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How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

So there are (at least) a gazillion or more, extremely cash starved, small business owners, and or service providers, vying for the general public’s, extremely limited, discretionary income, correct?

Not to mention, your on and offline start ups, which seem to appear, as often as property tax increases, right? 

So without question, there is constantly, a ton of new, (and typically), better financed competition looking to infringe on, and or, flat out steal your current market share, correct?

So it would certainly be in any, relatively cash starved, small business owner, and or service providers best interest, to at least, become semi competent, with regards to successful online marketing principles.

Don’t you agree? Especially, since by doing so, they could not only, dramatically lower, a ton of their current, upfront, out of pocket costs!

But simultaneously, increase, their long term gross profits as well! But for some odd reason (s), far too many, (otherwise), extremely smart, and fiercely dedicated small business owners, tend to over complicate, online marketing. Hopefully, the same can’t be said of you!

Ever Wonder Why And How So Many Extremely Smart Business Owners Tend To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

So let’s use, (for this particular), hypothetical marketing example, a local, Mom & Pop, independently owned, retail sporting goods store, with two locations.

With plans, to possibly -buy out-, another local, slightly larger competitor, in another city, less than 25 miles away.

And this extremely savvy, husband and wife team have owned, and built these two thriving locations up, over the last 13 plus years.Primarily, using -good ole fashion- sweat equity! (And positive word of mouth and mouse!)Meaning, they literally work 14-17 hours days!

When you add up, all the hours they constantly invest, before the doors actually open, and after the doors officially close! Six days a week!(And have done so for years!)

And (believe it or not!), even though, when they initially started their business, it was already, officially the Internet marketing age! These two (extremely hard driving) entrepreneurs, just got their very first, outrageously expensive, corporate-brochure- style WordPress website/blog set up, within the last three years or so!

Even Some Really Smart Entrepreneurs Still Don’t Quite Grasp The Basic Fundamentals Of Successful Online Marketing!

And even though, they’ve finally decided, to join the (so called) information super highway revolution, ((it’s about freaking time!), all they’ve really managed to do, was have themselves (finally) talked into, purchasing, nothing more, than an outrageously expensive, non asset building, glorified brochure type of website and or blog.

Which sadly, a ton of semi clueless, hard working small business owners, and or service/start up entrepreneurs, far too often end up with! Until, they finally wake up, and smell the missed opportunities galore!

Because, their websites, do not attempt,(in any shape, form or fashion), to build their- all important- opt in email/mobile marketing databases at all!

Instead,they’re forced to settle, for thinking the occasional minuscule sale, once every 100- 2,500 unique visitors,(or more!) is perfectly normal and par for the course!When (of course), nothing could be further from the truth!

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Primarily Use Their Websites And Or Blogs To Build Their Opt In Lists! (Plus Sell Their Extremely Valuable Products And Services!)

That being the case;since this incredibly dynamic husband & wife team, have finally decided to wake up, and smell the online marketing possibilities!

So they’ve decided, to start aggressively building their opt in email list, by targeting their daily walk in customer base,(by using what else?), the tried & true, free monthly drawing strategy!

And they’ll strategically use a variation of the A/B split testing tactic. Meaning; because they currently have two successful locations.

In one store, they’ll aggressively target their daily walk in customers who love golf! By offering a $500 dollar set of Callaway golf clubs, plus two hours of private, one on one instruction, from one of the areas top, and most respected, local golfing instructors!

All told, this is an $800 (or X) dollar value! Because currently, this particular-local- golf instructor, charges $150 dollars an hour! With a two hour minimum! (You go cat!)

When You Combine Your Natural Entrepreneurial Skills With Proven Online Marketing Fundamentals! (Watch Out!)

And in their second location,(store B-if you will), they will aggressively target their daily walk in customer base, who are wildly crazy about playing tennis! (And or whichever they discover, are the top two preferred sports, of their particular customer base!)

small business

How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

But here’s another really smart thing, they’re going to, (just to initially) get everything off the ground, and up and running! They will not go for the fancy, lead capture software, offered by “Lead Pages”, at $67 dollars a month! Or the dazzling Russel Brunson-s, even more robust, email editing software, “Click Funnels”, which he currently promotes, which tends to go for $97 dollars a month!

Or even, OptimizePress-s, one time payment of X, plus annual update fee of X! Instead, (for now), just to get up and going!And testing and tracking!

They’ll settle, for Aweber-s, (and or), another state of the art,paid email service providers, built in, email editing software, to build an extremely workable, basic type of lead capture page offer! And run both ‘free drawings’, simultaneously, in both stores,in order to discover which, if either of those two sports, are the overwhelming favorite, of their particular customer base.

(Important note: The above sample capture page, was built- (by yours truly)- using my paid email service provider of choice, Awebers -fairly basic-, built in lead capture page software, in all of twenty minutes!)

Simple Small Business Marketing Strategies Can And often Do Make All The Difference!

And since they can literally have these basic capture pages, up and on their sites, (literally), within 30 minutes or less, within building them! (And so can you!) (And if not, you know who to contact asap!)

They can start strategically placing huge signs, throughout their stores, and inserting one sided flyers, in their customers outgoing bags at checkout etc.

And start systematically building their list!And every month, announce each stores, 1st Grand Prize Winners! One male, one female! A grand total of four in all, because both stores, will have two grand prize winners per month. And of course, all entrants, have to be at lest 18 years of age and up.

Ladies & gentlemen, do you (now!), hopefully agree, the savvy small business owners, and or service providers, (along) with a bevy of severely cash strapped, start up entrepreneurs, who readily adapt this proven lead generation approach, (or something similar), are far less likely to be confused and or short changed, when it comes, to successfully marketing online?

I tend to agree! See you in just a little bit, in part two, okay? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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8 Responses to How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?
  1. Nvevr knew post feature would be so interesting, would love to read more of your post man. Really thanks for sharing your view towards this topic. Loved it.

  2. I am having a business where I do deals with clients taking orders and stuff. But I am not in any online marketing, I just want to get clarified if I shall go for online marketing or not because I am dealing with local clients
    Remsun Debbarma would love for you to read..Lose Weight Easily In 7 Days With GM Diet Plan And Get A Healthy BodyMy Profile

    • That’s a great question Remsun.

      Unfortunately, far too many, extremely hard working small
      business owners and or service providers, such as yourself, think of
      Internet marketing, strictly as the world wide web.

      Truth told, tons of local, potential first time customers or clients,
      do local keyword driven research first, before actually choosing a local
      business or service to patronize for the very first time.

      There’s far more to that approach, than there is space here to elaborate.

      The short answer is, if nothing else, you could use a reputable paid email
      service provider, just like Aweber,and create your own capture page or pay a qualified
      source to help you set one up properly.

      And start driving your current walk in customers to your capture page,
      to get them on your list.

      And now, whenever you want to promote your sales events or make special announcements etc.

      You don’t have to spend a fortune on outrageously expensive, local newspapers, TV, radio
      and or snail mail post cards etc. Instead, you type your email, and send your subscribers
      -what’s called- a ‘broadcast- email message.

      Because it’s not part of your normal pre -written autoresponder follow up sequence.

      Great question.Email marketing is a sound investment, when it’s properly implemented!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!My Profile

  3. Hi,
    You have some important part that missed in my last business plan and seen a great loss…. I am already using some these tips,.
    However, you doing great job helping new entrepreneurs …


    • What’s truly important is your ability to recognize where you
      can immediately improve Pyare!

      We all have room to grow immensely, provided we’re truly
      open to further development.

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve already found success with some of
      these market tested strategies.Every step of forward progress is about
      simply improving slightly on what’s already working and discontinuing what’s not!

      Thanks for all of your extremely kinds words! I truly appreciate it!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!My Profile

  4. I can always feel my adrenaline rushing by the time I finish reading one of your posts Mark. I imagine you must be a dynamic speaker! Inspiring message as always, and oh my I have known so many people who fit the profile of this couple who have yet to open their eyes to the opportunities online. I’m happy to share your message and hope a few of them will wake up! Thanks. 🙂
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Is Fear Causing You to Lead a Smaller Life?My Profile

    • M you just know how to swell my head!LOL!

      Your extremely kind words, make it hard for me to get through
      the door at times!LOL!

      I mean, I so wish I had a way with words,like you do my dear!LOL!

      Instead, I just try and be as helpful and creative as possible.Hoping the
      user will get a few bankable light bulb moments!

      Thanks for being so darn supportive and encouraging throughout the years!

      Your extremely nice comments always send my kite so high!LOL! Thanks!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!My Profile


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