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Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Don’t Have To Pretty And Or Conventional!

   (In Order To Be Effective!)

Isn’t it sad, how many aspiring small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, waste a proverbial fortune, on dismally performing lead generation strategies and or tactics.

If they’re not blowing a fortune, incorrectly using direct snail mail.

Then (sadly) they’re attempting, to advertise and or promote their businesses and or services, as if they’re a certified fortune 100-500 type company.

And the net result is, their money’s gone and their new customer/client base, is dismal at best.

And yet, rather than going at things another way, most continue on, until their bank account and other extremely valuable resources, are all but gone. This all too frequently occurring theme, probably sounds all too frighteningly familiar, does it not?  😀

Truth told, it simply does not have to be this way..

So Who Else Wants To Know Why Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Efforts Don’t Have To Pretty And Or traditional In Order To Be Extremely Profitable!

Lots of time, extremely savvy entrepreneurs, will turn up their nose, to some non traditional marketing strategies and or tactics, simply because (on paper!), they supposedly don’t seem main stream enough.

And (sadly!), they’ll continuously blow a small fortune, on so called traditional and or conventional lead generation strategies and or tactics, which won’t even pay for a large cup of mediocre tasting coffee. 😀

For ex; without mentioning any names here! 😀  There is an incredibly large, very successful direct-snail mail firm, which convinces primarily, semi resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, to pay for inclusion in a booklet full of coupons, type mailer they mass market to various local zip codes.

And as you well might have properly concluded, the vast majority of their booklets, whined up in the trash.(Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.)

 Your Small Business Can Save A Ton Of Money And Wasted Resources Simply By Networking With Local Non Directly Competing Vendors!

There is a very good chance, a certain percentage of those non directly competing vendors, could strategically combine their various financial and other extremely valuable resources together, through some sort of joint venture/JV (aka) strategic alliance,and network with one another, and be so much more profitable, faster and longer. 😀

Case in point; let’s suppose, both a local CPA firm and local software development company, both decide to pay (literally) thousands of dollars!), in order to be included in this unnamed direct mail companies booklet.

Truth told, both will be extremely lucky, to receive a one -two percent response rate. And two percent being on the high side of things! As dismal as this may be. 😀

Effective Lead Generation Is About Properly Implementation! (Not Just The Outward Cosmetic Look Of Things!)

What if instead, the CPA firm, whose typical corporate client, whose has a total lifetime customer value metric,of at least $120,000 dollars, over the next 7- 10 years. 😀

What if they offered to sponsor a free monthly drawing, where local small business owners and or service providers, could win $10,000 dollars worth of software installation, and a 30 day ongoing free trial basis! Strictly for evaluation purposes.

Each month, the software company could choose the ultimate 1st & 2nd grand prize winners.And as you might have guessed! One of the extremely valued,(not to mention) time sensitive bonuses, the runner ups will also receive, is a free comprehensive, 90 -120 minute, asset analysis assessment.(Trying saying that one fast three times! 😀 )

Which is easily, an X dollar value. And like clock work, the CPA firm knows, at least 30-40% of these initial free consultations, will ultimately convert into long term customers/clients.

Who routinely jump on social media, and constantly brag to their closest friends, neighbors, golfing buddies and relatives, about the outstanding service they received, from XYZ CPA firm.

Position Your Small Business And Or Service Correctly And You’ll Definitely Prosper!

It’s truly win/win.Don’t you agree? Because both the CPA and software firm agree upfront, to share joint ownership of the all the leads/prospects, generated from this particular lead generation strategy.

Entrepreneur, does it get any simpler than this? 😀  Which gets us back to the original point.Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs and or small business owners/service providers, tend to wanna over complicate things.

Effective lead generation strategies and or tactics, don’t have to be cute and or traditional. Just effective. What say you?

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2 Responses to Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Don’t Have To Be Pretty And Or Conventional!
  1. Well, as the artsy-fartsy gal that I am you definitely caught me with the title of your post Mark! Doesn’t have to be pretty?! Okay, I’m joking but seriously I totally get your point, especially about the waste of those mailings. I live in the woods and have to walk down a steep hill to collect my mail and I know I’m not the only one who stands by the dumpster and tosses those types of unsolicited mailings without so much as a glance rather than trapse back up the hill with them. I like the example you used, and couldn’t agree more with the importance of selecting the partner to work with. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Is It Time To Take Life To The Next Level?My Profile

    • Well isn’t it nice to see and hear from
      your pretty face again M!LOL!

      And sadly, just like you, a gazillion others, myself included,
      stand by the nearest trash bin, looking to eliminate as much
      junk mail as possible!

      It really is hard to believe, with the absolute dismal results,
      they steadily receive,from these type of outrageously expensive
      promotions,the vast majority of resource rich companies,
      still throw a ton of money down the toilet, week after week
      and month after month!

      Hoping, somehow things will change!Good luck with that!

      I simply can’t wait, to see what you have in store for us
      in 2018 & beyond!LOL!

      And speaking of titles, looks like your latest blog
      post, is definitely a must read!LOL! Always great to see
      and hear from you M!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How To Consult With A Real Expert For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!My Profile


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