How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Being Consistent Profitable!

   (And So Can You!)

Ladies & gentlemen, are you keenly aware, just how potentially valuable and extremely helpful, your original, problem solving content can be, for your specific target audience?

It can’t be a coincidence, so many extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are not any smarter, and or more dedicated than you are!

But that fact withstanding, they’re still really making a go of it, simply because they’re far more consistent in terms of delivering their content, than you currently are!

For sure your content rocks! But where your major competitors, are not only getting, but maintaining, a decided edge on you, they deliver, their original, how to problem solving content, far more consistently than you do!

And as each week which goes by, and as you continually talk yourself out of releasing your original ‘how to’ problem solving content, for whatever reasons, their margin continues to widen.

My friend, you can’t provide your extremely valuable content, once a month,or once every six weeks or so, and expect your target audience to remain intensely loyal to you. (News flash!) It ain’t gonna happen.

On the other hand, you do your best, to consistently provide, your original, how to problem solving content, and over the top service, and you’ll start to turn the tables, of opportunistic leverage, in your favor! As you’re about to discover.

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Convert Being Consistent Into Long Term Potential Profits!

Ladies & gentlemen, do you recognize online marketing and blogging expert Jacob Whitmore-s name? He has an excellent blog over at bloggingtitan.com, and he’s written an excellent post, showing you and I ‘how to’ start and run a successful blog. (Especially if you’re just getting started.)

Having said that, recently while he was on twitter, Jacob came across (of all things), my particular blog address.

And he decided to reach out to me via email, after reading one of my blog posts. He graciously linked to one of my  posts, and asked if I would be willing to do the same.

(Important note: Please see the screenshot image below of two of our recent email message exchanges.)


How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Being Consistent Profitable!

So I immediately agreed to do so, and returned the favor!Primarily for three main potentially profitable reasons.

Being An Entrepreneur Means Creating Opportunities Not Just Waiting On Them!

1.) First of all, by Jacob and I linking to each other, and cross promoting each others content. We both help each other earn a little extra, free Google juice! Because Google, along with all the other major search engines, view links and social shares, as a form of social proof.Which validates our contents value, in the eyes of the market place.

2.) Secondly, going forward, there is simply no way to know, and or anticipate, who (or whom!) Jacob will personally come in contact with down the line? Who will have (and or acquire) major authority and influence!

And what type of potentially profitable, long term relationships can be formed, simply because Jacob initially came in personal contact with these individuals, and they in term, were put on to me!

3.) And last, but certainly not least. As our particular blog post,we both continue to link to, get-s further shared via social media, and therefore continue to rise in the major search engine rankings, especially on Google.

There are even more chances, to build our opt in list,/mobile marketing list, and or sell any of our very own products and services.Or it definitely increases the likelihood, we’ll also sell even more affiliate products and services!

Plus, it also increases the likelihood, even more potentially profitable, long term relationship building networking opportunities, can and definitely will take place!Don’t you agree?


How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Being Consistent Profitable!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Always Embrace The Opportunities To Build Long Term Potentially Profitable Relationships! (And So Should You!)

So what’s the marketing overall lesson(s) here, you so skeptically ask? Simply this. Entrepreneur, (stop!) second guessing yourself! And go ahead and publish, your original, extremely helpful, ‘how to’ problem solving content already!

And by all means, do it as often as you can! And do so,in as many different formats, as you currently feel comfortable in delivering it in!

Otherwise, if you don’t, take a look at my particular situation. Let’s suppose, (for whatever reasons), I decided not to publish my content. Jacob, in all likelihood, would have still been on twitter, but instead of finding my blog content to link to.

He would have found someone else-s! And linked to them instead, and graciously reached out to them, to ask them to return the favor! And I would have missed a golden opportunity, to start building, a potentially profitable, long term relationship, with another profit seeking entrepreneur!Ouch!

Your Extremely Cash Starved Small Business And Or Service Can Rely Totally On Your Money And Or Strategic Marketing Leverage!(Which Option Do You Prefer?)

And right now, instead of hesitating, go ahead and link to my content as well! Provided, our subject matter, is at least, semi related in some meaningful way, to our respective target audiences!

Then send me a message via my blogs contact page and let me know about it already!And provided we’re relevant to each other, I’ll most certainly return the favor asap!(As I did with Jacob!) Or link to someone else! Or write and publish that blog or video idea you’ve had since forever!

Create your podcast and get started!Stop thinking about it and start being about it already!

And just like with my ongoing arrangement with Jacob, we’ll both get additional free, potentially profitable exposure, to new audiences!My aspiring entrepreneurial friend, that’s the long term, potential profitability, of being consistent! Don’t you agree? Any questions?

P.S. Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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4 Responses to How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Being Consistent Profitable!
  1. Another winner Mark and I couldn’t agree more. The things we do day in and day out are the stepping stones to achieve our goals and build our businesses. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Beyond Uncertainty Lies a World of PossibilitiesMy Profile

  2. Hello Mark! Great share my friend! it is so true, consistent action is the only way to the top.. Once in a while just isnt going to cut t HUH? Thanks for sharing!! Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt would love for you to read..Get Ready To Develop Your Millionaire MindsetMy Profile

    • It’s so true Chery!

      But sadly, if you think going in, you probably can’t or won’t
      succeed, then are you really going to go all in? Probably not, right?

      And therefore, you give a half heart-ed effort, believing and you
      just can’t or aren’t suited for X, Y or Z etc.

      However, when we are totally convinced we can and we will
      no matter what!

      We are as consistent as all get out, aren’t we?LOL! Why yes! Coincidence?

      I think not! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing thoughts Coach Chery!
      I always appreciate your real world feedback! Continued success!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Why You Definitely Should Become An Entrepreneur!My Profile


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