Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Market Their Businesses They Leverage Their Efforts!Part Three

Okay, to this point, that being part three of this ongoing series,(hopefully) you’ve seen, that even an up and coming comic, that hasn’t necessarily hit the really commercially successful big time just yet.

(But because they’re armed with a practical vision of what can be),they can still strategically market themselves, just like any other extremely savvy, initially cash strapped, (self employed) small business owner and or service provider would, correct?

And in the process, not only create, some incredibly lucrative, long term, passive back end income producing opportunities and possibilities, but they can also create some incredibly, potentially profitable strategic alliances along the way as well!

(You’ll see just “how” potentially lucrative just ahead!So please stay tuned!)

And all because, they decided to finally treat their, (at times completely unpredictable) comic career just like any other serious, (self employed) service provider would!

Which means, they started to develop some rock solid marketing opportunities, so they’re not at the the mercy of the industry and it’s various power brokers!Let’s have a look under the hood, to see what they’ve come up with!

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Market Themselves And Or Their Businesses To The Hilt? (Even Though They May Not Have A Ton Of Conventional Resources Yet!)

Okay, let’s have a look at a few of Kevin’s, (to date) most powerful and extremely lucrative marketing strategies.But first, let’s really consider what’s happening to Kevin’s personal business and entrepreneurial/marketing evolution,shall we?

Because as he’s becoming more & more of an extremely well paid, main stream headlining comedian!Not only are the major movie & TV roles starting to roll in much faster and the accompanying paychecks are starting to get bigger and bigger! )

But because Kevin -Hart- (and or) extremely marketing savvy comedian X, is finally starting to take an extremely (hands on) pro-active approach to their career and or business opportunities, he and his ever expanding executive team are really starting to develop some serious, world class marketing skills as well!

Case in point, Kevin has actually upgraded his inner circle marketing team, at least four times in the last seventeen months alone!And now whenever he and a few of his key executive members of (Team Kevin), sit in some of those high powered negotiation sessions, with some of the worlds most successful and extremely influential movie & TV executives and, really high end Madison Avenue type of publicity agencies etc!

Kevin and his team are really able to add some incredibly keen, and often to that point, overlooked potential marketing opportunity insights!In fact, since he barely graduated high school, with little over a C average! )

He’s developed some outrageously funny skits, poking fun at the fact, here’s guy with only a HS diploma, (from public school mind you!)

Now successfully negotiating multi million dollar endorsements, with fortune 500 type executives, that just five short years ago, he might have been more than happy to be their ($500 dollar a week), plus some really cool benefits to boot, limo driver! )

But’s let’s fast forward and see just “how” much bankable marketing skill, (Team Kevin ) has actually developed over the years!

Being An Extremely Savvy Entrepreneur Really Is A Mindset First!(Don’t You Agree?)

So here’s one of the very first major strategic alliance opportunities, (Team Kevin), not only put together, but dramatically expanded as well!

(Entrepreneur, please pay close attention here, because you are about to be taken behind the proverbial marketing curtain, to get an up close inside sneak peak!)

As was previously mentioned in part two. Now that Kevin is routinely drawing enthusiastic paying crowds of of 1,000 to 4,000 per venue!Often times, before they actually start filming for the night.

Kevin will frequently come out and visit with his audience, for often as much as 45 minutes!And he routinely picks out, about ten individuals, (90%) which are typically women! 😎

Ad he’ll ask where they’re from, what they currently do for a living and what their martial status is etc! And of course, he lets them ask him any one, (but not too personal) a question they want and they of course make a selfie!

And blast it all over social media and bore every body they know with the story from now on! )  (You’ll ultimately “see” why (Team Kevin) is being so generous in just a bit! So please be patient! Anyway..

The fact that Kevin routinely  does this, spreads like wildfire via his extremely active, (to this point), now 1,00,000 million strong, (and constantly growing) twitter and FB fanpage followers etc!(It’s about to get really interesting and extremely lucrative!)

Who Says The Best Entrepreneurs Are Only Inventors?

Here’s the other thing (Team Kevin) started routinely doing, before each live show, (because remember) even though the cameras weren’t officially rolling for his actual live show, Kevin was still filming these 45 minute encounters, and professionally editing them and adding some of the funniest and most unexpected moments, to his “bonus feature” sections to his DVD’s! 😎

But that’s just the beginning.In order to really turbo boost (both) his positive viral word of mouth and mouse buzz!Unbeknownst to any of the ladies that are in the audience, just before the live 90 minute plus show actually begins.

One of (Team Kevin’s) most lucrative strategic alliances, is with a big name jeweler!And they agree to pay (Team Kevin) a cool 25% of the gross profits they produce every single month!

And here’s one of the creative ways, Kevin leverages his audiences, during his 45 minute “Get to know you better” sessions.As the first 400 or 500, primarily ladies enter the auditorium.

Each one is given a small, blank business size card, and they’re asked to simply print (not cursive) their first and last name on it and place in the large punch bowl!

And after the first wave of 400 or 500 hundred audience members are seated, and Kevin appears to do his much anticipated meet & greet session with them.

Just Because You’re Self Employed Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Be Extremely Skilled At Marketing Does It?

One of (Team Kevin’s) assistants goes out into the audience and randomly selects four women to reach into the punch bowl and hand the card to the assistant that hands it off to Kevin.

And the first three names selected, they unexpectedly, automatically randomly win some really eye catching bling, courtesy of the jeweler!Say what?

That’s right! They win a really nice $3,000 dollar, diamond studded necklace and one of Kevin’s customary seven foot teddy bears and his (now famous) gourmet box of chocolates!

All while they’re on stage, (some of them practically crying uncontrollable tears of joy!) and taking a selfie with Kevin!Now entrepreneur, you better believe, the very first few times this totally unexpected series of events takes place, those audiences are gonna erupt with uncontrollable waves of enthusiasm,correct!

Selfie’s and video footage will be plastered all over social media, don’t you agree?You’d better believe it! 😎 And now that (Team Kevin) definitely has their undivided attention!

the assistant will go back into the audience and draw 15 more randomly selected names! And all of those extremely luck ladies, will automatically win a pair of $450 dollar diamond studded earrings, courtesy of this extremely savvy jeweler!

(Because remember, these ladies are headed back to work, or their hair dresser, to the gym or yoga class with their closest girlfriend, associate, co-worker and or in law! ) So you can just imagine “how”  much viral, positive word of mouth and mouse bang this simple strategy will continuously create, correct?)

Just Because A Comic Makes A Living Making People Laugh! (That’s No Excuse Not Become An Extremely Savvy Entrepreneur Is It?)

Which also means they’ll be extremely active on twitter, FB, Pinterst and Instagram!Just to name a few! 😎

And of course, now the rest of those ladies & gentlemen in the audience, are literally chomping at the bit, and texting friends & family members like crazy, correct? 😉

So that’s when Kevin directs them to please head over to the special lead capture page on his mobile friendly WordPress blog, so they can enter the jewelers free monthly drawing,(and) become a part of Kevin’s VIP opt in email and or text message list, for their chance to win their very own $3,000 dollar diamond studded necklace!

(And that one incredibly simple marketing strategy, is why after three short years of successfully utilizing this particular strategy, (Team Kevin’s ) opt in email list is now a cool 250,000 strong and constantly growing fast!)

And if that month’s grand prize winner just happens to be a guy, he automatically wins a $4,000 dollar men’s Rolex watch!Hello! Now ladies & gentlemen, in the interest of space and because we haven’t even barely scratched the surface yet!

In part four, you will discover even more creative ways, that (Team Kevin) is currently using, to strategically market the back end of his passive income producing machine!So please hang on, because it will definitely be worth it!Don’t you agree?Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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2 Responses to Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Market Their Businesses They Leverage Their Efforts!Part Three
  1. Hi Mark,

    You’re so right that entrepreneurs need to market their business, yes, but they also need to find innovative ways to leverage their efforts… which will compound the effect of their marketing after all is said and done.

    You’ve shown some very clever ways they can do this, so I hope folks are listening… and implementing 🙂

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..36 Loyal Readers of Donna Merrill TribeMy Profile

    • Awesome Donna!
      Thanks! yea, I thought I would grab a page right
      out of your playbook coach!LOL!

      Meaning, I wanted t demonstrate, how there literally is
      ton of potential on and offline marketing opportunities,
      if one just gets and develops a receptive mind!

      As always, thanks for all of your continuous support and guidance!

      I can definitely assure you, it’s all greatly appreciated! And thanks again, for
      including me in such a distinguished group of incredibly dynamic and talented

      You know I shared that particular post like crazy!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Even Though This Powerful Marketing Strategy Is Right Under Their Nose How Come It Gets Ignored?Part TwoMy Profile


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