Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Absolutely Love The Information Business!

  (And Why Probably Should Too!)

So have you noticed, (even) the information business, has a certain ebb and flow to it.

And since certain information niches, are so darn lucrative, their subject matter just remains evergreen in nature. Have you noticed that too?

And that’s one of the main reasons why, so many extremely savvy entrepreneurs, absolutely love the information marketing business.

And it’s why you should too.Because effective information marketing, (digital) or otherwise, (especially) when you start creating your very own information products and or services, it really puts you in the drivers seat. In terms of ultimate control.Would you not agree?

That said, let’s take a closer look at an instance or two, which is potentially, very very profitable.

So Why Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Love The Information Business?

So have you noticed, whenever you flip on your TV, (usually) after one o’clock am, at some point, you will find a bevy of 30-60 minute, info-mercial style programming, promoting various money making opportunities, which (have allegedly) made the promoters rich, beyond their wildest dreams, yea right?

But no matter, how good or bad, your local (and or) the national economy is, there are always, three to five evergreen niche subjects, which are always well received.

For ex; the viewers love to know “how to” make money in the stock market or with various forms of real estate investing.(Especially with the so called creative financing stuff. )

Or they’re interested in learning “how to” find the true love of their life, or how to make money using the Internet or start their own business of some kind, (preferably) from home, and make a fortune! All evergreen subjects for sure, right?

Now let’s focus in on how one particular incredibly savvy information marketer, definitely creates multiple streams of income, from doing so, and not just for himself!

It’s No Accident Both Lead Generation And The Information Business Go Hand In Hand!

So one of the modern day (info-mercial) real estate investment guru kings, (that being) Dean Graziosi. Turn on your TV after one am, practically any night, (including weekends ), and you’ll find at least one of  Deans 30 minute “how to” info-mercials, promoting one of Deans latest hard cover books, using a proven marketing blueprint, with a few new marketing wrinkles of his own.

So both Deans info-mercial and his radio ad campaigns, encourages the viewers and listeners, to call Deans marketing companies toll free number, and pay shipping and handling charges.

And the first 100,000 (or X number of) callers who do so, will be able to purchase Deans (and or) savvy marketer X’s brand new whatever, for just the cost of shipping and handling.

First and foremost, this proven lead generation strategy produces, five potentially profitable future marketing assets, for Dean and or any other marketers, astute enough to implement them.

(We’ll cover the first three in part one and the remaining two in part two.)

Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Proven Ways To Create Multiple Streams Of Income (And You Definitely Should Too!)

1.) Potentially profitable asset # one: First and foremost, Deans proven marketing strategy, when all is said and done, will in all likelihood, yield the marketing arm of his company 100,000 highly targeted leads, who’ve already made their first purchase of a low front product, in Deans marketing funnel.

So he can instantly move them from his prospect list, over to his customers list.Ask any of the seven & eight figure earners per year earners, how valuable a distinction that is.

2.) Potentially profitable asset # two: And you can bet Dean will use his list of new (front end sales funnel) buyers, to create some potentially profitable joint venture’s (JV’s) with other non competing vendors, who already have some market tested offers, just waiting to be presented to the right list of potential prospects.

And thus, create some lucrative ongoing back end income for his business.(Quite possibly for years & years to come!)

You Can Definitely Create Some Potentially Lucrative Strategic Alliances Once You Get Really Good At Lead Generation!

3.) Potentially profitable asset # three: Any finally, Dean can offer his callers one of his best, market tested, free (lead magnet) digital giveaways, in order to get a percentage of his brand new first time customers to join his opt in email /mobile marketing database.

Now, Deans savvy marketing team are able to contact their brand new first time customers, by snail mail and or opt in email.

And the best part is, they were able to accomplish generating a brand new first time customer, for literally pennies on the dollar!

In part two, you’ll discover how Dean and some other extremely savvy marketers, are actually able to literally break even, and or earn earn an ever so slight to modest front end gross profit, all while consistently generating first time customers, to constantly follow up with!

So is it (finally) starting to become crystal clear, why and how, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, absolutely love the (so called) information business! Especially the digital information business! And why you definitely should too? Great! Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Absolutely Love The Information Business!
  1. Hi Mark,

    I never thought about lead generation and information in this way but you tied it together nicely. Information is being uploaded and updated at a record-setting rate. Our success (personal and professional) depends on our ability to keep up, as well as process and implement all this new information.
    Rachel Lavern would love for you to read..Avoid Annoying Hagglers and Honor Your WorthMy Profile

    • Isn’t that the truth Rachel!

      And thanks for your incredibly kind words!

      I truly appreciate it. And just to piggyback on your
      comment regarding the speed of information being processed!

      Is it just me, or practically every few weeks or every other month,
      I’m told by some online marketer whose list I’m on, I/we need to
      be aggressively marketing on yet another (brand new) social media

      Who can keep us with all these new platforms!That’s why I primarily
      stick to my main four, unless or until I have concrete proof, enough
      of my target audience is already there!

      Always good to see you, thanks for taking the time to stop by and
      share your thoughts!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Being An Entrepreneur: Means Seeing The Big Picture Not Just The Snap Shots!Part TwoMy Profile


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