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How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, your semi to severely cash starved, and or resourced challenged small business, can still consistently generate tons semi qualified first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar, correct?

And even though you may have, tons of local major competitors, with much deeper corporate pockets, and therefore much larger, traditional type of advertising budgets.

You can still use, some little known, underground, ninja type of marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

And still out promote them, don’t you agree? Part two will delve even deeper into this ‘triangulation’, joint venture (JV) type of marketing arrangement, which you were initially introduced to in part one of this ongoing series. Sound good?

So How Does Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Consistently Generate Semi Qualified First Time Customers For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

Word to the wise, if (for whatever reasons), you still haven’t read part one of this ongoing series, you definitely need to.

Otherwise, what you’re about to be exposed to, won’t be nearly as effective as it could or should be. In terms of kick starting, your natural, creative marketing abilities.

Because for sure, there is definitely, a profitable sales funnel or two, just waiting for your small business and or service, to create it and benefit from it.

So just to quickly recap, the three main major players, in this local ‘triangulation’, sandwich type of joint venture arrangement.

You have a reputable, local dry cleaners business. (And remember) you definitely don’t have to limit this particular marketing strategy, to just one local, reputable dry cleaners store owner.

And you also have an extremely popular, local upscale women-s boutique store owner, and an upscale designer jewelry outlet.

The dry cleaners (in this particular) marketing example only. They will be on the initial front end or the sandwich, (triangulation) JV arrangement, while the jeweler, whose ideal, local female customer, has a total lifetime customer value of -at least- $15,000 dollars, ( or X) over the next five to seven years, they’ll be on the back end of this-sandwich style- particular sales funnel.

Your Well Honed Entrepreneurial Skills Are The Gate Way To Greater And Greater Long Term Profitability!

Before actually approaching the jeweler to join the dry cleaners and the upscale women-s boutique stores cross promotional arrangement.

Every time a female customer brings clothes to the dry cleaner, and they spend at least X amount of dollars, the dry cleaners automatically provides these women, with an extremely time sensitive, VIP brand new customer only, discount coupon from the women-s boutique store.

And they automatically save 20% (or X %) off their very first purchase, plus they automatically receive a free 16 oz. bottle, of one of the stores best selling fragrances, just for bringing a potential first time customer with them whose at least 18 and over.

Plus, the dry cleaner will immediately alert to enter their monthly free drawing, for a chance to win $200 dollars worth or dry cleaning.

And every woman who spends over X amount of dollars, they automatically get entered into the drawing a second time.

Have You Noticed How Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Never Ever Go Out Of Style!

And by the same token, every local, influential female customer, who spends at least x amount at the upscale women-s boutique shop, they automatically get an extremely time sensitive, VIP brand new first time customer discount coupon from the local dry store cleaners.

Where they save 20 (or X%) off their very first purchase. Plus, they are highly encouraged, to enter the boutiques monthly free drawing, for their chance to win an extremely popular designer handbag, which normally retails for at least $750 dollars.

(This way they inexpensively and strategically build their very own opt in email and or mobile marketing list,and their long term sales funnel every day they’re actually open.)

Here’s where this particular cross promotional (JV) type arrangement, gets extremely interesting.

In order to really boost, their local on and offline positive word of mouth buzz, the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner(s), makes darn sure, every female employee of the cleaners, get to purchase, one of their very best selling, and therefore best selling 64 oz. bottles of perfume, at their actual cost!

This way, as these ladies constantly interact, on a daily basis, (M -Sat.) with all of the dry cleaners best, loyal, repeat female customers, the inevitable conversation, about where they got this really great smelling perfume, will most certainly come up, right?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know And Understand Helping Other Local Vendors Ultimately Benefits Them As Well!

Consider the long term after affects, of the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner(s), providing the dry cleaners female employees, with a 64 oz. bottle of the best selling perfume, at their actual cost.

Think about will most definitely happen, once these women leave work.And start closely interacting in with personal inner circle closet friends and family members.

You know they’ll immediately text or call their closet girlfriend(s), daughter(s), in laws,sister (s) neighbors and or close family members, right? Oh yea.

So look at the long term marketing leverage and massive free viral exposure,the savvy women-s boutique store owner (and or) retailer X will constantly receive, whether they’ve spent a nickel, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums, like local-prime time radio and or TV/newspaper ads etc.

Your Small Business Can Market And Promote Like Rock Stars Once You Get the Basic Fundamentals Down!

Plus, the boutique will simply allow the female owner of the dry cleaners, to personally pick out any 64 oz. bottle of perfume they wish, and they can have it for free! Because the marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner, wants indirect access, to the other-local- female entrepreneurs, who are personal friends and or personal acquaintances of the dry cleaner.

If it turns out, the dry cleaners owner (s), are both men, the boutique store owner(s), will gladly let these men-s, wife-s,sisters, in laws and or daughters, (provided they’re at least 18 years old), pick out any 64 oz. bottle of their very best smelling/selling perfume of their choice, and gladly sell it to them at their actual cost.

Plus, the female spouses of the dry cleaners, will also be able to purchase any one designer handbag of their choice, up to $400 dollars,(or X) at the boutique store owners actual cost.Plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc.

All while the boutique store owners major local competitors, constantly spend an outrageous fortune, on dismally performing traditional advertising campaigns.

Which marketing strategies and or tactics, makes more economic sense, for your resourced challenged small business to consistently implement? You so got that right? 

See you in just a little bit in part three, okay? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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