Who Else Wants To Know How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn A Little Into A Lot!Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part one, of this ongoing series, how some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, are able to routinely, take seemingly minor daily and or weekly activities, and gradually convert them, into some long term money making opportunities?

Does this sound like a path and or plan, you personally would like to implement more often? Great.

Because with just a few, strategic and minor tweaks, here and there, you can definitely be well on your way.

And the best part is entrepreneur, you will probably discover, once all the dust settles, your new and improved marketing strategies and o tactics, either won’t cost you a nickel more, but may in fact, actually cost you less.

Yet (overall), actually produce far than you previously attained. Is this an improvement you can live with? Is that a yes or yes?  😀 

So Have You Ever Wondered How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Routinely Turn Small Activities Into Long Term Windfall Profits! (And How You Can Too!)

For starters, take a look at your typical, high end, self employed service provider.Say (strictly) for marketing illustration purposes only.

Take your local dentist, clearly this man or woman, has worked incredibly hard, in order to become a licensed professional, have they not? You bet.

And without question, they are more than qualified, to provide the various dental services, yo and I, (and or) immediate family members, have come to rely on, correct? Absolutely.

Even so, what they may not yet realize is, when it comes to the overall efficiency of running their practice, they could and probably is, at least three major areas, they could easily improve in.

Three Major Areas And Or Ways Your Small Business And Or Service Can Definitely Improve In Right Away!

And (please) keep in mine, these three major ways, which are potentially, loaded with tons of various, untapped sub strategies and or tactics, which can and should be systematically tested and tweaked.

And simply by or from doing so, could easily improve their (or your!) bottom line, by multiples. Over time of course. 😀

Case in point: Here is the overall, 30,000 foot view, of three initial ways and or areas, your local dentist, chiropractor,Heating ,Ventilation and Air Conditioning company, CPA and or up and coming law firm, could easily improve their bottom line. And easily pay for the major investments made, in order to do so.

1.) Major area # one: Can any serious entrepreneur argue, they couldn’t stand to improve, in their overall profit generating efforts?  😀 

Meaning, discovering and consistently implementing, several, proven ways, to -either- lower current cost and or increase cash flow, while simultaneously lowering costs etc.

If you can do so, anywhere from 10-25%, over the course of a quarter and or year, will your bottom line improve? Not to mention your daily,weekly cash flow.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Can Definitely Be Monetized!

 2.) Major area # two: Can they also argue with a straight face, certain assets are -either- under performing and or dismally performing at best. 😀 

Case in point, since the dentist, lawyer, CPA and or chiropractor, either wrote the advertisements themselves and or hired, a rather pricey, local outfit to do it for them.

More than likely, the ads, have poorly written, and or no, compelling, consumer orientated, benefit related headline at all.

In which case, the entire ad campaign, be it, opt in email/mobile marketing and or an outrageously expensive display ad etc.

Is most definitely under performing and or dismally performing at best.Would you not agree?

A Lot Of Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Can And Should Be In House Focused First!

 3.) Major area # three: And less not forget, you and I, as aspiring entrepreneurs, can definitely learn some proven skills, to increase our overall productivity. Can we not? Absolutely.

And of course, the same can certainly be said for their (or your) staff, correct?

Once they’re trained, to better manage and or direct, incoming calls, from first time customers.

And or to, increase overall daily productivity, by just 10-15%.And increase replacing cancelled appointments, by at least 20% per week or month.

And re-direct uninsured callers, to other extremely helpful resources, plus do at least 25% better, follow up with current patients etc.

Plus re-activating, at leas 20-40% of your current, ex and or in-active patients etc.

Hopefully you can see and appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who are) certainly no smarter than you and I. Systematically, turn little activities, into long term profit centers. Any questions?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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