How Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate 25% More Referrals For Less!

   (And How You Can Too!)

So how many sincerely profit driven, semi cash strapped, and or resource challenged entrepreneurs, small business owners, and or service providers, can you readily think of?

Who couldn’t use more referrals, especially, if they could systematically generate, and or deliver them, for literally pennies on the dollar.

What prudent entrepreneur, would seriously turn their nose, up to such an opportunity?

Obviously, the $64 thousand dollar question, immediately becomes, so how in the world, do you consistently do that, correct?

Great question, and so glad you asked.Let’s take a look under the hood, and see, what all the hoopla is really about, shall we?

So How In The World Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Manage To Generate 25% More Referral Business For Literally Pennies On The Dollar? (And Can You Learn To Do It Too?)

Without a doubt, practically any type of,profit generating retailer, of any shape and or size, could successfully implement, this battlefield tested marketing strategy.

And consistently generate some bankable results. And in order to prove this, let’s use two distinct, (hypothetical) marketing examples.

So hopefully, your type of retail business model can be represented.For our two hypothetical-s, let’s use an extremely popular, local Mom & Pop owned, single location, retail pet supplies store.

And for the other, an extremely popular, upscale women-s boutique shop, which currently targets, local influential women, who currently earn, high five and six figure a year incomes.

Either by working for themselves, and or as high mid to upper level management, and or as various types of professionals, such lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, CPA’s, CFP’s and the like.

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Buy Referrals Using Outrageously Expensive Conventional Methods! (And Neither Should You!)

First let’s take our pet supplies store.The real key, to this type of battlefield tested strategy, is to be sure and aggressively implement it, especially when the deck is already stacked, heavily in your favor.

For ex; think about the annual, extremely hectic, holiday rush!(Do you have that picture in your mind yet? ) Now quickly consider, what your main, (bread & butter), 20% of your extremely valuable, customer, patient and or client base, is busily doing, right up until the end of the  year!

That’s correct! They’re busy buying and wrapping some outrageously expensive gifts, and preparing some great tasting meals, and checking and re-confirming travel plans etc.(Busy little beavers, aren’t they?)

In other words, they are deeply financially and emotionally involved, in the true spirit of giving! Are they not! You’d better believe it! So why not leverage their current mindset!Huh?

The Frenzied Holiday Season Is The Ideal Time To Have Some Of Your Very Best Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies In Place And Ready To Go!

Case in point; let’s say the extremely marketing savvy pet supply store owners, currently have at least 2,500 (or more!), of the very best, repeat, long term customers, on (either) their opt in email, and or mobile marketing list etc.

And they email them, an unscheduled, extremely time sensitive, ‘broadcast’ email alert message, which also includes, an extremely time sensitive discount coupon and or gift certificate etc.

And they market t test price, savings of anywhere from 20-35% off, provided their best repeat customers, come to their store, and or head over to their, state of the art WordPress website, and place some type of order. This is pretty standard marketing procedure, is it not?

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Are Waiting To Take Your Business And Or Service To The Next Level Or Two!

First of all, don’t forget, on average, your mobile text message, typically gets opened, within three short minutes of being sent! But since the pet supply store, is currently using, a reputable paid email service provider.

Let’s say 30% of their 2,500 total subscribers, bother to open their unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert.Which means, at least 750 subscribers bother to at least open the email.(Probably more if a mobile message is sent!)

(2,500 total VIP subscribers x .30% open rate= 750 subscribers opening the email/broadcast message.)

But when they do, they discover, an attractive, extremely time sensitive, discount coupon/gift certificate offer, where they can save X%, simply by coming to pet supply store, before the coupon expires.

Your Proven Lead Generation Strategies Are Even More Effective During The Holiday Season!

Now let’s take this proven type of offer, up a stage or two, shall we? Huh? Now then, your (and or) your major competitors discount coupon, will also inform your customers, simply for bringing,a brand new, potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18.

You will also give them their choice of market tested options! They can either:

 1.) Potential market tested option # one: Receive a free, 5 LB bag of their choice, of an extremely popular, gourmet dog and or cat food etc.While supplies last! And or they get a rain check.

 2.) Potential market tested option # two: Or, if they need an even larger quantity, they can purchase any 10 LB bag, of extremely popular, gourmet dog or cat food of their choice, at the pet supply stores actual cost.Plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc.

You Can Buy Referrals For Literally Pennies On The Dollar! And Or Continually Spend A Fortune! (The Choice Is Truly Yours!)

Again,because the extremely marketing savvy pet supply store owners, already know, their ideal customers, currently have, a $1,000 – $2,000 dollar, total lifetime customer value metric.

And the cost to create, a brand new first time customer, typically cost, at least 500% or more, than normal costs!It only makes sense, to ethically bribe, a certain percentage, of their current, repeat customer base, and for literally pennies on the dollar! Consistently buy referrals. Don’t you agree?

In part two, you’ll discover’how’ your local, upscale women-s boutique shop, consistently buy referrals, and or generates them, for literally pennies on the dollar too! Okay?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Wait For Something Positive To Happen! (They Help Make Something Positive Happen!)

But for now, are you starting to truly appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, consistently generate, at least 25% more quality referrals, for less? Great! See you in just a little bit, in part two.

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