Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have definitely come to appreciate, even your resourced challenged small business, can strategically compete, with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs, even if you’re starting out, with an extremely limited, conventional advertising budget, right?

Because after reading part one, you’re now in a much better position, to understand how to gain maximum profitability, from your extremely limited capital, correct?

That’s really good to hear, because sadly, far too many extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, seem to get lost in the sauce, because they try and advertise, and or promote their extremely valuable products, or services, like their deep pocket, corporate 500 types.

And obviously, since they aren’t, they quickly have to change their advertising/promotional ways, or risk going out of business altogether. It happens all the time.

The remainder of this particular post, is dedicated to hopefully preventing such a fate, from ever happening to you.

So Isn’t It A Good Thing Some Extremely Savvy entrepreneurs Don’t Have To Rely On Having Really Big Traditional Advertising Budgets?

Quickly picking up where part one left off, consider the following, potential, long term money making advantages, the previous marketing strategies and tactics, could be worth, to both the hair and salon salon owners, and the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner.

As you recall, every month, as the upscale boutique store owner(s), new shipment of best selling, 16.32 and 64 oz. bottles of perfume arrive.

They will allow, both the owners and their staffs, of the hair and nail salons, to have free 16. oz. samples, of their choice, of any of the extremely popular fragrances.

Which means, these ladies will definitely choose the one they like the most, and wear it proudly, and often, right?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Consistently And Inexpensively Generate Tons Of Positive Word Of Mouth And Mouse Publicity!

And obviously when this army of female hair and nail stylist arrive at their salons, and they each service, anywhere between 10-15 local women each, over a twelve hour schedule.At least six days a week.

Several of these local, high earning income females, will definitely want to know, how they can get their very own bottle(s), of these great smelling fragrances, right? Absolutely.

Now quickly think about the math involved.Let’s say, each salon, has a total of six chairs, including the owners.

And they each service twelve clients a day, over a six day work week. Now multiply those numbers over 52 weeks, then multiply your results by two, because the boutique store owner(s), are initially working with a hair & nail salon owner.

(6 chairs x 12 daily customers each= 72 daily customers x a six day work week = 432 customers x 52 weeks in a year = 22,464, x two salons =44,928 total local female customer exposures to these great smelling fragrances!)

Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Will Literally Run Rings Around Your Major Competitors!

Now consider this; every time, a potential customer of the hair or nail salon owner, ask about one of the great smelling fragrances they’re wearing, and how or where these high income earning ladies can purchase a bottle or two of their own.

Both stylists and their staffs will hand them one of the boutique store owners, best market tested two sided index style cards.

And side (A) will invite the recipients to head over to the boutique store owners, state of the art WordPress website and or blog, to enter their free monthly drawing, by joining their opt in email and or mobile marketing list.

Constantly Developing Your Entrepreneurial Skills Is One Of The Real Keys To Your Long Term Success!

And because the extremely time sensitive, two sided index style cards, will have the hand written expiration date written on side (B), along with the particular stylist, and which particular salon they work out of.

The index card style, brand new first time only discount coupon, will invite the recipient, to not only come to the boutique store, but simply by bringing, a potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18, they automatically get as a free ethical bribe, their choice of any 16 oz. of one of the boutique-s best selling, and or smelling perfumes!

And, the first time guest, just for joining the boutique store owner(s), opt in email list on the spot, they get a brand new, extremely time sensitive, first time customer discount savings coupon, immediately emailed to them, right after they confirm their subscription!

Your Resourceful Small Business Doesn’t Have To Be A Victim Of Size! (Don’t You Agree?)

Plus, they also get their choice, of any 16 oz. fragrance free! Now you know the positive word of mouth and mouse buzz, both on and offline, will be spread like wildfire, don’t you agree?

So that’s just a really small sample, of how, and why, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, are consistently able to compete with their major competitors.

Even though they don’t have access to big, conventional advertising budgets! Any questions?

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