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How To Give Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas The Boost It Really Needs!

Have you noticed, inside practically every aspiring entrepreneur and or start up business owner and or service provider you can think of.(especially in the initial launch phase of their entrepreneurial ventures.

Just beneath the surface, is this unquenchable desire, to unleash their creative entrepreneurial ideas? Typically, most aspiring entrepreneurs, are never and or rarely short on creative marketing and or promotional ideas, right? 😎

Instead, more times than not, it’s their not so readily available cash, business and or personal credit assets, which definitely needs some major improvements, right? 😎

In this particular case, you are about discover, some o the more subtle ways, the ultimate insiders, strategically use their creative entrepreneurial ideas and or strategies, to consistently earn more and more money. Sound like a plan or what?

Who Else Wants To Discover How To Give Some Of Your Very Best Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas The Boost They Really Deserve?

Here’s a really straight forward and incredibly simple example or two. Just to get your very own, hidden and or temporarily buried, creative marketing juices flowing in the right direction.

Often times, you see larger, far better capitalized companies, offer some type of financial and or resourced based help, to smaller less capitalized companies and or services, in order for both of them to ultimately benefit.

For ex; a smaller less capitalized company, which really can’t afford to have typeset and mailed bulk, let alone first class, 25,000 pieces of enveloped mail, to certain upscale zip codes in their immediate area.

But another non directly competing vendor, who wants to generate, some initial low front end customers,on the front end of their sales funnel, in order to eventually generate some huge, low term back end gross profits.

And the bigger, better financed company, get offer to pick up at least 80-90% of the front end mailing, typesetting and postage costs, in order to reap 100%, of the gross long term back end profits.

By potentially reaching a brand new audience, of first time buyers, patients and or clients.

Constantly Developing Your Lead Generation Strategies Is The Tip Of Your Long Term Profit Iceberg!

Case in point, you’re about to discover, at least three market tested strategies, for some proven forms of lead generation.

And not only will these battlefield tested strategies help build your opt in email/mobile marketing list, but they can and will double, as effective joint venture (JV), and or offline affiliate marketing opportunities as well.

1.) Potential profit boosting strategy # one: Let’s say a local, extremely marketing savvy jeweler, wants to inexpensively gain a new customer base, without having to cold market prospect, using outrageously expensive, not to mention, dismally performing, traditional advertising mediums.

So they contact a few extremely popular,hair and nail salon owners. And here’s what they initially propose.

The retail jeweler, will gladly sponsor a free drawing, where every customer, who spends at least X, gets to enter a free drawing, where they can win $1,000 dollars worth of free services, which must be used within one year of the date they originally won them!

So the potential customers rush to join the hair or nail salon owners opt in email/mobile marketing list!

More Times Than Not Some Straight Forward Retail Selling Tips And Or Strategies Often Works The Best!

And remember, the local hair and or nail salon owners, do not need a state of the art, WordPress website and or blog, in order to capture opt in email addresses. But they definitely will need, a reputable, state of the art, paid email service provider of some kind.

 2.) Potential profit boosting strategy # two: Next, the jeweler, will sponsor (pay for!), a monthly free drawing, where once a month, any customer who spends at least X amount of dollars, gets a chance to win, a giant seven foot teddy bear and dozen roses, delivered to either, directly to their home, job and or place of business.

And of course, all the monthly runner ups, will receive some extremely time sensitive, discount coupons, from the hair salon, plus some of the jewelers, best market tested, extremely time sensitive discount coupon as well. Where brand new, first time customers, can either come alone and save X.

Or bring a potential first time customer with them, to potentially save even more!

The More Proven Ways To Promote Your Business Or Service You Have! The Better Of You’ll Be In The Long Run!

3.) Potential profit boosting strategy # three: And finally, both the nail and hair salon offers, will periodically, (maybe) once every 90 days or so.

They’ll cross promote each others best, market tested offers, to each others brand new and repeat customers. Especially around and or during the frantic holiday rush season.

And as an extra special,they will both allow each others employees and o staff, to receive really cool discounts, of 25-35% off various products and or services.

Knowing full well, at least some their generosity, will definitely result in, some long term, bank account filling,positive word of mouth or mouse buzz.Agreed?

Are your hidden and untapped marketing juices, finally starting to boil to the surface enough, for you to start to appreciate, just how your creative entrepreneurial ideas, can and definitely will help you pay the rent.Say yes.Great.See you in just a little bit, in part two, okay.

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