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Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons Aweber Might Right For You!

  (Especially If You’re Just Starting Out And You Can Definitely Use A Little Personal Assistance!)

So you definitely realize, strategic email marketing, can and most certainly will, help increase your bottom line, in a positive way, correct?

And the best part is, you also (hopefully) realize, you or someone on your staff, or someone already within your organization, can write/create email messages, that are good enough to generate income right now, correct?

Because (consistently) communicating with your subscribers, is not purely about writing persuasive copy. Sure, it definitely helps, if you or somebody within your company, has some basic, proven copy writing skills.

But truth told, your subscribers, definitely prefer to hear from you or someone inside your company, who has an authentic voice, not some re-hashed attempt, to appear to be a polished, hired gun type og copy writer!

You work on correcting that part, and the remainder of this post, will share seven potentially profitable reasons why Aweber, might just be the right paid email service provider for you now!

email marketing

Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons Aweber Might Be Right For You!

  So Who Else Wants To Discover Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons Why Aweber’s Email Marketing Services Might Be Right For You!

Right off the rip, let me offer full disclosure here, and make you aware, I am a registered affiliate, for Aweber’s paid email marketing services!

Which means, you will find my affiliate link for their services, tastefully sprinkled throughout this entire blog post.

That said, if you’re really serious, and committed to being successful online, at some point, you are definitely going to need, a reputable, state of the art, paid email service of some kind.(Enough with the free stuff already entrepreneur!)

And while there are lots of extremely reliable paid services to choose from.Here are seven potentially profitable reasons, why (I strongly feel) you should seriously consider Aweber, to be one of your top, if not your premiere initial choice!

Especially, if you’re new to online marketing, and when it comes to (actually selecting) one of your very first, paid email marketing services, and you’re really not sure, which way to go and or why?

Initially Selecting Your Paid Email Service Provider Is Nothing To Be Taken Lightly!

My friend, this post was specifically written with you in mind.And here’s the other thing, if you’re already an accomplished online marketer with tons of practical experience under your belt.

And you’ve already got several list, one of which is over 20,000 opt ins or more! Aweber, may or not be, the state of the art, paid email service provider you need at this point in your companies ongoing evolution!

Not because they’re not capable of handling databases that big! Or even ten times larger!Because they definitely are! It’s just, your particular needs, may require even more customization, than their particular services can provide!

But if all of your lists combined, or your only list, is still under 20,000 confirmed opt ins, (entrepreneur) their state of the art services, will work just fine for you, for some time to come!

Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons Aweber Just Might Be Right For You!

1.) Potentially profitable reason # one: First and foremost, Aweber offers live chat, email support and toll free customers service, (within the US), five business days a week! M-F 8 am – 8pm EST.

You can call and their incredibly friendly staff, are more than glad and able to help you, any and every way they can! Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, professional and dedicated, to helping you continuously grow your business using their excellent and constantly evolving services!

And they definitely know their products and services inside and out!

And if they need to provide additional resources of any kind, they have access to, they won’t hesitate to provide and or recommend them!

2.) Potentially profitable reason # two: They know and recognize, you may be extremely new to using paid email marketing services, like I was several years back!

And maybe you don’t feel comfortable trying to build your email marketing newsletter design, and or opt in/signup forms etc.

So they definitely have you (us) covered, because (currently) they offer 600 totally customize-able, mobile responsive,easy to use drag & drop email templates to choose from.

Hey, if yours truly can learn to use them, to create my very own, customized “light box” sign up forms, then I know you can learn to use them too!

 3.) Potentially profitable reason # three: Entrepreneur they even offer unlimited image storage, which means, you can add as many photos as you like to your Image Gallery. So they’re there, whenever you or someone with access to your account needs them! (And hopefully you’re using royalty free images, or paying for the use of any images you’re using, right!)

Aweber Will Help Take Your Email Marketing Campaigns To A Whole New Level!

4.) Potentially profitable reason # four: Aweber (readily) recognizes and acknowledges, your email marketing business needs, don’t conveniently shutdown over the weekend!

That’s why, they offer (both) live chat & email customer service support, on both Saturday & Sunday, 9 am -5 pm EST.

5.) Potentially profitable reason # five: They also offer periodic free live educational webinars. (Along with links to the recording replays.)

They also provide direct access, to a complete library of, free archived video lessons on a host of email & Internet marketing related subjects.They also provide periodic free educational podcast recordings , designed to address your most pressing email marketing needs as well.

They also provide access to tons of free downloadable PDF files, special reports, plus regularly publish, fresh, “how to” problem solving content, on their award winning blog!

 6.) Potentially profitable reason # six: Their service integrates nicely, with several of the most popular Apps!

Aweber’s State Of The Art Services Help Power Your Email Marketing Campaigns!

7.) Potentially profitable reason # seven: They’ve been in business since 1998, and have been constantly expanding and improving the overall quality of their (ever expanding) services.

Which in turn, helps their profit seeking and non profit organizations, provide a better experience to their customers & clients as well!

They now post (an industry leading) over 99% deliver-ability rating! Which means, more times than not, your email messages, will get to your intended recipients inbox!

Plus, they also offer, state of the art A/B split testing capabilities and tracking features, so you can discover which particular sign up form offer, (and or subject line(s) appeals to your target market best!

Bonus potential benefit: They also offer special discounted rates for any particular non profits you may be currently involved with!Provided you have valid 501 (c) (3) forms! And they offer additional 20% discounts on certain billing charges, to students with valid .educ or .ac email addresses as well.

All in all ladies & gentlemen, for this and many other extremely valid reasons, Aweber’s state of the art, paid email marketing services, might be right for you!Don’t you agree? Why not start your 30 day free day trial right now and (finally) prove it to yourself! Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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6 Responses to Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons Aweber Might Be Right For You!
  1. Hi Mark,

    Email marketing is so important, that you really want to go with a trusted source for your autoresponder service.

    Aweber is one of a handful of such services, and it’s certainly one of the most reliable.

    As you also point out, it’s been around a long time, so it has a proven track record.

    That’s really important.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..Workspace Design For BloggersMy Profile

  2. Great review Mark! I’ve use Aweber since I began blogging almost 7 years ago and highly recommend them. Along the way, I have tried different services and keep coming back to them for all of the reasons you’ve outlined. I know there are cheaper services, but I am a firm believer in the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Simply put, it’s a no-brainer to work with Aweber which means it’s one less thing to worry about while I’m building my business.
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..What It Means To Own Your EmotionsMy Profile

    • Thanks M!

      And I absolutely loved your latest post BTW!LOL!

      And I frequently echo your exact same sentiments with
      regards potential monthly cost as well!

      However, as I also like to point out to Awebers occasional critics.

      While it’s true, they like so many other of their major competitors, have
      a graduated price of service structure.

      Meaning, as the size of your list grows, over time, their monthly costs increase as well!

      But as also I love to point, you call their direct toll free line (within)
      the US, or their direct line outside of the US.(M-F.)

      And their extremely knowledgeable, courteous, professional and extremely helpful
      customer care specialists, have always helped me solve my email related issue(s)
      and or problems etc.

      Or just answer my questions and provide all the time required to do so!

      And let’s say, I needed their expert help, 30 minutes a day, for the next ten business
      days in a row!

      I challenge any marketer, to price what any qualified expert coach/mentor would charge them per hour,
      for ten hours worth of superb, additional hands on, one on one training!

      And then compare it to the fact, Aweber doesn’t charge an additional cent for doing so!LOL!

      And then say Awebers current pricing structure isn’t truly a bargain in comparison!LOL!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your real world knowledge
      and insights M!I truly appreciate it!And always look forward to them!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Email Marketing: Makes Even More Sense When The Recession Hits!Part TwoMy Profile

  3. I never am on to awber but i think i have to try this out…
    Prince Ramgarhia would love for you to read..Top 15 Uses of USB OTG Cable You Never Know – 2016My Profile


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