copy and paste what you see your favorite guru and or guruette doing, will ultimately lead to nothing but major frustration! Don’t you agree?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to A Major Reason Why Your Online Business Shouldn’t Just Copy What The Gurus Do!Part Two
  1. Yep, nodding my head through the entire article. Even though I am in a different niche I still follow this line of thinking because I am a strong believer that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to personal development. We are individuals, each with different experiences, goals, and biases. I can provide a roadmap, but it’s up to each person to choose whether or not to make the journey. Thanks for the great advice and inspiration Mark!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Overcoming Our Inability to Say “No”My Profile

    • And thanks for your incredibly inspiring words of wisdom M!

      Isn’t sad, how many mountains of people, are herded into these
      outrageously expensive, so called, coaching/mentoring programs etc.

      Only to taught as if we all have the exact same skills, determination and
      various resources etc.

      And not, as you wisely pointed out, catered to, as the unique individuals
      we are!

      All with different strengths and personal weaknesses etc!

      Thanks for sharing some extremely valuable insights!Let’s sincerely hope,
      your doing so, can at least help a few along the way!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money? Part TwoMy Profile


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