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Why Your Cash Strapped Small Business May Be The Key To Big Profits!

So have you noticed, for some odd reason(s), far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs, be they traditional, offline Mom & pop brick and mortar types.

And or if they’re extremely dedicated service providers.

They seem to feel, initially anyway, being an aspiring small business entrepreneur, is enough reason to cower in the corner,and take on the role as the ‘no realistic chance at truly succeeding’under dog.

Have you noticed this tendency as well? They often refer to themselves as a rather insignificant entity. As if somehow, what you and I do, really doesn’t matter.

When in reality, it most certainly does. As you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Know How And Why Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service May Just Be The Real Key To Some Really Big Profits!

Case in  point, of course it would absolutely make no sense, (long or short term), for you and I, and other semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, to try and go head to head, with -either- a fortune 100 or 500 type of entity.Right?

Of course it wouldn’t. But on the flip side, here’s what may not be so readily apparent to you entrepreneur.

Right now, if a potential prospect, whose was  ready to invest a cool six figures in your business, and or service,by hiring you.

How many layers of bureaucracies, would it take to reach you, either by, phone call, text message(s), Facebook messenger, email and or whatever else you can think of.

And by the same token, if this same potential vendor, wanted to do business, with a corporate 100 and or 500 type of entity.

Could they simply pick up their phone and instantly be connected with the ultimate decision maker? Odds are, probably not.

The Overall Size Of Your Small Business Or Service Is Not Nearly As Important As It-s Overall Effectiveness!

Just like, an extremely lightweight sports car, your well oiled small business and or service, can literally pivot today, and start catering to a potential customer and or client, on practically a moments notice, correct?

And equally important, unlike the fortune 100 and 500 big boys & girls, your sleeker business and or service, can offer far more extremely viable options, when it comes to delivering, outstanding, personalized customer service, can you not?

And please (whatever you do!), make sure, you don’t under estimate, the long term profit potential, of personalized customer service.

For ex; let’s say it’s the weekend, and a potential client, desperately needs to convey some much needed changes to a ongoing project.

The best of luck to you, trying to personally reach, either the CEO, COO and or CFO or director of X,Y or Z etc. 😀

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Can Definitely Help Separate You From Your Big Buck Competitors!

On the other hand, if a potential prospect/customer, is ready to award you or I, with a cool six figures worth of business. How difficult would it be to reach you or I, no matter where you happen to be in the world? Exactly.

And the other potentially critically important point to consider is, your small business and or service, can personalize practically every aspect of your project, in order to fully cater, to your customers initial and ever revolving needs.

And you can do it, without the need and or approval of layers out committees.You’ll have far less stress in your life, and so will your potential customers/clients as well. 😀

Being small helps you become laser focused and highly engaged, with any given potential customer and or client, does it not?

As opposed to a really big, multi layered enterprise.They just aren’t able and or sometimes, as willing to allow for necessary adjustments.Primarily because, they often don’t have to.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Constantly On The Lookout To Make Being A Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Work To Their Advantage!

The main point being, don’t let being, an engaged small business owner, and or service provider, be a potential albatross around your neck and weigh you or I down.

Instead, being to readily appreciate, many of the previous overlooked tangible and non tangible advantages and or assets, being a small business owner and or service provider, really provides.

So stop with the long faces already. Okay? And get back to providing outstanding and truly personalized customer service(s), as only a dedicated small business and or service provider can!

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