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What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part T Three

So did you notice in parts one and two, of this ongoing series,how the strategic use of the marketing strategy preeminence, can and does, give you and or your major competitors, a decided marketing advantage?

And hopefully you also discovered, ‘how’ you can gain preeminence within your particular niche, in many different ways,correct?

In part three, you are about to discover, at least three more potentially profitable reasons, for you and or your major competitors, to find some pro-active ways, of using the preeminence, as a long term marketing strategy.

Because doing so, can and definitely will, open the of marketing opportunities, and or possibilities, extremely wide.

So If Your Major Competitors Decide To Implement This Or A Similar Marketing Strategy First! (How Will Doing So Affect Your Business?)

Just so we’ve got our marketing bearings here, let’s quickly re-introduce, our two main players. You’ve got (either) an extremely marketing savvy, local jeweler, with one or two, thriving locations.

Or you potentially have an extremely marketing savvy, local gourmet catering vendor, which targets small and mid sized corporate business owners and or service providers.

Ideally, with 75 employees or less.If the jeweler, decides to partially and or fully finance this particular series of battlefield tested marketing strategies.

Their two main primary reasons for doing so, are the following.

1.) Primary reason # one: Since the jeweler, (and or) extremely marketing savvy retailer X, knows their ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.Give or take.

And these small to mid size business owners and or startup entrepreneurs,and their employees, especially upper management, are the ideal prospects, to market/promote to.

 2.) Primary reason # two:Plus, the main individuals, these people are related to, work with, live next door to and are related to, are also, part of the jewelers, (and or) the extremely marketing savvy retailers primary target market.

And the following marketing/promotional strategies suggested here, are an inexpensive, albeit ideal way of reaching these various target groups, for literally pennies on the dollar.

Developing Effective Marketing Skills Is An Extremely Valuable Asset To Add To Your Marketing Arsenal!

So in our very first marketing scenario, the jeweler, which has a very comfortable spread, between what they actually pay for their jeweler, and what they actually sell it for.

They approach, an extremely reputable, upscale gourmet catering business owner, with the following proposition.The jeweler will finance, a privately catered, gourmet lunch, for one of the caterer’s ideal, local business customer/clients.

But here’s the marketing twist; the jeweler will only finance these fancy gourmet lunches, and or private corporate meetings, when the business being catered to, is actually hosting some sort of corporate event(s), where at least 10-25, local small to mid sized business owners/service providers are in attendance.

Which means, this entire 4-8 hour event, may set the jeweler back, anywhere from $1,500 – $3,500 dollars per event.Plus, the entire events, and or portions of them, will be video taped and added to the caters state of the art WordPress website and or blog.

Sometimes Your Indirect Sales Tips Are The Very Best Way To Go Direct!

Near the end of privately catered each event, the caterer will announce a brief message, from the events sponsor, (the jeweler), and they will use an overhead projector, to flash one of the jewelers best market tested lead capture page address.

Similar to the sample screenshot image, lead capture page below, which was created,in all of twenty minutes, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic lead capture page editing software.

marketing strategy

What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part Three

The jeweler will implement the following three strategies, to really help boost, their on and offline positive word of mouth & mouse buzz.

1.) Positive word of mouth strategy #one: First, the jewelers representative in attendance, will make all the business owners in attendance aware, (provided) they join the jewelers main opt in list tonight!

They will automatically be eligible, to enter a special ‘raffle’, where for just a one time payment of $500 dollars each, one of them will win, the $7,000 dollar, diamond studded necklace featured on their lead capture page.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Automatically Create Some Long Term Positive Word Of Mouth And Mouse Buzz!

2.) Positive word of mouth strategy #two: And as long as the business owner is on the jewelers opt in email list, they can (personally) purchase, any one piece of jewelry, up to $3,500 dollars, at the jewelers actual cost.Plus any and all applicable taxes & fees.

And you can bet, the ones who take the jeweler up on their offer, will be bragging big time, on the golf course, and the next company Super Bowl party get together!

3.) Positive word of mouth strategy #three: And as long as the business owner and or startup entrepreneur, is one of their email subscribers, the jeweler will gladly allow the jewelers secretary,(and or administrative assistant), to purchase any set of diamond studded earrings, up to $1,500 dollars a pair, at the jewelers actual cost.

And they’ll  provide the secretary with some unbelievable payment terms, of just 10% down and the remaining monthly payments spread out over an entire 36 month period!

Your Ever Improving Entrepreneurial Skills Will Continually Open The Doors Of Opportunity For You And Or Your Major Competitors!

You know, that’s the sort of terms, (and extremely eye catching bling),which will definitely get-and keep- the secretaries closet friends, relatives, co-workers, in laws and neighbors asking, for either the jewelers lead capture page web address, so they can enter the free monthly drawing!

And rest assured, between these three, relatively simple, preeminent promotional strategies, they’ll generate more first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar.

And or where the jewelers store is actually located, so they can visit it asap! Is i starting to become really clear, how implementing the preeminence marketing strategy, can and does, give your business the decided edge? Say yes! Great!

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  1. Hello Mark,

    Nice tips and tricks to generate leads and convert them. A tactical lead generation strategy will leave few ripples behind that may resonate over course of time creating passive/ cold leads. Every business needs a streamline flow of quality leads to their website, leads when nurtured will get converted to paying customers.

    A simple strategy like flashing the landing page with URL can result in generating few leads.


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