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How Come So Many Smart Business Owners Neglect This Proven Marketing Strategy?Part Two

So as you read and studied part one, did (or has) it start to dawn on you, (in a major way.)

Just ‘how’ much potential income generating opportunities, and or possibilities,the average, semi to severely cash strapped small business owner,service provider and or startup entrepreneur, is constantly leaving on the table.

Simply because they devote a staggering 80% or more, of their readily available cash, credit and or other extremely valuable resources, to aggressively marketing to, outrageously expensive potential first time customers, patients and or clients. Instead of doing the exact opposite.

Which means, they should be devoting at least 80% or more of their readily available resources, to implementing a proven marketing strategy, which persuades and or ethically bribes their existing customer/client base, (who already) knows, likes and trusts them enough, to readily do more and more business with them.

For one thing, it’s far less expensive and way more profitable to continuously doing the opposite.

Wonder Why So Many Extremely Hard Working Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Continuously Overlook This Mega Proven Marketing Strategy?

Just to quickly recap, in case you’re starting with part two, instead of part one. Recently, while on my way to a popular mall, in order to purchase some -sorely needed-, brand new jogging sneakers.

While briefly stopped at a red light, some semi to severely cash starved, local small business owner, had an employee/associate dressed up in a dog costume, standing on the corner, holding an incredibly (hard to read!) sign, apparently, promoting their pet related retail store, located somewhere in the mini mall.

Of course this all too common at attempt, especially by resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, immediately set my “what if this were a client of mine,what proven marketing strategies would I strongly recommend instead,” creative marketing juices in motion.

So here’s what I would initially, strongly suggest, they inexpensively test first, before implementing this dismally performing, attempt at branding and or promotion.

Actually, there are at least, five potentially preferred marketing solutions, they should initially test, tweak, adjust and monitor first, before going down the outrageously expensive ‘image advertising and or tradtional promoting’ route.

Developing Your Creative Entrepreneurial Skills Offers Far More Long Term Marketing Possibilities And Or Opportunities!

1.) Potential marketing strategy # one: First and foremost, each time a buyer becomes a brand new first time customer, immediately offer them the opportunity, to get your ‘welcome aboard’ VIP, brand new customer discount coupon, where they save 20-55% off, their very next purchase!

By handing them your direct response type of business and or index card.Or simply include it in their bag.

But, it’s only available to your VIP, opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers! For an extremely limited time! Which means, if they truly want it, they need to opt in asap! Before the hand written expiration date is reached.

And when they return to redeem their savings,they just show your clerks/cashiers the coupon via their smart phone, before the expiration date.(Or if they still use an old school printer, they just print a copy and bring it with them.)

 2.) Potential marketing strategy # two: Next, create some special, annually renewable, two sided, VIP discount coupon cards, where they automatically save X % off for one year, plus save X % off on their birthday, wedding anniversary and or any one day of the year they choose!

Your cashiers simply hole punch the cards, to indicate each day was credited.

Flexible Lead Generating Strategies Definitely Can And Will Give Your Business A Decided Edge!

3.) Potential marketing strategy # three: This next ‘battlefield’ tested marketing strategy, will definitely separate you from major competitors. 

Find out and include their pets birthday and or the day they originally purchased the pet, if they can’t or don’t actually know or remember the original date.

And they automatically get to save X% off on that day, ever year, provided they renew their laminated cards!

4.) Potential marketing strategy # four: Next, in order to create some further engagement, and steady traffic, to your state of the art, WordPress website and or blog etc.

Create a page on your site entitled, ‘best pet tricks’ videos! And each week and or month, (by vote), provide the top three winners, special, extremely time sensitive discount coupons, and make sure, everyone who submits their videos, and carefully follows all of your specific guide lines, receives some type of meaningful savings coupon as well.

 5.) Potential marketing strategy # five: And finally,(just to keep) the engagement going, create another page on your blog and or website, entitled ‘most unusual pet’ of the week/month photo and or video.

Again, same basic rules as laid out in concept # four, apply here as well.Of course, there is no guarantee, any of these particular marketing strategies will work!

However, that being said, it’s almost a forgone conclusion, the pet store small business owner(s), are far more likely, to be successful, engaging their current customers,rather than constantly spending an outrageous fortune, trying in vain, to create expensive brand new ones! Don’t you agree?

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