How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Put Their Best Lead Generation Strategies On Steroids!Part Two

So after exploring just hand full of the “battlefield tested” marketing possibilities, and or opportunities in part one, do you now agree, that extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurshave a ton more underground ninja marketing opportunities, than readily meets the eye!

Agreed! Because with the other shoe dropping, you’re about to discover in part two.Not only do individuals that consistently earn high six and seven figure annual incomes, love to party with the best of them!

But they also love to roll out their check books to support all types of worthy, extremely reputable local and national causes! Have you noticed that too?

So in part two, you’re gong to discover at least three more proven ways, these marketing savvy entrepreneurs, literally put some of their very best market tested lead generation strategies on steroids!And how you can too! 

So What’s It Gonna Take To Get You To Emulate Some Of These Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs By Putting Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Efforts On Steroids Too!

Okay, right out of the gate, let’s clear up a few things that while unmentioned in part one, definitely need to be addressed, so you know and totally understand, they’re definitely  not being overlooked and or totally ignored!

First, as was previously mentioned in part one, as a direct result of their marketing savvy, this high powered CPA firm, has started putting some of their very best lead generation marketing efforts on steroids, by (initially combining) these mega party/local fund raising events, to help get the word out about their estate planning and tax reduction services.

As well as helping out a few local charities to boot! And one of the things they do at these annual events, they will initially test hosting, at least twice per year.

They professionally video record certain portions of these gala events, and (of course) post some of the video footage, on both their youtube channel and their state of the art WordPress blog.

That way, every time bran new first time visitors  visit their blog, they get a small glimpse into what they missed at previous events!Next, they higher one of the areas top caters, to cater these private events, so the food is simply outstanding!

And they also show the caterer “how to” maximize their long term gross profits, by setting up a giant fish bowl, and offering a free drawing, where the grand prize winner a catered event, a $500 dollar value!

They announce their grand prize winner at the end of the night, and strategically follow up with extremely time sensitive discounted offers, to all the runner ups!

As You Get More Skilled At Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Tactics Watch Your Up Front Out Of Pocket Front End Expenses Drop Dramatically!

Now even though (we don’t) come anywhere close to living in an ideal or perfect world! Since 3,000 of the most highly influential, men & women that earn six, seven and in some extreme cases, eight figures a year annually!

Let’s say, (just for the sake of example), that 1,500 of the attendees are women! So you know this extremely marketing savvy CPA firm wants to leverage these ladies expert abilities of getting the word out! Both on and off the various social media platforms!

Here’s “what” the CPA firm will do to explode the companies local visibility, courtesy of the ladies at these annual live events!First, all the ladies present that night are highly encouraged to enter a one time “raffle”, for just $25 dollars, for  chance to win the following; a dozen roses, and a delicious box of gourmet chocolates, delivered, to either their home, job and or place of business, courtesy of an extremely popular local florist.

And they will be delivered, at least four times per year, over the next five years!Say what? Hey, the savvy marketing CPA firm, is pulling out all the marketing stops! Or haven’t you noticed?

So let’s say 1,300 women enter the “raffle” that night and fork over their $25 dollar investment!

As you can clearly see, the florist has more than enough to cover the cost, to send a beautiful dozen roses, vase and and an extremely tasty box of gourmet chocolates, three times a year, for her birthday, wedding anniversary, if that applies, Valentines day and Mothers Day, if that applies!

And of course, the other 1,299, (or X number of) ladies that entered the raffle, all they get is one of the florist’s best market tested, extremely time sensitive discount coupon offers!

And all the florist did was gross $32,500 dollars for the night! (1,300 x $25 dollar raffle entry fee = $32,500 dollars in gross profits.)

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Proven Ways To Better Serve Their Target Audiences!

But before you rush off, let’s remember what hosting one of these events initially cost the extremely savvy CPA firm. As you recall, they guaranteed in writing, the facility owners, 1.5 times their normal gross in beverage sales of $5,000 dollars, for these type of upscale one night events!

So for a a written guarantee of $7,500 dollars, the facility agreed to waive their normal  upfront fee, in lieu of profiting on the back end, via beverage sales, and a rather minuscule , upfront facility access fee.

Now since both the florist, and the local retail appliance dealer, are both going to profit mightily on being exposed to 3,000 local men & women that routinely earn six, seven and or eight figures a year!It’s probably in both of their best interest, to simply split the CPA firms $7,500 hosting fee, equally among themselves.

And they both put up $3,750 each! Which means, every customer/long term repeat client the CPA firm generates, as a direct result of these extremely popular live events, will go straight to their bottom line!

And since their ideal customer/repeat clients, total lifetime customer value equals anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 dollars each! Once you factor in, any and all of their personal referrals, their video and audio testimonials, and all of their positive word of mouth & mouse publicity, they will constantly be providing over the next five to seven years!

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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2 Responses to How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Put Their Best Lead Generation Strategies On Steroids!Part Two
  1. Hi Mark,

    I love the way your mind thinks! Indeed Entrepreneurs are ALWAYS looking for ways to hit our target audience. This can be off line or on line. The example you have give here can work either way. I did a blog post a while back explaining off line business and many commenters were confused. How do we do this online?

    Reading through this is a fine example of how online businesses can apply this principal. JVs Affiliates and so on. The words may be different but it is the same thing. Working with others can be so rewarding and beneficial.

    I’ve been on both sides of the fence…and still am. As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking to expand and find new ways of doing things.

    Thanks so much….there are many opportunities that came to me last week, offline and online that I do have to juggle a bit.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..Busy Bloggers Are UnderachieversMy Profile

    • That’s so true Donna!

      And that’s why I love both the way you and David think!

      When it comes to creative, non traditional marketing ideas and strategies!LOL!

      Often times, after reading one of your awesome and inspiring blog posts,
      new creative marketing strategies and tactics literally start flooding my thoughts!LOl!

      And I write them down right then & there, so
      they don’t slip away are get forgotten about!Thanks as always, from from excellent an extremely
      helpful feedback!

      You know Coach, what would really be a blast, is (either) you and I, or you, me and David, doing
      a free 90 minute, sort of free style, here’s what I’d do, to market my business offline,
      especially if I didn’t have a lot money!LOL!

      And just share some ideas with them!That would be a blast!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Cash Strapped Small Business Owners Generate At Least 25% More Income!My Profile


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