How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Seven

Most small business owners and or service providers, have at least some idea, how to do some form of lead generation, correct?

Their challenge is, how to they consistently generate, high quality leads, for literally pennies on the dollar?

This particular skill,(in a nutshell) is what ultimately separates the extremely savvy entrepreneurs among us, from everybody else. Would you not agree?

After all, practically any profit seeking entrepreneur, can buy some form of traditional paid advertising.

The $64,000 dollar question is, ‘how’ do they make doing so pay? Practically every profit seeking small business owner, and or service provider, at some point in their entrepreneurial journey, has attempted to use some form of (on or) offline, paid advertising methods, have they not?

And typically, they don’t or rarely break even, on the front end of their sales funnel.

And because, at least 90% or more of them,not only have little or no workable understanding, of how and why, their business, product and or service(s), definitely need to develop some type income producing activities, on the back end of their sales funnel.

They’re basically stuck once their front end paid advertising methods, aren’t profitable.Simply by understanding and successfully implementing, some proven lead generation strategies and or tactics, you can and definitely will, help take you business, and or service to the very next level or two.

So What Little Known Marketing Secrets Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Know About Consistently Generating High Quality Leads For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

Quickly get back to our example (from installment) number six, where an extremely marketing savvy CPA (and or) CFP, decided to strike out on their own, within ten short months of acquiring their license.

And even though their readily available cash and or business credit, is a little tight, they’ve still managed to leverage, several of their -self created- marketing opportunities, into real, long term money making possibilities.

Even though, once they initially struck out on their own, they still haven’t even setup, their very own, self hosted , state of the art WordPress website and or blog just yet.

But as you recall, they did purchase two rather inexpensive, (yet) relevant domain names, both with dot.com extensions. And created their very own, market tested lead capture page form, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic, yet state of the art, lead capture page editing software.

And simply forwarded their domain names, so when their visitors type the domain name into their browser, instead of seeing, (in this particular case) Aweber-s, (and or) their paid email service providers, rather unattractive link. Instead, they see the domain name they purchased, appearing in the browser.

You’re Literally Just One Or Two market Tested Tweaks Away From Putting Your Lead Generation Efforts On Steroids!

Before going any further, let’s be crystal clear about something, which is critically important. The fact the CPA (and or professional) service provider of some kind, doesn’t initially have they very own, state of the art, self hosted WordPress website and or blog, in order to drive their targeted traffic to.

That isn’t the total deal breaker, (on the surface) which it appears to be.Because the strategic way the pro-active CPA will counter the situation, is by aggressively seeking out guest blogging opportunities, with other non directly competing vendors, who already have semi to established blogs, targeting the exact same audience.

However, -long term-, rest assured, the CPA and or CFP, definitely plans of getting their very own WordPress website and or blog setup, so they won’t be at the total mercy of other non competing vendors, in order to generate traffic to the marketing tested lead capture page(s.)

But rather than wait around for weeks or months, while they work out all the semi cumbersome details of setting up and establishing their blog presence online.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Marketing Leverage Rather Than Waiting For Opportunities To Simply Appear!

Initially, they’ll by pass all the drama, and leverage other professionals, like smaller local charities blog traffic.

And use their resource box, ( located at the end) of each blog post published, to drive targeted traffic to their market tested lead capture page(s.)

And speaking of sample lead capture page forms, they’ll use one similar to the one featured in the screenshot image below.

It (like all the others) featured in this series, was created, in all of twenty minutes, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic, lead capture page editing software.

marketing strategy

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Seven

Let Your Natural Entrepreneurial Skills Fuel Your Lead Generation Efforts!

Case in point; since they- (meaning) either the CPA and or CFP originally approached some smaller local charities, about becoming their main, and or one of their main, in house resident experts, on their given specialty.

Let’s now explore, at least four more potential, creative spin-off marketing opportunities and possibilities, for them to inexpensively explore.

So they can continually generate, some high quality leads, for literally pennies on the dollar.(Important note: As you read and contemplate every one of these, underground -ninja like- marketing strategies and o tactics etc.

Bare in mind, ultimately they’re designed, to generate some form of long term, back end consulting opportunities for the extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, because their ideal customer/long term repeat client, has a total lifetime customer residual value to them, of somewhere between $7,500 to $12,000 dollars each, over the the next 5-10 years!)

Thank Goodness Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Aren’t Determined By The Initial Size Or Your Bank Account!

1.) Potential creative marketing strategy # one: Create some type of how to problem solving special report, ebook and or PDF file etc.

And instead of charging for it, let the smaller local throwaway guide, give it away as a powerful free bonus, valued at X, for every first time and or repeat customer, who spends at least X with the publication.

They also get to keep 100% of the front end generated profits, and you’ll gladly pocket 100% of any and all, back end generating consulting business, (which) don’t forget, you’re consistently generating, for next to nothing!

2.) Potential creative marketing strategy # two: Next, once or, as soon as you establish a reliable demand, for your monthly, and or quarterly, offline, 90 -120 minute, power Q& A sessions, valued at X!

Let (either) the local charities, (who are in desperate) need of fund raising help, and or the small local radio stations, sell tickets to your your event, (a sort of implied endorsement strategy), and once again, let them keep 100% of the front end gross profits, and you pocket 100% of the back end!

You Develop Some Bankable Lead Generation Skills And See Which Overall Direction Your Bank Account Starts Moving!

3.) Potential creative marketing strategy # three: Next, be sure you record (either) by audio or video, these live events, and approach a smaller, independently owned local printer, either sell and o give them away, as secondary bonus gifts, to every customer, who enters one of their free drawings, to win $250 dollars worth of printing!

4.) Potential creative marketing strategy # four: Piggybacking off marketing concept # three.

Let other local, non directly competing vendors, sell or giveaway your live event DVD recordings, to some of their very best customers and or long term repeat clients, at either Xmas and or new years!

They build goodwill among their customers, and you’ll generate some massive free exposure, to your targeted group!

Are you starting to see ‘how’, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs (just like you!) are able to consistently generate, highly targeted leads, for literally pennies on the dollar? And ‘how’ you can too?

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