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How And Why A Little Strategic Charity Can Help Your Small Business Prosper!Part Four

Going into part four of this ongoing series, you definitely know and appreciate, how and why, a little strategic fund raising, (on practically any level), is definitely a plus, for your resourced challenged small businessand or service, correct?

And as you recall in part three, the more elaborate and involved, your relationship becomes, with the various local charities, the better the ethical bribes, and or rewards should be, for doing so.Don’t you agree?

So if for whatever reasons, parts one -three, failed to put the marketing icing on the cake. Part four will definitely try to succeed, where the first three installments, either failed to do so, or at least, came up a little short.

So Who Else Agrees A Little Strategic Fund Raising Can Definitely Help You Resourced Challenged Small Business Or Service Prosper?

Quickly picking up where parts two & three left off.Since some struggling local charities, routinely hold, annual fund raising activities of some kind, where they strategically and systematically target, affluent local women.(And in some cases men too. 😎 )

Some of whom, routinely earn, high five and six figure a year incomes, and they work for, or with and vacation and or routinely socialize with other extremely influential women, who do the same.

And since some of these women, are also ideal, potential target customers, of a local, upscale, women-s boutique/clothing and accessories store.

And because the boutique store owner(s), ideal female customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $8,000 – $12,000, (or X) over the next five to seven years.

It only makes sense (in the long run), for the boutique store owner(s) and these struggling, smaller local charities, to find some mutually beneficial way to work together, right?

Your Lead Generation Efforts Are Not Limited To The Current Size Of Your Businesses Bank Account!

Case in point; remember in part three, how fifteen local women, who attended a popular fund raising event. For whatever reasons, decided not to join the boutique store owner(s) opt in email/mobile marketing list.

But they still wanted to enter the boutique store owner(s) raffle, so instead of paying $150 dollars, like the other 60 local women in attendance did, who joined the boutique store owners list.

They instead, decided it’s still worth it, to pay $450 dollars each,(or X) for their chance to win an extremely popular, designer hand bag which normally retails for $950 dollars.

Since only one extremely lucky woman, will actually be awarded the grand first prize. And they will have either invested $150 or $450 dollars for the chance to do so.

 The More Market Tested Ways To Promote Your Business Or Service You Constantly Develop! (The Faster Your Business And Or Service Will Steadily Grow!)

Here’s the first proven marketing gem, the extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner(s) can and should implement.

Allow the charity, to giveaway an extremely time sensitive, brand new first time only, discount coupon, to every female donor, who makes a minimum donation of X. By doing so, they can purchase, one of the boutique store owner(s) best selling, 16 oz. bottles of perfume, at their actual hard cost.

And just for making the maximum donation, they get an extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer discount coupon, where they can purchase one of the boutique stores, best selling, 64 oz. bottles of perfume, for their actual hard cost, (or X),plus any and all, applicable taxes & fees.

Keep in mine, these particular, best selling perfumes would normally cost at least $225 dollars per bottle.The boutique store owner(s) will also find out, if these fifteen particular ladies, (either) own their own businesses/services.

Or where they happen to work.

Make Power Networking One Of The Cornerstone Ways Of Promoting Your Small Business!

Inexpensively test and monitor, if it would be worth it long term. To create a contest, where these fifteen women, are given ten, extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only discount coupons each.

And assign each of them their own five or six digit ID numbers. And award the top three, who refer the most brand new first time customers, before the coupons expire.

1st grand prize is, a two sided laminated VIP customer discount card, where as long as they bring a friend, whose 18 and over with them, to your store, for the next year.They automatically save 60% on any and all purchases over $100 dollars!

Second grand prize, they automatically save 40%, with the exact same benefits! And third prize,they automatically save 20%.Now is this creating a potentially profitable long term sales funnel or what? 😎

These Market Tested Retail Sales Tips Will Definitely Help Your Cash Register Ring!

These battlefield tested marketing strategies, will definitely help increase your bottom line, would you not agree? And of course, you agree to continuously support the charities, by allocating 3-5 (or X %) of these total purchases to them!

Provided they continue to promote your products & services, to their constantly growing, local donor base.And their newsletter and or email/mobile subscribers etc.

Are you (finally) starting to appreciate, how and why, a little strategic fund raising can and definitely will, help your resourced challenged small business and or service grow? Great! So glad to hear it!

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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