How Savvy Retail Appliance Entrepreneurs Can Literally Mop The Floor With Their Nearest Competitors!Part Two

As you recall from part one, there are literally a gazillion profit seeking entrepreneurs,that are more than delighted, to discover some (relatively) low cost,battlefield tested ways to acquire semi qualified leads, the can (over time) convert into those all important first time customers, clients and or patients.Correct?

And by doing so, if they just happen to simultaneously out promote some of their major competitors in the process, well that’s just icing on the cake.Is it not?

And since none of these methods are super techie, and or overly complicated to implement. As long and you know and understand your total lifetime customer value numbers, the sky in terms of practical marketing possibilities, is literally the limit!Don’t you agree?

So How Do Some Of today’s Savviest Entrepreneurs Consistently Mop The The Floor With Their Major Competitors?

 (And More Importantly How Can You Do It Too?)

So as you recall from part one, an extremely savvy appliance retailer, (that flat out) knows and understands, the total lifetime customer value numbers of their business.

They also understand the tremendous, (long term) marketing possibilities, that exist, as a direct result.So since, their ideal customer, roughly has a total lifetime value of $7,500 dollars, (give or take) or the next five to seven years.

It only makes sense, the savvy appliance retailer, implements some non traditional marketing/promoting strategies and or tactics, to improve their bottom line. Don’t you agree?

That said, (in order) to further demonstrate, just how extremely practical and wide spread, these type of ninja marketing  strategies and or tactics are.Let’s now (totally) shift gears, and (hopefully) demonstrate to you, “how” an extremely savvy service provider, from an industry not necessarily known to be open to creative marketing strategies such as this, can literally hit it out of the park as well!

And have a certain percentage of their major competitors, literally scratching their heads, wondering “what” the freak is going on here!

Once You Make Effective Lead Generation Strategies A Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal You’ve Just Opened Pandora’s Box!

So let’s use an upscale CPA firm, whose ideal business orientated customer/client, is typically worth, a bare bones minimum of $30,000 to $60,000 dollars, on the front and back end, over the next five to seven years!

Freshly armed with this potentially profitable information, along with there (newly acquired) lead generation expertise, they aggressively seek out, other local entrepreneurs, who are not only non competitive to them, but for whatever reasons, may not currently see how their business and or service, can serve as the perfect front end, lead magnet vehicle for this extremely savvy CPA firm.

So after careful searching and negotiating, the CPA firm finally settles on a local, upscale Mom & pop catering business, that specifically caters to mid sized local companies, to cater their higher end private events.

And here’s “what” the CPA firm proposes.This particular strategy, actually involves three or more local vendors, that are non directly competitive to each other. But instead actually compliment each other.

So the three primary players are (A.) A reliable local, non franchised printing shop. (B.) The local upscale catering business. (C.) The extremely marketing savvy CPA (and or) Law firm firm.

Let’s see “how” the CPA firm coordinates the three of them, so that every body profits!

Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Need To Be Able To See The Big Picture Too!

So here’s (initially) “what” the CPA firm proposes the printer does, in order to generate more referrals and video testimonials. Depending on whether they have a majority of their database on or offline.(Or both.)

Let’s say they initially test the CPA’s concept, by snail mailing 250 postcards to their most loyal, larger repeat customers. And if they don’t initially have (at least) of 250 current long term customers that own businesses and or services, they’ll run a free drawing,for the next 60 to 90 days, offering their small business owner, and or service provider customer base only, a chance to win $300 dollars worth of free printing services credit.

Th ultimate grand prize winner is free to use in any combination they choose! And of course, all 99% of the second place runner ups, win time sensitive savings coupons, good for 20% off their next two purchases!

With absolutely “no minimum purchase” requirements!And once they’ve generated at least 250 business cards, now they’ll (either) email and or snail mail the runner ups, and offer them the following!

In exchange for them providing just two personal referrals, within the next 30 days or less, they will receive, a fully catered private lunch, and or early dinner event, absolutely free of charge!

Courtesy of blanks catering services! And it’s absolutely up to them, whether or not, they ever plan to use this particular company again! This is a $500 dollar, (and or) X dollar value, courtesy of blank’s printing shop!

Just their way of saying “thank you” for your patronage and  your two referrals!In reality, it’s the extremely savvy CPA firm, that’s footing the bill to pay the caterer, for each company that accepts this free offer from the printer!

If things work out, the printer generates some much needed referrals, for virtually pennies on the dollar!(So they’re extremely happy!Right?)

The upscale catering business gets exposed to a potential brand new first time customer, (a certain percentage of whom), will convert into steady repeat customers!

And at the end of it all, the CPA, (as you’re about to discover), will end up, in the perfect position to land some brand new long term clients, worth at least $30,000 to $60,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years!Entrepreneur, can you live with that or what?

There Are More Of These Type Of Entrepreneurial Ideas Out Here Than You Can Shake A Stick At! (Provided Your Mind Is Open To The Possibilities!)

In the interest of time, there are at least two more extremely viable, marketing legs to this particular strategy. But for now, here’s the short of it. As soon as the caterer receives word, one of the local businesses, and or services is interested in taking advantage of the printers, extremely generous, “no strings attached” offer!

They will automatically do two things! 1.) First, they will immediately notify the CPA firm,so they can get paid for the event! 2.) They will immediately offer their customer, a powerful free bonus, (worth X), simply for supplying the caterer with two referrals!

This incredibly powerful bonus, is two free hours of private cash flow enhancement analysis, valued at a bare bones minimum of $800 dollars! Courtesy of? You guessed it! The high powered CPA firm!Bingo!

Basically, what this initial free two session does is, identify at least five simple ways to help any potential client improve their current cash flow, through a combination of proven tax reduction strategies and basic improvements in overall productivity and efficiency.

In fact, more times no, (at least) 70% of the semi qualified businesses that are exposed to these initial cost saving measures, whined up taking advantage of an additional 45 day,cash flow enhancement analysis trial period offer, in order to maximize their additional savings, and to further increase their overall productivity!

And typically, just 46 short days, after the initial trial period ends, and they experience the typical savings of X, and increased productivity of Y, they sign on for the full enchilada, which usually grosses the CPA firm about $15,000 to $20,000 dollars per month, in billable hours, just depending on the overall size of the client and their specific needs!

So it’s more than worth it to the CPA firm,(to lead generate),by initially  paying for their ideal clients catered lunch! Don’t you agree?This is just another simple example of how some of today’s savviest entrepreneurs continuously mop the floor with their major competitors!Any questions? See you in just a little bit in part three!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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