How A Little Marketing Creativity Mixed In With Charity Can Often Lead To Massive Viral Exposure!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, about “how” the  ultimate insiders strategically use good old fashion marketing creativitymixed in with some heart felt charity, can often lead to massive viral exposure.

Well, in part one, we pretty much covered some of the marketing creativity angles, correct? Now in part two, you’ll discover “how” some heart felt charity can often lead to some massive free viral exposure.

You probably never thought a little charity would figure to prominently in any of your  long term marketing plans, correct?

Well, marketing creativity is an incredibly flexible tool, to have in your marketing arsenal.Would you not agree?

And a little strategic charity, can be the much needed fuel to help cause your marketing efforts to go viral!Let’s have a look…

So How Can Your Natural marketing Creativity And Some Heart Felt Charity Lead To Some Massive Viral Exposure?

Picking up where part one left off; let’s first be sure the proper foundation was laid.

This way you get a far more complete (overall) picture of how and why a little charity can lead to some massive free viral exposure.

So as was previously mentioned; a popular cruise ship director and crew members placed some market tested, two sided flyers from an extremely popular jeweler, in the mail boxes, (or under the door) of all the female passengers (18 & over) on board.

And these flyers invited all these ladies to attend a special showcasing of some of the jewelers most popular (not to mention) most expensive, (not to mention) most eye catching pieces!

And the flyer also alerted them to the fact, (at least) ten women in attendance, will win a pair of beautiful diamond studded earrings, that are valued at $400 dollars! Or $200 dollars each!

However, the main draw of this incredibly popular event, is when the jeweler “raffles” off a stunning $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace, for just $400 dollars!

And typically about 500 ladies (or more) jam pack this event and gladly enter the “raffle” for their chance at capturing some highly coveted bling!

Now last time, we didn’t actually do the math, (however), this time we will.Five hundred people pay a one time “raffle” entrant fee of $400 dollars, equals a gross profit of $200,000 dollars! (500 people x $400 dollars each = $200, 000 gross profit.)

Minus the cost of all the two sided flyers printed, minus the cost of the ten ladies that also won two diamond studded earrings, valued at $400 dollars, minus the actual cost of the $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace.

Who Says Marketing Creativity And Some Good Old Fashion Heart Felt Charity Aren’t A Good Mix?

Obviously I’m no Einstein, but there still appears to be a little bit left over! ) That said, here’s where the charity angle and massive viral exposure, finally comes into play!

The extremely savvy jeweler will pledge two separate donations of $20,000 each, to local charities, provided, the charity is on hand to video tape the actual “raffle” event and add this festive footage on their (mobile responsive) WordPress blog, plus mention the jewelers special monthly “free drawing” lead capture page address in their offline newsletter as well!

Plus also the charity agrees to add the jewelers link to the respective charities opt in email follow up sequences. Because that link will, (in reality) be the charities affiliate link.

Meaning:for  every sale that’s made through those links, the charities will receive anywhere from 5-15% of the very first sale as an ongoing affiliate commission donation!

And as long as the charities leave all of those marketing tools in place, they will be compensated!

And just for the record, the reason “why” this extremely savvy jeweler, is only too happy to allow ten women (on board) a 10 -14 day luxury cruise, to win those beautiful diamond studded earrings valued at X, is because those women, (not only) apparently have enough money to afford to pay for the cruise!

But more than likely, they regularly socialize with other women that can as well!And you best believe, a certain percentage of those women, are not only highly influential members of their own personal inner circles!

But they are extremely active on some of the various social media platforms as well!

Your Marketing Creativity Can And Will Take You A Long Way If You Let It!

And some of those women, are going to become long term repeat customers of this jeweler, simply because the jeweler was marketing savvy enough to allow ten of the women on board these luxury cruise ships to become walking, talking billboards for them!

They’ll go back to (both) their professional and personal circle of influence, and those diamond studded earring will definitely do the rest! Don’t you agree?

And that’s “how” your good old fashion marketing creativity,  mixed in with some heart felt charity, can often lead to massive viral exposure! Any questions? Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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