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How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Three

So now, after reading parts one and two of this ongoing series,hopefully you are starting to become more receptive, to how your resourced challenged small business and or service, can consistently generate more and more first time, and repeat customers, for less, right?

And strategically using some proven form of ‘triangulation’, definitely enhances your chances of making it happen.

It can make growing your business/service far more practical, less expensive, and predictable.

Provided of course, you consistently implement a proven game plan and tweak and monitor your progress as you grow. It’s not hard, but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly easy either.

But implementing a proven triangulation type of marketing plan, will definitely give your business and or service, a shot of marketing creativity, it desperately probably needs. And in the process, you’ll surely reap the much anticipated results.

So What Does Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Need To Do In Order To Consistently Generate More And More Customers For Less?

Consider this, the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner(s), unlike the vast majority of their major competitors, don’t have to rely on, outrageously expensive conventional advertising and or promotional strategies and or tactics.

Unless, they simply aren’t that marketing creative. Like you! So while the boutiques major local competitors, are flooding the local, prime time radio and TV slots, with outrageously expensive, glitzy image ads.

And barely making a dent, in the consciousness of their target market, the boutique owners, on the other hand, can implement several proven, more direct and far less expensive, underground, ninja like marketing strategies, and or tactics, in order to build an avalanche of positive word of mouth and or mouse buzz.

 Developing Your Lead Generation Skills Will Definitely Help Take Your Business And Or Service To The Next Level Or Two!

One of the simplest, most direct strategies, the boutique store owners can utilize, in order to get some of their very best, most popular products, directly in the hands of their ideal female customers, and directly into those customers professional and personal inner circles etc.

They will target other influential business women,who constantly come in direct-business and or personal- contact with their ideal, high income earning female target audience.

For ex; they could approach the local art gallery owners, and their female staff.

And offer them their choice, of any 64 oz. bottle of their best selling, and or most popular perfumes, at their actual cost.Because doing so, will automatically put them in direct contact, with the art galleries high earning female clientele.

Because as the compliments and inevitable inquiries starting rolling in, the boutique store owners, will be able to strategically build their opt in email/mobile marketing list.

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Are Extremely Straight Forward!

Plus build an extremely lucrative sales funnel, (over time) of course, for virtually pennies on the dollar, simply by getting indirect access, to the art gallery owners and their female employees, professional and inner circle acquaintances.

The art gallery owners and their female employee staff,which definitely includes, the secretary and or receptionist etc; they can all purchase a second 64 oz. bottle of one of the boutiques best selling perfumes, which normally retails for at least $200 dollars, at the boutique owners actual hard cost, provided they join the boutique store owners list.

And remember, since the boutique store owner(s), are an active part of a three way ‘triangulation’ marketing arrangement, whenever they ‘broadcast’ email their list, with a closeout/bring a friend 18 and over, extremely time sensitive discount coupon offer.

The first 25 subscribers through the door, (or X) number amount,who brought a potential first time female customer with them, whose at least 18 years old, they will automatically be given a really nice charm bracelet, which normally retails for at least $89- $150 dollars.

Your Highly Developed Lead Generation Strategies Will Help You Out Promote Your Big Buck Major Competitors!

But the boutique store owners actually purchased at cost, from their JV (joint venture) cross promotional partners, the upscale jewelry store owner(s.)

So by rewarding the first X amount of their VIP subscribers,who brought a potential first time customer with them to the boutique store owner(s) shop,is really a nice, positive word of mouth and mouse ethical bribe, for dramatically lowering the boutique store owner(s),future cost per lead (CPL.)

And you know, both the subscriber/loyal customer and their first time guest, will enthusiastically share this story over and over again. Both on and offline, correct? 

They’ll text,tweet, call and post on Facebook and Instagram etc. And they’ll create an avalanche of positive buzz, for the boutique store owner(s), with non stop positive word of mouth campaigns.

It’s Easier To Grow Your Small Business Than You May Initially Think!

And meanwhile, for literally pennies on the dollar, the extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner(s) steadily build their extremely loyal, repeat customer and referral base, for literally pennies on the dollar.

Or they (or you) can continue to pay retail to generate first time customers,and waste tons of money, you really don’t have. Don’t you agree?

This is just one of the proven ways, your cash starved small business, can consistently generate, more and more business, for less. Any questions? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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