How Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Make It Even Though They Initially Lack Both Money And Experience!Part Two

So have you noticed how many times, extremely ambitious, hard driving entrepreneurswill strike out on their journey to be successful, even if they don’t initially have anywhere near close, to what (so called) conventional business wisdom says they really need!Have you noticed that too?

For example, they may literally try and finance their initial start up with, just the initial five thousand, (or x amount of) dollars, they personally saved, and the additional $3,000, (or x amount of) dollars, they begged and borrowed from their closet friends and family members etc.

So whether they like to readily admit it or not, they are -literally- already too familiar with the concept of boot strapping.

Because in the beginning, other than their sheer will,endless hustle, and determination, and extremely limited capital, they rarely start with much more than that!

And usually, what they may initially lack in upfront spendable cash, they tend to make up for it, by over compensating with sheer, non stop hustle!

And it’s their initial work ethic, overall optimism and entrepreneurial ideas,that often times makes all the difference! Have you noticed that too?

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Make A Go Of It Even Though They May Initially Lack Cash An Some Real World Experience?

So let’s you(and or) a relative, can detail cars really, (really) good! So much so, that over the years, tons of people have approached you, about detailing their cars and or vans etc.

And over the years, you’ve developed some serious skills, when it comes to creating fancy, original logos for local businesses.And every body has always encouraged you to go into your own business.

But after some serious investigation and market research and putting together a real business plan, in order to approach one (or more of) of your local banks for a small start up loan of some kind.You realize all the very real potential pitfalls involved, and decide, (sadly) that going the conventional route, at this point and time, just isn’t in the cards!

However, there is still a far less conventional way, for you to strategically and systematically get the word out, in a major way!

Without wasting a nickel, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising platforms.So you contact a few independently owned, local auto repair shops, that don’t currently offer any type of professional auto detailing.(At least not to the level you’re capable of delivering!)

You bring some of your pictures of past work, or better yet, you drive the car in to your interview, to show them first hand, what you can do!And potentially “what” your professional detailing skills can do for their bottom line!

Extremely Dedicated Entrepreneurs Are Not About To Let Their Initial Lack Of Capital Or Real World Experience Prevent Them From Accomplishing Their Long Term Goals!

And just to show your good will, here’s “what” you initially propose. You’ll gladly leave your professionally detailed car, (and or van) in their front parking lot, for the next ten business days, or next two weeks, as a practical matter.

Providing they agree to place two huge signs, announcing their free drawing, offering $500  (or X) amount of dollars in free car detailing!Interested prospects, are instructed to inquire inside.

Of course, (being) the extremely savvy marketers that you are!) You already realize what’s coming next, correct? Of course! They gather all the interested names over the next two weeks, or one month etc.

And after they choose the ultimate grand prize winner they will immediately contact all 99% of the runner ups!And they automatically qualify for two really cool free secondary prizes!

 First.) They will receive an extremely time sensitive,VIP new customer only, limited time offer of 30% off, their very first detail job! And of course, you will take pictures and paste them on both your, the auto repair and the customers Facebook pages! Second.) They will also receive a similar type offer, from the auto repair shop, minus the new customer condition.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Are More Of A Certain Mindset!

You may end up contacting the runner ups, be either, direct snail mail post cards, opt in email, broadcast message, and or mobile marketing etc.Either way, as those inquiries start to roll in, and rest assured they will!

You just built a pre qualified list of potential customers, and since you don’t currently have your own space (garage) just yet, you might offer the owners 25% of your gross, to temporarily work out of their garage, until you have enough steady business to rent your own space!

Or, you might might pre sell sell ten or fifteen of your inquiries jobs, up to 35% off, and use the upfront cah, to go rent your own spot!

Of course, you or the auto repair shop owners need to communicate your real reasons for such generosity!

Or, the auto repair shop, could decide to just open, (lease) another spot and charge you rent, until you’ve got enough steady business, to take over the lease yourself

Either way, (ladies & gentlemen), are you starting to see and hopefully appreciate, “how” some of today’s savviest entrepreneurs can really make a go of it, even though they may initially lack start up capital, and or any real world experience? Say yes!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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2 Responses to How Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Make It Even Though They Initially Lack Both Money And Experience!Part Two
  1. Thanks again, Mark

    I really like your video – you’re a natural

    Networking with local real estate brokers and building owners is a smart move. Then making them an offer they can’t refuse (eg furniture proprietor offering to furnish apartment owner’s apartments) is a cool way to do business. Actually, I think you wrote about this strategy a few weeks ago. Anyways, the idea is to network with tie-in partners who have a client list that fits with yours.

    Looking good

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..How to Use Authority Positioning to Give Your Competitors NightmaresMy Profile

    • Thanks for your totally awesome compliments Kim!

      And as far as my being a natural let me just say
      it most certainly takes one to know one bud!LOL!

      And they certainly don’t get nor come any savvier than you my friend!LOL!

      Hey, we both know and have banked nicely, on the evergreen power networking trsin!

      Thank goodness, no matter what type of current marketing mediums come & go,
      that will process will still be extremely viable!

      I always enjoy & definitely look forward to your excellent, real world feedback!

      Many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Make It Even Though They Initially Lack Both Money And Experience!Part TwoMy Profile


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