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So How Does Copying The Texas Two Make Your Small Business More Profitable?

You originally started your small business, service,(and or) entrepreneurial endeavor because you were extremely passionate about helping and or serving your chosen target market, to the very best of your abilities, correct? Bravo! Good answer.

And in -and or- during your never ending pursuit of accomplishing this rather lofty goal, you’ve been constantly exposed to, (or sometimes literally bombarded) with more than your fair share, of potential marketing solutions, have you not? Yea, me too!

Which brings me to this next very important question. Have you, and or, (are you) currently familiar with the extremely popular dance, often referred to as the Texas Two Step?

I’ll quickly share with you, a little inside trivia.Did you know, originally, this extremely popular dance craze, which  gained most of it’s initial momentum during the 50’s, was originally called the Texas Shuffle Step (and or) The Fox Step?

And right about now, you’ve got to be literally scratching your head, and wondering -out loud-, what if anything, does copying the Texas Two step dance method, have to do with helping your resourced challenged small business and or service,become more profitable, correct?

So How In The World Does Copying The Texas Two Dance Method Possibly Help Make Your Small Business And Or Service More Profitable?

You have to admit, on the surface, this headline does seem a bit odd, correct? Rest assured, it’s not. Basically, as the name of this extremely popular dance method -readily- suggests.

There’s more to it, than just a one and done type of all too common marketing approach. And thank goodness for that.

So let’s quickly introduce the two main players, in our hypothetical marketing example,and see ‘how’ this two step dance craze, plays out in the business world as well.

So basically, you have an extremely marketing savvy local jeweler, and a local, upscale women-s boutique shop owner.(And or an extremely dedicated, local hair or nail salon owner.)

And since both of the main players target, local female customers, who routinely earn high five and six figure incomes, and know lots of other local females, who do the same!(And  both groups love showcasing their latest purchases, both on and off social media!)

They are the ideal female customers, for both of these pro-active vendors to aggressively pursue, don’t you agree?

Your Effective Lead Generation Strategies Will Help You Easily Out Promote Your Major Competitors!

And obviously, since both of these vendors, ideal female customers, each have total lifetime customer value metrics, of at least $8,000 -$12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.(Give or take.)

It makes perfect since, for these two non directly competing vendors to find some common marketing ground, right? (BTW, please try and not get too caught up in the specific numbers being used, instead focus on grasping the overall marketing concepts and strategies!)

So here’s what they’ll initially test and closely monitor. To discover, if the tactics are worth steadily pursuing, by either tweaking them, and or halting them altogether.

Since the women-s boutique shop, currently sponsors a free monthly drawing, for both their brand new, daily first time walk in traffic, and their extremely loyal, returning repeat customers too.

And the monthly grand prize, is a extremely eye catching, $950 dollar designer hand bag. Their current opt in email/mobile marketing list, is now up to 5,437 extremely active subscribers, and constantly growing daily!

Really Good Entrepreneurial Skills Is A Must!

However, truth told, it was their joint venture/cross promotional jeweler partner, which convinced them about three and a half years ago, to start building their very own database.

Because, just like the women-s boutique store owner(s), the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, currently sponsors their very own monthly free drawing,they have been successfully running for years.

Where once a month, they reward one of their extremely loyal, local female subscribers, her very own, $3,500 dollar, diamond studded necklace!Oh goody!

And you know she’s definitely gonna consistently let every body within ear-shots distance,(both on and offline), know about her recent good fortune, right?

Of course in reality, it actually cost the jeweler about $1,800 dollars- or less- in actual hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Keep The Door To Opportunities Wide Open!

So here’s where the Texas Two Step part of the -initial- lead generating and long term sales funnel building process, truly comes into play.

Since the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, wants direct access to the women-s boutique store owner(s) ever growing customer base, and vice versa!

The jeweler is more than willing, to 100% sponsor, once a month, a fancy, not to mention expensive, top of the line catered lunch, and or early evening event, at the boutique store owners shop!

And both the boutique store owner, and the jeweler, will email at least two, unscheduled, pre event ‘broadcast’ email/mobile marketing alerts to their list, inviting them to each bring a potential first time customer with them, to this monthly, and or quarterly event!

And every current subscriber who does so, automatically gets to enter a raffle, where they pay just $50 dollars (or X), for a chance, to win a designer hand bag, which normally retails for just $500 dollars!

Every body else who wishes to participate in the raffle, who didn’t bring a potential first time customer, whose at 18 years of age, they get to spend $200 dollars!

Don’t Let The Current Physical Size Of Your Small Business Limit Your Long Term Ambition For Future Growth!

Of course these ladies are extremely sharp, so they know exactly what they need to do, in order to make out on this deal!

Plus, as an extra value added sweetener bonus! On top of everything else already included!Every female who brings a qualified guest with, and wants to enter the raffle for just $50 dollars, their entry automatically goes into the’raffle’ one additional time!

How cool is that! Of course the extremely marketing savvy jeweler (and hopefully) the women-s boutique store owner(s) too!

They’ll video tape some of the very best portions of this monthly and or quarterly event, and post them to -both- their youtube/vimeo channel(s), and or their state of the art WordPress blog! (And or website.)

And after the engaging event and the popular raffle are all said and done with, here’s where and how, the long term (Texas Two Step) marketing sales funnel follow up process truly begins!

Aren’t Strategic Cross Promotions The Stuff Or What?

Each first time guest of the boutique store owner, (or the jeweler) whenever these lead generating type of events, are held, (sponsored) at the jewelers store(s.)

Those first time quest, will be given two extra special word of mouth or mouse  goodies.

1.) Extra special goody #one: A market tested, two sided index card, to join the jewelers opt in email list, so they can enter into the jewelers free monthly drawing, for their shot at the $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace!

 2.) Extra special goody # two: They can also purchase a 16 oz. bottle of one of the boutique store owners best smelling, and most popular perfumes, at the boutique store owners actual cost!

Can you say positive word of mouth and mouse buzz! If you can! Then you’ll better understand, why the ‘how’ Google search works video was used for this specific series of post.

It’s to hopefully demonstrate to you, how viral marketing (connecting) really works!

And by now, hopefully, the other marketing epiphany you’ve had is, you now better understand, and appreciate, how the popular, Texas Two Step dance method, can definitely help make your resourced challenged small business and or service, far more profitable, correct? Great! So glad to hear it!

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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6 Responses to So How Does Copying The Texas Two Make Your Small Business More Profitable?
  1. Hey Mark,

    This is another one of your “kill two birds with one stone” strategy.

    I’m with Donna on this!

    I don’t know why so many people “compete” with each other where you can come together so that each party can benefit. But I guess it’s more of an ego thing if anything.

    But this is what smart entrepreneurs do! You can definitely have your cake an eat it too if you’re smart about it and leveraging your list like this will definitely push you up the ranks.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith would love for you to read..5 Smart Blogging Tips To Improve Results With Less EffortMy Profile

    • Excellent points Sherman!

      And a very good way of looking at and explaining the
      concepts! Thanks bud!LOL!

      Because we both know and fully realize, what you’ve shared
      is certainly true!

      It just makes good business sense, no matter how you primarily market,
      your products or services, on or offline.

      You can and definitely should, be strategically leveraging, other non directly
      competing vendors, various assets, for the mutual benefit of both of you!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your
      extremely helpful insights bud! They’re always welcome and greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Why Your Small Business Ad Budget Really Is Not The Problem!My Profile

  2. What a smart analogy Mark! I couldn’t agree more with your point, in fact, I was just sharing with someone yesterday about an experience I had when I worked in hotels.

    A client called me about booking a top achiever incentive at my hotel – which was extremely popular, but a family hotel and not the kind of upscale property “top achievers” normally expect as a reward for their efforts. I recommended the Hyatt in our resort, but he’d had a bad experience with the chain on the mainland so was reluctant. I knew the Director of Sales over there and was confident he’d do right by them so I basically brokered the deal and we ended up working together. The group stayed there, but we hosted them for some of their activities and a huge luau. It worked out so well that I ended up working with the Hyatt on several other programs.

    I agree with Donna’s comment – why fight or compete with each other when you can take advantage of each other’s strengths and both succeed! Thanks for the inspiration my friend. 🙂
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..To Increase Your Adaptability Make It PersonalMy Profile

    • Yes indeed M!

      And if more aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners
      and or service providers, would simply learn and embrace this vitally
      important concept, of joint venturing and (as you) said, leveraging each
      others strengths!

      They’d reach and experience a much level of long lasting success! Always good to
      see and hear from you M! I always enjoy and gain some much needed insight from your
      real world feedback!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Do You Think Your Local Jeweler Networks Like This!Part FourMy Profile

  3. Hi Mark,

    I never understood why people always “compete” with each other when they get so much further if they dance together.

    Now, I know, sometimes toes get stepped on, but hey, it’s all worth an honest effort.

    We can get a lot more done working together than on our own.

    You’ve given some great ideas here to help small businesses become more profitable if they just learn to dance 🙂

    And I love the point that no business is too small to use this concept. In fact, it’s the way to grow your small business into a bigger one without some crazy advertising budge.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..What Bloggers Can Do To Stand Out In A CrowdMy Profile

    • Thanks Donna!

      And I really love your analogy and the way
      you have conveyed the overall concepts!

      Because you are so right, in business and commerce, every now and
      then, a few toes will inadvertently get stepped on!LOL!

      The key is, to not keep repeating the same mistakes over
      and over again.And I definitely couldn’t agree more.

      We can accomplish so much more, working together,
      rather than trying to go it alone!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your real world insights
      Coach, I truly appreciate it!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money? Part ThreeMy Profile


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