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Lead Magnets: How To Put Your Lead Magnet Process On Steroids!Part Two

So you gotta admit, in part one, when you first heard the term “power lead magnets“, it does have a certain, swag to it, does it not? And almost immediately, it just seems to imply, that something a little more than ordinary is going on here, does it not?Oh yea!

And somehow, you can’t help but to start thinking, somewhere in the back of your (overly curious mind), that if you’re not at least semi familiar with that particular  term, that somehow you may, in fact be missing out on some sort of (potentially profitable) insider knowledge thing, correct?

Absolutely! And that my friend,is the the whole point, is it not?

Because when someone you (either) personally know & respect, or work with, and or, are somehow related to, comes back to work or calls or texts you all excited, eagerly sharing “how” they or someone they know, recently acquired some brand new eye catching bling, for free (or X) , and you and everybody else knows, that it definitely should be, at least X! Or more!

My friend, you (and or) your major competition, has just entered the mega potentially profitable world of power lead magnets! Wanna see “how” the rest of the story plays out?

So How Do Some Of Today’s Extremely Savviest Entrepreneurs Consistently Use This Power Lead Magnets Marketing Concept To Their Best Advantage?

 (And More Importantly How Can You Consistently Do It Too?)

First of, just to quickly refresh your memory and jar you into some real marketing consciousness. One of the most popular malls in your city (and or) nearby  neighboring cities, since Xmas and new years day are just eight to ten short weeks away.

That popular mall, which would normally have, (on a typical day), including weekends, a mere 2,500 total unique visitors (of both sexes) walking it’s floors, and doing their very best to help stimulate the economy, by purchasing, practically and ever bargain within sight.

Now, they’re averaging a staggering 10,000 daily, total unique visitors, (of both sexes),and on the weekends, as (both) Xmas and new years day draw closer & closer, a staggering 12,000 total unique visitors are consistently flooding the premises, on the weekends!

And as was (also) previously mentioned in part one, of those 10,000 strong, half or 5,000 of them are women! 90% of whom, are a least 18 years old!

So it also stands to reason, the remaining (half) or the 5,000 to 6,000 unique daily visitors, are men, correct? And at least 90% of them are at least 18 years old as well!Bingo!(What did you seriously think, any of these extremely savvy,  profit seeking entrepreneurs, were simply going to tally ignore (potentially) half of their possible revenue generating base?)You are so kidding, right?

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs And Power List Building 101 Just Seem To Go Together!

So strategically located, (on both) the main lower lobby, and up on the second floor a well. A crafty, profit seeking retailer jeweler, also has a really giant display, (with three) extremely attractive company representatives sitting at a table and make shift booth.

And they are actively promoting, “what else?” Their “free drawing”, where once a month, once at the end of this coming November, then again new years day.

Two extremely lucky gentlemen, at least 18 years old, will win $5,000 dollar men’s Rolex watches! And here’s “what” the men will discover, as they approach these booths, to enter the free drawing.

First, these extremely marketing savvy ladies, will immediately look to see, if the man has (either) a wedding ring on, or if they approached the table with at least one female, that readily appears to be at least 18 years old.

If the guy has a wedding ring/band on, at least one of the ladies (specifically assigned to this specific task, will ask the guy, “if” for a one time cost of just $20 dollars, they’d like to enter this weekly “raffle”, for a chance to win, (not) only this giant (instant conversation starting), seven foot teddy bear, for that special lady in his life!

But also a dozen roses, and an extremely popular gourmet box of chocolates, delivered to (either) their wife, (live in significant other) and or girlfriend, Mom and or sister’s job or place of business etc!

Plus, they will also be informed, simply by doing so, their name automatically goes back into the drawing for the $5,000 dollar Rolex watch, an additional time!

Plus, they get to reach into the “malls” famous “grab bag” for an additional chance, to win even more instances cash and other prizes, you’ll learn about in part three, okay? Until then, hopefully, if it wasn’t before now, it’s starting to become crystal clear, “how” so called power lead magnets, can and will, help take both your (list building) and your businesses long term gross profits, to a whole new level! Don’t you agree?

Great! See you shortly in part two!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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4 Responses to Lead Magnets: How To Put Your Lead Magnet Process On Steroids!Part Two
  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for posting a follow-up / part 2. Very useful information that I will be sure to use in my own online business model.

    • Excellent Gerhard!

      I know you will find your very own unique spin or
      two and that will make all the difference long term!

      If you’re located within the US and you ever want a free 30
      minute brain storming session, a $125 dollar value!

      Just reach out to me via my contact page and drop your number and
      time zone and let’s do it!

      It will be my complete pleasure!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for part two on your series about lead magnets

    It’s funny how in the online world marketers talk about lead magnets all the time -as if it was an online idea. But of course, traditional businesses have been using lead magnets for a long time.

    Your ideas are good because they often focus on leveraging the businesses existing assets. One of those assets for sure is customers. Instead of always looking for new customers, the business can often get more value from current customers – a bird in the hand type of thinking.

    Years ago I owned a water purufcation business. We’d run shopping centre promotions and offer a free draw to win a $2,000 under sink installed water purification system. We got lots of leads which we later followed up with a phone call.

    Time tested strategies will always work, even in the era of the internet

    Thanks Mark – enjoyed your video too

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..What My Friends Taught Me About Blog CommentingMy Profile

    • Awesome Kim!

      And what yo say is so true! In fact, we both know
      and readily understand, a ton of the online language, such as JV’s, upsells and
      ] “risk reversal” etc; definitely originated offline.

      But today,with so many online marketers, first attempt at running a
      real business, originated online first, they don’t realize it.

      I can just imagine how many semi qualified leads, a tried & true promotion like that
      consistently produced, because that’s practically a money in the bank proven marketing

      Thanks for sharing some validation bud, greatly appreciated!And who can argue with
      bird in the hand type of thinking.

      Your extremely keen, real world insight, are always greatly appreciated! Thanks!

      I’ve still have to get over to Enstine’s blog, to study your guest post!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..So What Can A Pay Per View Championship Boxing Match Possibly Teach You About Profitable Lead Magnets!My Profile


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