Introducing The Not So Secret Strategy Entrepreneurs Use To Get The Word Out

   (Especially When They’re Initially Working With An Extremely Tight Budget!)

Have you noticed, practically any reputable business related publication you read, will carefully detail, the gazillion and one reasons why, of the 500,000 brand new, on and offline businesses, started each month, within two years or less.

Anywhere from 60-85% of them, cease to exist any longer. Have you noticed how fast they come and go as well? And usually, when you boil down all the extremely valid reasons why this keeps occurring, over and over again.

One all too common theme (reason), is practically always, somewhere in the real top ten reasons why far too many businesses and or aspiring entrepreneurs inevitably fail.They simply don’t have enough cash flow,reasonable business credit and or cash flow reserves, to whether those ebb and flows of being your own boss.

This with standing, there is one evergreen marketing strategy,which is versatile enough, to help practically any small business owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneurs, whether those inevitable peaks and valleys.

So What Exactly Is This Not So Secret Strategy which Tons Of Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Especially when Their Budgets Are Extremely Tight?

To easily sum it up in just two semi descriptive words, it would be incredibly easy, to merely say ‘joint ventures’, (JV’s) (aka) ‘strategic alliances’.

But to do so, would not nearly do the term the justice, this extremely versatile, and valuable strategy so richly deserves.

In fact, the main reason this particular video, (which brilliantly demonstrates) how some incredibly savvy real estate investors, profit from the joint ventures as well, was chosen.

Is to open your marketing eyes, to the enormous untapped possibilities, available to you and I, as a direct result of utilizing this incredibly versatile strategy.

In fact, there is a 90% chance (or better!) the vast majority of you, who are already familiar with the terms ‘joint venture’, (JV) and or ‘strategic alliances’, never, ever thought in your wildest dreams, the term can and does apply to successful real estate investing and or acquisitions, correct? There you go.

Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs Let Their Initial lack Of Cash Flow Stand Between Them And Their Goals! (And Neither Should You!)

Case in point. You’re about to discover, through a simple, yet extremely practical, (hypothetical marketing) example or two.Just how potentially profitable and versatile, this market tested strategy can be.Are you ready to get started or what?

So let’s say there is a local, extremely marketing savvy jeweler, who really wants to target, local women, who earn high five and six figure a year incomes.

And they’ll look around, and eventually approach,both a local, upscale, women-s boutique shop owner, as well as, an extremely popular women-s hair salon owner.

About strategically partnering up, to help each other continuously spread the word, through the various, on and offline, social networks   /positive word of mouth and mouse grapevines!

And because the jewelers, ideal female customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $10,000 $15,000 dollars, in overall gross front and back end profits, over the next five to seven years.

And both of the aforementioned vendors, (both) have more than their fair share of, (said target) individuals. The jeweler is more than enthusiastic to somehow (JV) with.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Are Literally Lightening In A Bottle! (Just Waiting To Be Unleashed!)

So more than likely, (neither) the women-s boutique shop owner(s), and or the extremely dedicated hair salon owner(s), in all likelihood, have a state of the art, WordPress website. Which also probably means, neither one of them, also have, and or planning on getting, anytime soon, their very own, state of the art paid email service provider.

So for now, the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, (whose main website BTW), is currently all over Google-s 1st page, for the 300 minimum, long tail keyword phrases, they’re currently targeting.

They’ll be the one, to (not only) continuously build, their very own, opt in email/mobile marketing database, but they’ll also be the one, to periodically send, their ever growing opt in list, unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert messages, for the two vendors, ‘close out sales’ events, and any announcements, about grand openings, of additional locations etc.

In Many Ways Effective Strategic Alliance Arrangements Are As good As Money In The Bank!

Say for ex; since the upscale women-s hair salon, would really like to make a great impression, with their extremely loyal clientele, but they don’t wanna waste money, the don’t really have! They can (and definitely should), turn to their, newly established, JV partner, the jeweler, for some much need,indirect cash assistance.

And if this particular, battlefield tested, positive word of mouth and mouse,lead generating strategy, is implemented correctly.

Both the jeweler and the other two, non directly competing vendors, will all make out-big time- in the long run. Because once the jeweler inexpensively tests this particular strategy.

And receives some positive bankable results, they will immediately implement it, with both vendors,( and others!) on a much larger scale! (More on that in part two,okay? So please stay tuned.)

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Are Waiting To Happen!

Case in point, right around the start of the major holiday season, primarily ‘Thanksgiving’. Imagine what type of, social media, on and offline, positive word of mouth and mouse explosion will continuously take place!

When the first 200 ladies, (aka) extremely loyal, repeat customers,who enter the hair salon owners business, are given a $25 dollar gift certificate, to one of the local supermarket chains, in a nice little envelope, with the words, “Happy Thanksgiving” written on the outside of the envelope!

Quickly doing the math, 200 extremely loyal,high income earning, repeat female customers, who when they got up that morning, had no idea, when they went to get their hair done, by their favorite hair dresser!

Were about to receive, such a nice, and totally unexpected gift!Right? So you know, the text messages, tweets and posts on both Instagram and Facebook will be non stop, right?

Not to mention all the times they’ll gladly repeat the stories, both at work, home and or their very own place of business etc!

Strategic Joint Ventures Can Bridge The Gaps And Then Some!

And this $5,000 dollar, positive word of mouth and mouse campaign, (in reality), was secretly behind the scenes, financed by non other, than the extremely marketing savvy jeweler! Say what? (200 x $25 dollar gift certificate = $5,000 dollars in initial marketing/promotional costs!)

Why would they do such a thing you ask? Very simply. This proven marketing ploy, will most definitely, cause a stampede, of brand new, first time customers, to beat a path to hair salon owners door, correct?

And since the hair salon owner(s), and every member of their staff, is constantly wearing, those eye catching earrings, and diamond studded necklaces, and or charm bracelets, they got from the jeweler, at the jewelers actual hard cost, plus the applicable taxes and fee etc.

What do you think, a percentage of these brand new, first time customers, will definitely want to know? Ab-so-freaking lutely!

Hopefully you can readily see, (and or), you’re truly starting appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, are consistently able, to implement an benefit from, the not so secret strategy! And how you can too! Don’t you agree?

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