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What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part Two

So after reading, (hopefully) studying the content in part one of this ongoing series.

Do you now agree, the mega proven marketing strategy of preeminence, when implemented, (both) strategically and systematically, can and most definitely will, give your business and or service, a decided edge, in your particular market place.

Great.Because once you or I set the precedent, it’s almost next to impossible, for your major competitors, to come along after the fact, and make or have, as big of an impact.

Unless of course, they are somehow able to do it a gazillion times better.

And that’s usually next to impossible, without absorbing a ton of brand, and often times, totally unexpected, additional upfront, and or ongoing costs.

Which, (make no mistake about it), ladies & gentlemen, is far easier said than done.So most of your major competitors, won’t even bother to try.

So any and every time, you and I can get or benefit, from the concept of preeminence, it’s usually a green light, for some long term profit potential.

Do You Think This Rarely Used Marketing Strategy Definitely Deserves A Closer Look?

In order to really go further under the hood. As you recall in part one. An extremely marketing savvy, local jewelry outlet, with two thriving locations, is constantly on the lookout, for some low cost, high impact marketing strategies, to get themselves indirectly or directly front of, men & women, who own, or manage businesses, and who also frequently socialize with others in the local community who do the same.

And that’s why they approach, a couple of up and coming professionals, one a CPA firm and the other, a CFP, who recently struck out on their own as well.

And since both, will be periodically,(about once every 90 days or so), sponsoring eight hour, offline Q & A workshops, where they teach local small to mid size business owners, service providers, start up entrepreneurs and other high income earners, ‘how to’ legally maximize their personal and corporate tax savings.

Plus, make them aware, of the most up to date ways, to not only structure their businesses and enterprises etc.But ‘how to’ virtually bullet proof themselves, from potential company sinking lawsuits and other, all too common legal entanglements, (which unfortunately), sideline, and or eventually destroy, lots of entrepreneurs dreams of owning, and successfully running their own businesses.(On or offline.)

Your Lead Generation Skills Can Develop Into An Additional Profit Center Of Their Own!

So as you (also) recall from part one. Both the CPA (and or) CFP would advertise, promote and or market, their offline eight hour Q & A power workshop events.

And initially, about 30-50 local small to mid size business owners, and or service providers would register, and about 15-20 would actually attend.

But now, (armed with) the additional financial muscle of the local jewelry, who is also hiring one of the areas best, gourmet catering companies, to feed the attendees, at no additional charge to them whatsoever!Word will definitely begin to spread around town, (and in the right business social circles),which means, in future eight hour Q & A events, more and more local business owner/service providers, will definitely want to attend!

And near the end of their eight hour events, (both the) CPA and CFP, will make their attendees aware, their sponsor, the local jeweler, is hosting their private, “Raffle” offering.

Which means, for a rather small one time raffle entry fee of just $100 -$1,000 (or X) amount of dollars, all 15 (or so) local small business owners, get the chance to purchase a beautiful, diamond studded necklace, (just like) the one featured below, in the sample lead capture page, which was built, in all of twenty minutes, using my paid email service provider of choice, Awebers, rather basic, lead capture page editing software.

Which means, they can and most definitely will, make that very special lady in their life, feel awfully good, when she’s the envy of all her friends, because she’s showcasing this beautiful, eye catching $3,500 dollar, diamond studded necklace around her neck!  Don’t you agree?

marketing strategy

What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part Two

With The Right Lead Generation Skills There Really Is No Telling How Far And Fast Your Business Can Grow And Profit!

Since this entire marketing strategy, on the part of the jeweler, is designed to ultimately accomplish two primary goals.

1.) Primary goal # one: The extremely marketing savvy jeweler, wants to (initially), build a highly targeted opt in list, of local small business owners, service providers, startup entrepreneurs, and other influential high income earners, who can and do, routinely buy high end designer jewelry, for both themselves, spouses, in laws, significant others, relatives, co-workers,secretaries and kids etc.

(And who socialize with others who have the financial means to do the same.)

 2.) Primary goal # two: And they want to make a really big word of mouth and mouse splash, by sponsoring and  or co- sponsoring these quarterly Q & A events, so they get in front of these major, local players, for a fraction of the traditional upfront advertising/promotional cost, their major competitors continually spend.

So all 15 or so attendees, typically leap at the chance, to purchase a stunning, $3,500 (or high priced) diamond studded necklace, for literally pennies on the dollar! Wouldn’t you?

So practically every quarter, the jeweler continually builds a highly targeted opt in list of about 30 -40 or so local business/service providers. And because they sponsor two events, one for the CPA’s target audience, and one for CFP”s target audience etc.

And even though, only one attendee at each event, can be that days grand prize ‘raffle’ winner. All the runners ups, automatically win, two incredibly valuable second prizes, valued at X!

You’ll discover what they are in just a little bit in part three. For now, are you starting to appreciate ‘how’ the mega proven marketing strategy of preeminence, can and will, give your business a decided edge? Great! See you in just a little bit, in part three.

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