Who Else Wants To Know How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn A Little Into A Lot!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So most small business owners, service providers, and or aspiring entrepreneurs, work extremely hard on their respective enterprises, do they not? Absolutely.

In fact, sadly a ton of them, invest the vast majority of their time, and extremely valuable resources, working in, not on their business, right?  😀

And as a direct result, they inadvertently leave a ton of un mined gold on the table, just waiting to be accessed by their major competitors.

Hopefully this far too common occurrence, doesn’t describe you and or your current situation, doe it? Great.

But if by chance it does, here are a few proven, long range marketing ideas and or strategies, you might put in place, to help you out of the situation.

Ever Wonder How Some Extremely Marketing Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn A Little Front End Effort Into A Whole Lot Of Long Term Back End Profitability! (And How You Can Learn To Do It Too!)

For one thing, if your business and or service, is set up, merely to receive a one to one return on both your financial and time investments.

You’re already not benefiting, from the type of long term, potential money making leverage, you can should be.

Of course, if you’re currently investing any type of money and or other non traditional resources in your business/service, and it’s only producing some type of one to one return.

Don’t stop. Just be keenly aware your potential to generate, some long term, money making leveraged activities is extremely high.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are The True Gateway To Bigger And More Profitable Leveraged Opportunities!

Case in point, let’s say you place some type -well performing- “solo ads,” in various online newsletters (ezines.)

And it consistently generates and builds your opt in email list, as well as generates enough front end revenue, to justify buying more ads. Congrats.

On the other hand, let’s suppose you paid to -either- have an ebook, PDF and or white paper, or a series of each, created on fiverr.com.

Entrepreneur, you have just, potentially opened the door (really wide!), to some long term profit potential.

Where you do something pro-active once, and reap some or multiple forms of financial compensation, from now on. Plus, constantly open the door (even wider!) to various, potential money making opportunities.

Some Of Your Most Profitable Small Business Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics Initially Don’t Start Off  Looking That Way!

Case in point, (if!) the long term, money making back end of your sales funnel, is truly lucrative enough. Then entrepreneur, you really don’t have to make a dime, on the initial front end of your sales funnel.

Instead, let your top affiliates, joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional, make all or the lions share of your initial front sales of the ebook or whatever your digital information product/service turns out to be.

And you pocket 80-100% of the long term, repeat sales and referrals via social media etc. A gazillion, extremely lucrative, consulting and or, (extremely!) high end coaching/mentoring programs, have been launched and built, off this mega proven approach/business model.

And or, you can definitely monetize your top affiliates links, which are strategically being included within your free or paid information product.

Your Proven Lead Generation Efforts Could Be Packaged And Successfully Promoted As Well!

While it may (or) may not be readily apparent, one of your particular, money making coaching/mentoring packages, might include, you showing your study customers, step by step, how to create and or outsource someone to do it for you.

And once your market tested lead magnet is created, you then show your students/consulting clients, how to use it, to help your affiliated build their very own sales funnels.

Because (in this particular) business model, you want both the immediate sales, from your affiliate links sprinkled throughout the product.

Plus, some of the ebook readers, will inevitably reach out and join your list, in order to access one of your higher end, far more hands on personalized coaching/mentoring packages.

Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Literally Go As Deep As You Want Them To!

So you can license your entire marketing approach/sales process to them.And if need be, one of your paid (or bonus) products could be, an automatically updated (annually), list of vendors, who provide the various services, you advocate in your training.

And you allow all of your most trusted vendors, to be included on this well maintained list, and freely share it with their prospect/customers as well.

And just include a link to one of your free, opt in lead magnet webinars, where you explain and offer case studies etc.

The point being, are you starting to truly appreciate, all the potential ways, savvy marketing entrepreneurs, profit, a whole lot, simply by doing something really smart, on the front end of their sales funnel.

And how you and I can too! Say yes! P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can

apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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