How Extremely Resourced Challenged Entrepreneurs Get the Word Out Really Fast!Part Two

So hopefully, as you discovered, in part one of this ongoing series, most resourced challenged entrepreneurs, are probably not going to be able, to successfully use, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional efforts, in order get the word out, correct?

And sadly, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, initially try and go down this road, only to run out of money, long before they manage to generate any type of bankable traction.

Meanwhile, their results are hardly worth mentioning, their bank account is size-ably smaller, they’re beyond frustrated, and probably, (in all likelihood), are ultimately headed to bankruptcy.

Sound all too familiar? It should, because it describes far too many aspiring entrepreneurs. But hopefully going forward, it will no longer describe you. Time will tell.

Wanna Know How Some Extremely Cash Strapped Entrepreneurs Still Manage To Get The Word Out Really Fast!(And How You And I Definitely Can Too!)

Picking up where part one left off. After your bakery business, forms some sort of profitable, strategic alliances, with your local hair and or nail salon owners.(And other non directly competing vendors too.)

And you agree to enthusiastically supply, both the hair or nail salon owners, once per week, on the salon professionals traditionally slowest day of the week, at least $50 dollars worth of your extremely great tasting, gourmet pastries.

Not because your anxious to give something away. Instead, you’re smart enough to realize, you’ll be getting some much needed, inexpensive exposure, to the hair or nail salons, best long term, repeat customers. 😀

For literally pennies on the  dollar.

 In Some Cases Your Extremely Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas  Are As Good As Cash!

As mentioned at the end of part one, when you supply the hair or nail salon owners, once per week, with at least $50 (or X) amount of dollars, of some of your very best tasting, gourmet pastries and or exotic coffees, teas and or lemonades etc.

You can definitely count on, at least three potentially profitable things happening, over and over.

 1.) First: The long term repeat customers of the salon owner(s), will definitely want to make their own purchases, and start taking them to -either- work and or maybe some local family functions.

And if they’re given a nice ethical bribe, (in the form of an extremely time sensitive discounted price), in order to become a first time customer.

Just depending on, what their typical, total lifetime customer value metrics are. It’s probably more than worth it, to the bakery business owner to do so. Don’t you agree?

Get Pretty Good At Lead Generation And You’ll Definitely Lower Your Upfront Out of Pocket Costs!

2.) Second: These customers, will definitely start becoming some reliable, long term repeat customers, who could potentially remain loyal, for years and years to come.

 3.) Three: They’ll definitely want to send, various friends, relatives, co-workers, in -laws and or colleagues, some of your mouth watering pastries, at different times, throughout the year.

Don’t forget, they may have small kids and or teenagers of their own. And or grand or god children, who have birthdays.

And of course, you know they’ll definitely be purchasing, when their spouse, (and or) live in significant other-s birthday rolls around. Right?  😀

Entrepreneur, think about all these additional purchases, these customers can potentially make, over the years.

And you can start the ball -initially- rolling, simply providing, the local hair and or nail salon owners, with some of your very best tasting, gourmet goodies.

In part three, you’ll discover at least three more, potentially profitable ways, some extremely resourced challenged entrepreneurs, still manage to get the word out. Okay? See you in just a little bit in part three.

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