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How And Why Email Marketing Campaigns Are So Potentially Profitable!

Hopefully by now, if you’re at all serious, about consistently earning any type of income online.

You already know (or you should!), it’s definitely gonna involve some type of market tested, ongoing email marketing campaigns, correct?

And not to worry, you don’t have to try and achieve, not initially anyway 😀 , the types of return on investment (ROI), you constantly hear the popular gurus and guruettes throwing around.

Since you and I are mere mortals, know one whose realistic, is expecting you to start boasting about, 2700% return on investments, and or anything similar. 😎

But rest assured, strategic, opt in email/mobile marketing, should most definitely  be, one of the main components of your online or offline marketing strategies.

As you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Know How And Why Certain Battlefield Tested Email Marketing Campaigns Are So Potentially Profitable?

On the immediate surface, it may not be so apparent, but there a gazillion and one -extremely valid reasons why-, you and I, businesses both large and small, definitely should be benefiting from, some form of strategic email marketing campaigns.

For ex: take one of the most popular sports events in the entire world.

The Masters Golf Tournament. It’s no secret, the promoters of the annual tournament of Golf tournaments, are pretty secretive about the total revenue they consistently generate at their highly anticipated, annual event. 😎

This being the case, last year alone, ticket sales to Golf’s most prestigious event, generated a mere $35 million dollars, and this is merely the front end of their enormously profitable sales funnel.

How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Consistently Produces A Profit!

Now for just a second, imagine the Masters tournament, grosses the exact same amount of revenue, the very next year, yet, (much to their surprise), their gross profit margins were down by at least 17%. Say what?

More than likely, the ever rising expenses, cut into their gross revenue more than usual, because there is virtually no reliable way for them to put a cap or fixed cost, on the next years event, right?

On the other hand, what if they grossed the exact same amount as last year, but were able to hold down their anticipated expenses, by at least 22% or more.

Wouldn’t this turn of events, put plastered smiles on the faces of the promoters? You bet.But how?

Enter, strategic opt in email marketing campaigns. What else?

Why And How Some Good Old Fashioned Email Marketing Strategies Are Just What You Need!

Case in point, seeing how the Masters Golf tournament, already has an established, highly targeted crowd of target prospects.

What if the tournament sponsors, offered a  free drawing, where four grand prize winners, two males & two females, not only win $25,000 dollars each!

But they also get a chance, after the tournament, to go on on one, with not only the tournament winner.

But they also get to choose any other golfer in the tournament, who signs a petition, and agrees to participate in this special promotion.

And these four grand prize winners, get to interview them, for ten minutes each.

And they of course get to post the interview on any and all of their social medial channels!

When It Comes To Implementing Some Proven Online Marketing Strategies! (It’s Always Best To Keep It Simple!)

Stop and think about the potential, total lifetime customer value metric, of such a list.You know, if these (basically) working class individuals, took time off their jobs, to schedule their vacation and or time off, in order to attend Golf’s most prestigious event.

They’re definitely golf enthusiasts, correct? For sure.So you know the vast majority of this  100,000 plus crowd, will leap at the chance, to not only win $25,000 dollars.

But also the chance to interview the eventual tournament winner, plus one other willing participant in the tournament.

Plus, as if the following isn’t enough.Also be allowed to attend, the tournaments -after tournament- dinner event.

Who Says Big Corporations Can’t Have Non Traditional Entrepreneurial Ideas?

And briefly mingle at least 30 minutes, and take a maximum of two pictures, (selfies!)with any two participants in the tournament, they wish. 😎

And of course, the athletes and or celebs in attendance, agree in writing, to autograph the pictures, and the winners are free to do whatever they wish with them.

Provided, they agree in writing, not to try and use them in any way, shape or fashion, which could, be potentially damaging to this persons image and or status etc.

Let’s say 85% of those 100,000 in attendance, decided to take their chances, and join the Masters committees, opt in email/mobile marketing list.

There Are Definitely Some Proven Ways To promote You Offline Business Online! (Don’t You Agree?)

Now even though, the committee is definitely still committed, to spending tens of millions of dollars annually, in order to promote their tournament, in high profile sporting magazines, on prime time TV, national radio and various high profile sports based shows etc.

They now have a permission based, opt in email list, of 85,000 golf enthusiasts.This is not a bad position to be in, correct?

But rather than devote their entire $50 million dollar annual budget, on various offline promotional and or advertising campaigns etc.

Instead, they may decide, to inexpensively test, ethically bribing their opt in/mobile subscribers, with at least $5 million dollars, (or X dollars) worth of incentives.

You’ll discover how in part two, okay? For now, are you starting to appreciate, how and why, certain strategic email marketing campaigns, are potentially so profitable? Say yes! 😎

Great. See you in just a little bit, in part two.

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  1. Email marketing is my favorite marketing strategy since it requires less efforts and money.

    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the information!


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