Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!

Have you noticed, how many extremely dedicated, not to mentioned talented entrepreneurs, initially, simply don’t have an awful lot of money, or business credit to start with, in order to use the more outrageously traditional forms, of promoting and or advertising, their extremely valuable products or services?

Personally, on at least two fronts, I think it’s potentially a positive long term situation, to find themselves in.

First and foremost because, a good majority of them, eventually, turn to men & women like myself, in order to help them develop, and in some cases, maintain some sort of practical, customized marketing plan and or strategy.

And in some cases, you can actually negotiate, not only a commission based compensation structure, but help them generate enough upside potential, they quickly become one of your main, on or offline advocates.

And the other reason being, their advocacy, easily opens new doors for you (and I), so much faster, than many of our best lead generation efforts can.And who can argue with a perpetual money making arrangement like that, right?

So Why Don’t Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Not Need Nor Rely On Having Big Advertising Budgets? (In Order To Consistently Earn Big Profits!)

As many of you already know, I periodically get to guest blog post, on my go to, expert small business marketing, and social media marketing coach and mentor, Gail Gardner-s outstanding blog.Growmap.com.

(Which is a proven resource BTW, for savvy start up entrepreneurs, service providers, and or small business owners, of all shapes and sizes!)

Recently, after she and her staff published one of my post, I emailed her, and commented, my guest post go viral and I consistently generate more shares from my guest post on her blog, in just a few days, than my own blog posts literally generates in weeks!

Just another reason to leap at the chance, to get massive free, extremely targeted exposure, right?

But the other equally important reason for doing so is, very often, in the comments section, I’m often asked, how or what can a semi cash strapped, and or resourced challenged, brand new start up entrepreneur, small business owner, and or service provider do, in order to successfully market and or promote, their extremely valuable products or services.

And my both my guest blog posts, and my responses in the comment section, leads a certain percentage of them, to not only head directly over to my blog, but eventually join my opt in email lists as well. How’s that for inexpensively building, a long term sales funnel, for literally pennies on the dollar.

Since Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Totally Understand The End Game They Often Work Backwards With Extremely Limited Cash! In Order To Ultimately Accomplish Their Marketing Goals!

So that’s the primary reason for devoting so many series of how to blog posts, to -hopefully- demonstrating to them,(and maybe you too), in many cases it’s far better to initially not have enough money to spend on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods, than to lack marketing creativity.

Because over the long haul, your bank account filling marketing creativity, can certainly help compensate, for your initial lack of readily available cash or business credit.

Case in point; let’s take our extremely popular, hypothetical marketing example, of a local upscale women-s boutique shop owner.

Which aggressively targets, high income earning females, most of whom routinely make five and six figure a year incomes, and love to spend a portion of it, wearing some of the very latest fashions! And the various -eye catching and comment generating-accessories, which also go along with doing so.

Developing Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Actually Saves You A Ton Of Money Over The Long Haul!

So rather than do like the vast majority of their major, local competitors do. Which is to constantly spend a fortune on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Since this particular boutique owner, knows going in, their ideal female customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric, of somewhere between, $10-$12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years, once you total up, their constant repeat purchases and or referrals etc.

But rather than waste the bulk of their gross profit margins, trying to induce complete strangers, to either visit their state of the art WordPress website and or blog.

Or using, dismally performing, prime time local TV, radio and or newspaper inserts, to entice first visitors to their store front.

Instead, this extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner (or owners), prefers, some good old fashion, underground, ninja style marketing strategies and or tactics, in order to constantly create, a positive word of mouth and or mouse tsunami.

Because it’s far more effective, and less expensive to do so.

Far Too Many Small Business Owners Automatically Equate Small Advertising Budgets With Overall Small Results!

Don’t forget and or under estimate, the big draw back, with outrageously expensive traditional advertising methods. Sadly, in less than 30 minutes, after your glitzy, and outrageously expensive advertisement has run, the general public, and even for the most part, your target audience, has completely forgotten about whatever product or service, you were promoting.

On the other hand, try he following, long term, far less initially expensive, ninja marketing strategy and or tactic.Even though the boutique store owner(s), has a rather large, front end, gross profit margin spread, on their ideal female customers.

They prefer to create an army of local high income earning women, who will gladly become advocates, both on and offline, for their business, without spending a fortune to (both) initially locate, and maintain in their long term sales funnel.

Here’s how they will initially test, going about doing so. Let’s face it. High income earning women, especially those 50 and under.

They also tend to be extremely conscious about their health and outward appearance, do they not? Which means, along with their family, business and or professional commitments,they also split their closely guarded time in the gym, constantly maintain g and monitoring their health needs.

They also tend to closely monitor their periodically changing nutritional needs, and they have also been known to spend more than their fair share of time, in their local hair and or nail salon owners chair, getting caught up on the very latest, local inside scoops, do they not? Bingo.

You Simply Can’t Go Wrong Investing In Your Entrepreneurial Skills!

So that’s why the extremely marketing savvy boutique shop owner(s), will aggressively target, both the upscale, local hair and nail salon owners, plus their staffs!

With the following proposals. First and foremost, they will gladly allow the owners of both businesses, who are in directly competing with them, bu target the exact same female clientele as they do.

For that reason, the owners of these shops, and their immediate staff, get to sample, at the beginning of every month, the boutique store owners, most popular, and most expensive selling fragrances!

The owners, will be given, a free 32 oz. sample, of any perfume o their choice! Why their staff, will be given, a free 16 oz. bottle of their choice.

Month in and month out!You know what routinely happens next, right? These salon owners, high earning female clients sit in their chairs, for their weekly and and or monthly do over and wham!

Your Small Business Won’t Stay Small For Long As You Continually Embrace These proven Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics!

They can’t help but notice, these incredibly good smelling fragrances! And both owners and their staff, are given, two sided index cards, which they sign (print) their first and last name on the back side, and enthusiastically hand to their inquiring customers!

Part two will delve even deeper! But for now, hopefully you can, and or, you are definitely starting to appreciate, why some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who are certainly no smarter than you!), are not nearly as concerned, about initially having small advertising budgets!

And under the right marketing circumstances, neither should you!Don’t you agree?

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