How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Six

So have you noticed, ‘how’ certain, extremely marketing savvy entrepreneursconsistently go about lead generating, for literally pennies on the dollar?

While the vast majority of their current and future major competitors, spend a mega fortune, on dismally performing, and outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums and methods.

For ex; some severely cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or cash strapped entrepreneurs, try to build their presence in the market place, strictly by running glitzy, traditional, local TV, radio and or newspaper campaigns of some kind.

And after systematically draining their (not exactly) deep-to begin with- corporate bank accounts, and practically wiping out their readily available credit, they ultimately come to the sad realization, they simply can’t sustain this extremely costly approach. For several reasons.

On the other hand, once they begin to develop, some bankable lead generation skills, watch ‘how ‘ wide, the doors of opportunity, begin to open for them.

So How Many Other Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Want To Know How To Consistently Generate High Quality Leads For Literally Pennies On The Dollar? (Especially If You’re Initially Working Off A Shoestring Budget!)

Case in point; let’s say after recently acquiring (either your CPA and or CFP (Certified Financial Planner) license, you get the overwhelming itch, to go out on your own.

So you unshackle yourself, from the comforts of the corporate blanket. But truth told, you’ve got a new spouse, and or (live in) significant other to consider in your decision. Because your overall lifestyle needs to somehow be maintained, while you continuously sort out, all the ever unfolding details, of being a success driven entrepreneur.

Which means (initially) you may not have the luxury, of setting up your very own, self hosted, state of the art WordPress website and or blog etc.

Because once you do, then (more than likely) you’ll spend another two or three weeks trying to decide, which premium (paid) theme and layout to choose etc.

Meanwhile, (before you know) and or realize it, another six to eight weeks, (or more!) have come and gone, and you’re still no closer to having your self hosted WordPress website or blog up, and steadily attracting potential prospects and or repeat clients to you, because of the awesome, ‘how to’ problem solving, lead generating content, you’re consistently posting to your blog.(And or your youtube channel for that matter.)

And since you’re not systematically and or consistently, driving targeted traffic to your blog just yet, there is a very chance, you’re not strategically building your all important opt in email/mobile marketing list just yet either!Sound at all familiar?

Your Highly Honed Entrepreneurial Skills Can Help You Scale Your Business At Lightening Speed!

On the other hand, what if you and (your major competitors) decided to by pass tradition, an start power listing building, even though you don’t currently have the luxury and or convenience of a traditional, self hosted WordPress website and or blog! Huh?

Here’s how. You’ll simply purchase, (to begin with), no more than two, relatively in expensive, yet highly relevant domain names, preferably with the dot.com extension as your first and preferred choice.

So for example, one potential domain name could be, maximizeyourtaxsavings.com. And the other could be, howtobeatthetaxman.com. Original for sure!

Next, you invest (to begin ) with, your $19.95, (or X) per month, or you could pay for an entire year, of your paid email service providers service. In this particular case, you’ll save 20% off of Aweber-s annual cost, with your one time annual payment.

Next, you’ll simply call the domain name registar company, (where) you purchased the domain name from, and in less than ten minutes, have them walk you through, ‘how to’ successfully forward your newly purchased domain name, in order to avoid, having to use Aweber-s (or your) paid email service providers, incredibly unattractive, self hosted link.

And now, when you attend your next four or five, local-offline- networking events, you’ll already have (either) your direct response type of flyers, and or index cards, (you’ll) purchase your direct response business cards, further on down the road, after you discover, exactly which hot buttons your specific target market responds best to.

(More on successfully implementing that mega proven marketing strategy later!)

With Just A Few Strategic Tweaks Your Lead Generation Efforts Can And Definitely Will Go Into Overdrive!

So your best market tested flyers and or index cards, will point your target audience, to your lead capture page address, in order for you to start systematically building your opt in email list asap.

And your market tested lead capture page(s), will look similar to the sample one, featured in the screenshot image below. And this particular one, was made using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s, rather basic, lead capture page editing software, in all of twenty minutes.


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Two

Here’s where the potential fun (aka) profitable stuff will initially begin. Because now that you have your basic lead generation foundation properly setup, you’ll initially try and implement, the following two, underground marketing strategies.

1.) Potential underground marketing strategy #one: First, (in order) to get your feet wet. Approach, (and or leverage) some of your current contacts, non directly competing vendor friends and or associates etc.

And try and a find a few local, small charities to begin with, who can and should welcome your help, in doing some form of ongoing ‘fund raising’ activities.

You approach them about, (either) becoming their exclusive, in house CPA and or CFP resident expert in some capacity. And if they (hopefully), already have their very own self hosted WordPress blog.

Are You Starting To See And appreciate How Your Lead Generation Skills Can And Will Have Major Impact On Your Bottom Line!

You want to start publishing some relevant, tax and or estate planning advice, on their already established blog, and strategically drive their targeted traffic, to your market tested lead capture page(s)!

Plus, you’d like the charity to give away some of your extremely time sensitive, (date stamped),brand new first time VIP customer only, discount gift certificates,(valued at X) to the business owners who:

A.) Purchase any type of display ad, in the charities annual, on or offline directory. B.) Or when they purchase a listing of some kind, in the annually released directory.

These discount certificates, entitle the recipient to 45 minutes of your one on one power consulting time, for free!

Who Says Your Small Business Marketing Skills Can’t Pay The Rent?

2.) Potential underground marketing strategy # two: Next, you also approach the charity, about counseling them, on how to best maximize their tax savings as well.

And in exchange for doing so, on an ongoing bases, they agree to sponsor( pay for) your monthly and or quarterly, free offline, 90 minute Q & A, “No holds bared” style of 8 hour workshops.

And of course, you make them aware, they are highly encouraged, to video and or audio tape each session, and as long as they meet your previously stated pre- conditions!

They can either sell and or give away your workshop recordings, as powerful free bonuses, valued at X! While, you’ll gladly settle for keeping, 100% of the additional back end profits, of any and all, consulting business, their massive free exposure produces for you!

Are you starting to see how, some of today-s savviest entrepreneurs, are consistently able to generate some high quality leads, for literally pennies on the dollar? Say yes!Great! See you i just a little bit, in part seven, okay?

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