How To Consult With A Real Expert For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!

So when it comes to strategically and profitably using, any type of paid, promotional advertising and or marketing strategies, do you try and pattern your strategies after qualified experts feedback and counsel?

If not, you definitely should, because without a doubt, a real (read that) as qualified experts of any kind, can and definitely will, save you time, money and effort.

Primarily because, they’ve been there and done that.And remember, their proven and qualified expertise, may not necessarily have to do with how much or little, money they have personally made! Say what?

Sounds a bit odd right now, but rest assured entrepreneur, by the time you finish reading and digesting this entire blog post, the above statement, will definitely make a whole lot more sense.

So Who Else Wants To Know How You Can Possibly Consult With A Qualified Expert For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!

So here’s a quick question for you. Ever hear the names Frank Kern, Vince Reed,Terry Dean,Christina Hills,Jim Edwards,Amy Porterfield or Tom Antion?

They all currently earn seven figures a year. And guess what? On their most generous of days, you-and I- will definitely not be personally consulting with them, nor any of their paid assistants, for pennies on the dollar.No way. 😀

Now this is not to suggest, you and I, can’t invest in some of their digital educational products, for literally pennies on the dollar. And of course, let’s no forget, -you and I-, can definitely join one of their Facebook groups, for literally pennies per day, and have them answer your/our questions.

So How In The World Does Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Possibly Consult With A Qualified Expert For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

The really good news is, it’s nowhere near, as expensive and or as far fetched as you may have initially thought. Case in point; let’s suppose, you run an extremely popular, retail jewelry store.

And over the years, you’ve manage to build a local subscriber base, over 11,237 opt in email/

mobile subscribers.

And typically, whenever you send you subscribers, an extremely time sensitive, private sale email alert message, about 42% of your email messages get opened!(11,237 x .42% = 4,719)

Primarily because, each time you have one of this “Closed to the general public,”after hours type sales events, and your customers, bring a friend, whose at least 18, and not a current customer with them, as per your emails, discount coupon instructions. 😀

Of the thousands who do so,they get to receive three, potential benefits, which always cause their social media accounts to literally blow up for days! 😀

Consulting With A Qualified Expert Helps Multiply Your Lead Generation Efforts!

Just to clear, each time you craft an email message, on or offline sales letter, snail mail post card, solo ad and create a phone script, bounce back offer and or a text message etc.

And you’re able to systematically improve them, based off of carefully listening to the only focus group who really counts! 😀

Which of course, are your paying customers. Not necessarily your non buying subscribers.This incredibly valuable, real world, money making feedback, is invaluable, is it not? You’d better believe it.

In part two, you’ll discover at least three, potential money making strategies, your “After hours sales events,” can and definitely should employ, in order maximize your sales and to generate, some positive word of mouth and mouse buzz.

But for now, hopefully you can much better appreciate, how and why, you need to consult with, and heed the potential money making advice, of some of your expert customers feedback.

After all, they won’t charge you thousands of dollars, and they really want -you and I- to get things right!Don’t you agree?

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