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How Some Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Generate 300% More Profit From So Called Dead Assets!Part Five

Ladies & gentlemen, (officially) this is the fifth installment in this ongoing series, and hopefully by now, it’s become all too clear, that savvy small business owners/entrepreneurs, are not the only ones, that can and definitely should be, consistently converting, some of their previously thought of “dead assets”, into at least 300% more gross income, correct?

After all, the last two installments of this ongoing series, were specifically dedicated to the service providers segment, of the small business spectrum.

The remainder of this post, will further explore and (hopefully) reveal, at least three more “battlefield tested” ways, any extremely savvy service provider, can systematically and strategically go about, generating an additional 300% more gross profit, from some or several, underutilized, and or totally abandoned assets!

Because practically every profit seeking, cash strapped small business owner, and or service provider has some form of dead (or severely) under used assets of some kind!The real question is, “how” are you going to routinely make yours profitable?

So Entrepreneur What Can Your Small Business Do Right Now To Make Your Dead Assets At Least 300% More Valuable?

Initially picking up where four left off.After you’ve been doing your free 60 – 90 minute, monthly introductory, (lead generation) based workshops.

And you’re also video and or audio taping these events as well.Now you can approach a few of the more aggressive charities in your local area, and offer to help them fund raise!

You could allow the charities to offer (both) individual recordings of any particular workshop. And also let them sell and keep 100% of the proceed of any 12 pack CD/DVD sale they make!

Provided, they agree to always include one of your very best, market tested, (extremely) time sensitive index card and or two sided sales flyers in each order they mail out!

And your firm nets, (not only) 100% of all the ongoing, back end consulting business! But you also receive and profit from every bank account filling-power testimonial they provide! Plus, any and all future referrals they provide as well!

Do the long term math entrepreneur!The savviest charities will gladly, aggressively promote your individual and or package CD/DVD programs, in order to keep 100% of the front end gross profits!

Plus, they can and should offer both your individual CD’s/DVD’s, in exchange for small business owners and or service providers, purchasing, (both) classified, and or (far more expensive) display ads, and or purchasing yearly listings in their annual directories!

Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Definitely Helps Other Vendors Increase Their Overall Gross Profits As Well!

Here’s the other aggressive marketing strategy they will routinely attempt to implement. They will contact a few of the most active real estate (related), local investment clubs, whose most active, dues paying members meet at least once a month.

And, after one of their firms employee becomes an official dues paying member. They will (initially) offer to become (at least) one of the clubs, in house resident, tax, business planning, advisory experts!

Or if that title, and capacity is currently being served by another individual and or firm etc.Then, (just like) their current arrangement with some of the local charities, they will first, (agree) to teach several free 60-90 workshops, on three to five of the most popular, (and or) readily misunderstood magnetic topics.

Or if there is some new pressing law, and or pending tax code procedure, that could potentially jeopardize the livelihood of current real estate investors, and or small to mid sized business owners/service providers etc.

You or one of your firms associates, will gladly share your expertise for free, and allow, (both) a video and or audio recording of the sessions!

And gladly allow the real estate association to sell the sessions, both at their monthly meetings, at the back of the room, concession table!And they keep 100% of any of the gross front end revenue the sales generate.

And you or your firm, gets to keep 100% of any and all, future back end income generated from those sales!

Entrepreneur Your Most Effective Lead Generation Sources Don’t Have To Initially Begin At Your Businesses Doorsteps!

Now just in case, (it’s not) totally crystal clear, “how” any of the last two mentioned strategies, tie into to the overall theme, of effectively utilizing, some previously thought of as “dead assets!”

While there may certainly be some potential (local) competitors, that may also join a few -local- real estate investment clubs, and also allow the clubs to audio or video record any and all workshops they may conduct. The vast majority of them, will either 50/50 joint venture split any and all front end revenue.

And pocket 100% of all future back end, ongoing consulting income generated. Practically none of them, will allow the investment club to keep 100% of the front, while they pocket 100% of the back end!

Nor will occur to 95% of them,to offer all active dues paying members of the association,( (in good standing!) lifetime discounts of X %, off any and all of their services!

Plus, extend the exact same courtesy percentages, to all of their immediate family members and in laws! Think about “how” much more potential, long term business they can acquire, from that one simple strategy!

That’s “why”, if all they do is join a local investment club, and teach, record and sell their recordings to current and future members!

That my friend, is basically a “dead or severely underutilized asset“, because clearly, there is an additional 300% more, long term gross profit available to them! Don’t you agree?

Well then, now you’re truly starting to understand and appreciate, how some of today’s, extremely savviest small business owners, and or service providers, routinely gross an additional 300% more profit, from under utilized, and or dead assets!Any questions?Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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