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How Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Unlock Their Long Term Profit Vaults!Part Two

Hopefully now you can, and or, you’re truly starting to appreciate, your resourced challenged small business and or service, has got to develop and consistently implement, some sort of proven, income generating back end process, to your business, correct?

Otherwise, you seriously run the risk, of constantly spinning your wheels, and desperately trying to cut costs, on the front end of your sales funnel, while simultaneously pushing yourself, closer and closer, to inevitable bankruptcy.

Nod you head, because it’s true.You see, one of the main reasons,a percentage of your major competitors, are consistently able to invest so much, on the front end of their sales funnel.

Is because they already know and realize with mathematical certainty, how many, or what percentage of their current customer, and or client base, is likely to take advantage of one or several of their more expensive products and or services etc.

That’s how they justify, being far more aggressive, with their traditional and or conventional adverting/promotional campaigns. Just like you’re about to discover how to do also.

Why Shouldn’t Your Semi Cash Strapped And Or Semi Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Discover How To Finally Unlock The Key To Your Businesses Long Term Profits Vault?

Case in point; for just a moment, focus on ‘how’ your local Mickey D’s (aka) McDonald-s restaurants, are able to consistently generate huge daily profits worldwide, without having to constantly spend more and more money, on outrageously expensive, local prime time radio, TV and or newspaper ad campaigns etc.

Of course Mickey D’s does more than their fair share, of name recognition generating image ads. In fact, they literally spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year, if not billions on it.

However, here’s where they (and you and I), definitely need to take these type of lead generating advertising strategies to the very next level or two.Because for whatever reasons, the vast majority of your major competitors, don’t and or won’t.

Truly Exceptional Entrepreneurs Can’t Help But Develop Effective Lead Generating Skills Over Time!

Follow this watered down example, and you’ll quickly discover ‘why’, extremely marketing savvy corporations like McDonald-s, do so extremely well, and some of their major competitors don’t.

So they constantly run these outrageously expensive,name recognition, image advertising campaigns, in order to get you and I in the door, right?

And whatever you and I initially order, their trained cashiers, will automatically utter, the six golden words. “Would you like fries with that?” Sound familiar? Statistically speaking, the corporate heads at Mickey D’s already knows, and fully expects, anywhere from 10-40% of their daily traffic -worldwide mind you-, to answer with an emphatic yes.

But here’s the kicker, these extremely well trained cashiers, now launch part two of McDonald-s extremely well honed strategy. They simply ask, should I “Super Size” you? Meaning, do you prefer, the extra large order of fries, from which McDonald-s grosses even more net gross profits from.

And anywhere from 10-40% of the original 10-40%, answer yes! You multiply this marketed tested process, times millions of daily customers worldwide, seven days a week and kaboom! The execs are cashing mega quarterly bonus checks!

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Definitely Will Serve You Well!

Now returning to previous example provided in part one. You have these multi six, seven and eight figure a year earners, using this back end, income generating marketing strategy, to constantly increase their long term gross profits, just like Mickey D’s does.

Case in point, the extremely marketing savvy high income earning (on or) offline marketer, offers a digital info product, which typically retails for at least $997 dollars (or X.) Something rather high end.

And in order to sweeten the pot, and compel us (their) extremely loyal opt in email/mobile subscribers, to purchase now instead of later.

They include one of their very own, digital info products, and or services, as an extremely time sensitive free ‘quick decision”bonus!And simultaneously, we’re allowed to become registered affiliates, who get to market their $97 -$697 dollar info product (and or service), as affiliates, and receive commissions, on a sliding sale of 50-80% per sale.

Ever Notice How Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Benefit Both You An Your Extremely Loyal Customer And Or Subscriber Base!

Now watch what happens. These extremely savvy marketers,who definitely know and understand, all about creating, profitable back end income generating sales funnels for their business.And their extremely high paying clients!

They might initially test, offering some type of paid monthly training, which would normally cost several hundred dollars per hour, but for just $37-$47 dollars per month, every customer who signs up, and remains an active member, they now get 80% commissions, on the marketers $497 -$697 digital info product.

Because ‘what’ this extremely savvy marketer is really banking on, (long term), with this particular strategy is, for every customer who purchases their $497 -$697 digital info product, a certain percentage of them will upsell into the marketers more advanced, thus more expensive, $2,500 -$25,000 dollar a year coaching/mentoring program.

So in order to create those more profitable sales, they’re more than willing, to let their best super affiliates, (you and I)pocket 80% of $697, (or) earn $557.60 per sale, while they gladly net the remaining 20%, or $139.40. Wouldn’t you? ($697 x .80% = $557.60)

Your Small Business And Or Service Is Probably Just One Or Two Proven Lead Generation Strategies Away From Some Major Success!

Knowing full well, for every 100 or so sales, at least 20% or more of those customers/students, will gladly upgrade and invest $2,500 -$25,000 dollars per year or more, for some advanced, one on one consulting and or mentoring from this astute, elite marketing guru and or guruette.

So can you definitely see and are you totally appreciating, why your resourced challenged small business and or service, definitely needs to develop some sort of reliable back end income generating component,(and or components) to your business asap. Any questions?

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4 Responses to How Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Unlock Their Long Term Profit Vaults!Part Two
  1. Hey Mark,

    This definitely works.

    I have purchased quite a few programs and services myself in the past. At first they were free but then I upgraded to get more out of these tools.

    The key is to market to the right audience. Especially the ones that become affiliates and create a nice chain reaction of attracting more would be affiliates where everyone wins.

    But this is a clever marketing tactic when it comes to backend email marketing. It’s all about attracting the more serious subscribers!

    Thanks for sharing Mark! Have a great week!
    Sherman Smith would love for you to read..Boost Organic Traffic Through Keyword Placement And Analytic ToolsMy Profile

  2. Hi Mark,

    This is key strategy for successful business online and offline.

    When you go to the dentist for a cavity, you’re likely to get information on the most up to date, high powered electric toothbrush to avoid future cavities.

    And so it goes.

    We all need to learn from this.

    Give people what they want and when they take it… you know they’re willing to pay for what they want. That’s when you offer them even more, bigger and better and look to see how willing they are to keep up with your challenge to give them the best they can get.

    Lead the way, my friend 🙂

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..Writing Blog Posts That Ignite Viral Content MarketingMy Profile

    • So very well said Donna!

      Sadly, we often to try and give, more like shove, what we think
      our target market wants, down their throat!LOL!

      We often repel instead of learning how to attract!

      Sadly Coach, I have to admit publicly, before I wised up and starting
      implementing both you and Adrienne Smith-s proven approaches to social media
      marketing and blogging etc.

      My initial results on social media, pretty much sucked!LOL!

      And as a direct result, I in turn, became a much better listener
      and student! And much improved continuous profitable results, soon started to

      A major coincidence I’m sure!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..You Consistently Do This And Your Cash Strapped Small Business Will Surely Fail!My Profile


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