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How And Why A Little Strategic Charity Can Help Your Small Business Prosper!Part Three

So hopefully after two previous installments, of this ongoing series, (you are) starting to truly appreciate, how and why, a little strategic fund raising within your immediate local community, is a proven way to help you resourced challenged small business and or service grow,correct?

Great. Because without a doubt, there are literally tons of deserving local charities, of all shapes and sizes, who will definitely welcome your much needed assistance.

It’s really a matter of decided, how much of an ongoing commitment you and or your company/service, is willing to make and for how long.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with negotiating and or agreeing to a mutually beneficial agreement, which rewards each other on an upward sliding scale of ever increasing benefits and or considerations of some kind.

Meaning; the more involved your strategic alliance evolves, the more lucrative the ethical bribes become.

So How In The World Does A Little Strategic Fund Raising Help Your Small Business And Or Service Grow?

In order to quickly zero in, on a few battlefield tested marketing strategies, which were (freely) shared in parts one & two.

As you recall, an extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store shop. And or any particular retailer in general.

The boutique store owner(s), decided to systematically reach out, to some struggling local charities, who were in constant need of some ongoing fund raising help.

And here’s (initially) how the boutique store owner(s) would offer to help out these (preferably) smaller, less management convoluted organizations.

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Case in point, remember in part two, how the boutique store owner(s), allowed the charity organizers, to raffle off one of their most popular, designer hand bags, which would normally retail for $950 dollars.

And as long as the female participants, joined the boutique store owners opt in email/mobile marketing list, they could spend just $150 dollars to enter the raffle, otherwise, all non subscribers, who wished to enter the raffle, would have to invest $450 dollars.

So let’s say 100 local highly influential ladies, (from all walks of life), decided to attend and participate in  this particular annual fund raising event.

And seventy five of them decide to enter the raffle.And sixty of them joined the boutique store owners list, so they can invest just $150 dollars each. And the remaining fifteen who did not, had to invest $450 dollars each.

Which also means, (for whatever reasons), the remaining twenty five highly influential ladies in attendance, decided not to participate in this particular part of the fund raising event.

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Here’s the breakdown of the math. Sixty women invest $150 dollars each, equals $9,000 dollars in total gross revenue. And the remaining fifteen each invested $450 dollars each, which equals an additional $6,750 dollars in gross revenue.

Obviously this more than covers the true retail cost of the designer hand bag, and some of the other, positive word of mouth and mouse generating goodies, the boutique store owner(s), and or extremely marketing savvy retailer, decides to give away, correct?

But pay close attention. Since (for whatever reasons), fifteen local women attending this particular event, decided not to join the boutique store owners opt in email/mobile marketing list, but still wanted to enter the raffle.

And they’re willing to spend $450 dollars each, for the privilege of doing so. 😎 The extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner(s) definitely have to leverage these highly influential ladies visibly in the local community, and their social standing.

 Constantly Keep Building On Your Best Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies!

Since these fifteen highly independent, and extremely influential women, are more than willing, to invest $450 dollars each, in order to enter a raffle, for a chance at wining an eye catching designer hand bag, which normally retail for $950 dollars.

In order to constantly generate, some long term, positive word of mouth and mouse buzz. Which will ultimately lead, to more and more business, from both brand new, first time customers, and the all important repeat customers.

The boutique store owner(s), should do (if nothing else!) the following three things.Over and over.

1.) Potential marketing # one: First, it’s a forgone conclusion,since these ladies can obviously afford to invest $450 dollars each to enter the raffle.Then for sure, they know, live next to and routinely socialize, vacation and work or party with, other high five and six figure earning a year women, who can do so as well. Right?

For these reasons, the boutique store owner(s) will gladly allow these ladies, to purchase any bottle of their best selling perfumes, which normally retail for $225 each. But it’s theirs, for just $95 dollars or X!

Who Says Small Business Isn’t Potentially A Big Deal?

2.) Potential marketing #two: Next, they will also gladly allow these ladies, to purchase any designer hand bags they have in stock, up to  $750 dollars. They can purchase it at the boutique store owner(s) actual hard costs, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc.

Of course you already know and appreciate, all of the boutique store owner(s) marketing savvy, won’t be lost and or wasted, on these fifteen highly visible, and extremely influential women, right? 😎

Because they’ll gladly text and tweet friends, relatives, neighbors, in laws, co-workers, employees, sisters, Moms, daughters and closest girlfriends etc.

And for sure, some of them will definitely wan to get hooked up as well, correct?

3.) Potential marketing # three: And finally, they will also allow these ladies, to purchase any pair of designer pumps they have in stock, up to $500 dollars a pair.

And they can get those at cost as well.Because the extremely marketing savvy boutique store owners, realize and fully appreciate, their ideal female customers, have a total lifetime customer value metric of $8,000- $12,000, over the next five to seven years.

You know once these ladies are seen in the boutique store owner(s) top goods, plus are wearing some of their best smelling, and therefore best selling perfumes.

I won’t be too long, before their flooded, with an avalanche of brand new first time customers, correct? You got that right?

This is how an why, a little strategic fund raising, can and definitely will, help your resourced challenged small business and or service grow. Don’t you agree?

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