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How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?Part Two

So do you currently have any idea, ‘how’ common it is, for a ton of extremely dedicated, and extremely hard working Mom & Pop type of small business owners, and or service providers, to initially buy into investing a ton of their hard earned money, in a non asset building, static, brochure-ware type of website?

It’s called a static brochure, only because typically, the website may not have an active blog component to it.

And other than introduce the owners and other key players in the business/venture, via the “about Us” page.

The site just list prices on various services and might also feature a videos and or some semi recent photos etc.

Otherwise, your all too typical, first time visitor, arrives (lands) on some page on the site, and they or may not actually go any further into your site, before quickly deciding, your site is simply not for them!

And entrepreneur, (for the record), when they decide to leave, a staggering 99% of them or more, are never ever coming back! And that’s why static, brochure type of corporate website sites totally suck!Because there is no strategic list building going on!

So Why In The World Would Really Smart Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Purposely Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

Ladies & gentlemen, (before) diving really deep into part two.Let’s make -darn- sure, something mentioned in the above section, isn’t misunderstood.

This has to do with defining the brochure style website concept in practical terms. Entrepreneur, (sadly) even if your glorified brochure-ware style of website, has an active blog component to it, and you or someone regularly post fresh new, how to problem solving content to it.

And that’s certainly, a much better, market tested approach, to consistently driving targeted traffic to your site.Without the all important opt in email/mobile marketing component to go with it.

And or compliment it.You’re not building and using your blog (an o website) as an asset.Because still, your audience comes, briefly consumes your content, they leave and before you’re -really- getting the chance, to build any type of bankable re pore with them, the way you can and most certainly will, when a certain percentage of them join your opt in email list, and start reading your pre- written follow up, and unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email sequences.

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Have To Include Power List Building 101! (Especially If Your Business And Or Service Has Online Presence Of Any Kind!)

Getting back to our example of the sporting goods store from part one.Ladies & gentlemen, in order to -really- expand your creative marketing perspective, and to give you an idea, of just ‘how’ potentially profitable, this type of proven online, lead generation building approach can be.

In this next -hypothetical- marketing example, let’s suppose, the manufacturers of the extremely popular “Calloway Golf Clubs,” are in reality, the marketing arm behind these free monthly drawing promotions, certain, really successful, local, independently owned sporting good stores are running.

And the primary reason being, the manufacturer, would rather help promote local, independently owned, non franchised sporting goods store owner entrepreneurs become more profitable.

Than to spend literally millions of dollars, on glitzy ad magazine layouts, and spend another small fortune on national prime time radio, TV and ads on buses, cabs or sides of trucks etc.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Combined With Effective Lead Generation Skills Are The Dynamic Duo!

Since the golf club manufacturer knows (all too well), what their ideal customer -end consumers- total lifetime customer value is, rather than throw millions of dollars annually, down the drain, using outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods!

Instead, they prefer to invest, maybe 30% of their normal monthly or quarterly ad budget, by being the financial arm, behind these locally, independently owned, Mom & Pop sporting goods store owners, and helping them draw their local customer base to their particular stores.

By utilizing, some of the unconventional marketing methods, previously outlined in part one.Another free drawing promotion, they might initially test, is by offering free weekly, 90 minute, one on one golf lessons, with a certified local golfing instructor!

Plus a free pair of $500 dollar, “Signature Calloway Golf Clubs!” (If there even is such a thing!)All told an X dollar value!

small business

How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?Part Two

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Proven Ways To Inexpensively Get In Front Of Their Target Audience! (And You Should Too!)

Ladies & gentlemen, (please) take note! The above featured, sample lead capture page, has absolutely nothing to do, with the main ‘free drawing’ concept previously mentioned.

But it’s being featured (primarily) for two specific reasons.

1.) Main primary reason # one: It’s to demonstrate to you, (once again), how you and or someone you hire, can use my paid email service provider of choice, Awebers, fairly basic email lead capture page editing software.

And in twenty minutes or less, create a workable lead capture page and be in the game! So you don’t (initially) need to invest in these far more robust, albeit far more expensive, lead capture page software programs, constantly being marketed, as the be all send alls!

 2.) Main primary reason # two: Secondly, it’s to suggest, every runner up, who enters the free monthly drawing, could get a free digital version of the DVD mentioned in the headline, as an extremely valuable third prize valued at X, just for entering!

 Let Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Help Fund Your Growth!

Keep in mine, with an irresistible offer like free, one on one, 90 minute golf lessons valued at X, for an entire year!

Think of the incredible opt in email/mobile marketing list, this independently owned, local local sporting goods owner could generate over a two to three year period.In fact, let’s say over three years, a local sporting goods store owner, now had an opt in email list of 60,000 subscribers.

Do you think other independently owned sporting goods stores owners, in other parts of the state or country, would be more than willing, to attend, (annual) week long boot camps, starting at $10,000 dollars ( or X ) per person, in order to discover, several of this particular sporting goods store owners proven lead generation, referral generating and back end sales generating strategies and or tactics etc.

And of course, the boot camps could be recorded and the digital versions accessed, via a paid membership site, valued at X per month.(Watch ‘how’ that last concept gets spun in part three!)

For now, are you definitely starting to appreciate, how’ even some really smart smart business owners, still manage to over complicate Internet marketing? Say yes! See you in just a little bit in part three.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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6 Responses to How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?Part Two
  1. Hi Mark,

    Even Small Business is a long run which requires one special quality which is the patience. The success metrics mentioned above are worth following.

    The attractiveness is yet an another metric to focus on. Chasing just your dream wouldn’t do. It’s important to keep the pace with a better design.
    An informative post indeed.


  2. Awww, there you go again Mark, making the internet easier for gold club owners! You’re too good to them! My house backs onto a gold course, and the club owner is the laziest marketer on the planet! He relies on word of mouth. That’s great… but there’s more. I need to send him your way. Thanks for sharing x
    Sarah Arrow would love for you to read..Power Words: Supercharge Your HeadlinesMy Profile

  3. As a business it’s important to calculate the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). For example when you we calulate the budget for email marketing, conseider the active customers instead of calculatng all the customers. Investing on the active prospects will help generating quality leads. Most internet marketers complicate what they do. I also noticed internet marketers lose their focus on the end objective and end up following monotonous unproductive practices. A small business at it’s initial stage of growth cannot afford it.
    Nishant would love for you to read..Interview With Semantic Search and SEO Expert David AmerlandMy Profile

    • Those are some excellent points for sure Nishant!

      And i think we all at some point, especially in the
      beginning of our online journey, temporarily lose focus, and as you pointed out,
      get side tracked, wasting lots of money and other extremely valuable resources,
      on extremely unproductive activities.

      I definitely agree with your assessment about email marketing.Thanks so much
      for stopping by and sharing your feedback. I definitely appreciate it.
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?Part TwoMy Profile


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