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How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!

Is there anything better, and more satisfying and potentially more profitable, than your semi, to severely cash strapped small business and or service, consistently generating more and more high profit generating customers, for less and less upfront out of pocket expenses?

Don’t you just like the sound of that?

That would sort of be the mother lode of advertising and or promotional mega scores, would it not?

Honestly, what profit seeking entrepreneur, do you currently know, and or can think of, (worth their salt),who wouldn’t be satisfied with that type of arrangement?

Especially if they didn’t have to try and completely overhaul their current business/service. Instead, they just strategically tweak a few things here and there.

And leverage their current contacts and tangible assets, and create more business by doing so. Does this sound like something you’d definitely like to hear more about? Great. Then please read on…

So How Does Your Semi Cash Strapped Small Business Consistently Generate More And More First Time Customers For Less And Less Upfront Out Of Pocket Money?

The really good news is, there are several proven ways, for you and I to consistently do so. And for this particular series of marketing examples, a typical front and back end joint venture (JV) style arrangement will be used.

However, this particular joint venture type of arrangement, will involve three separate, non directly competing -local- vendors, and the primary company in the middle of this sandwich style of ‘triangulation’ arrangement, will leverage, both the company in front and back of them.

This is really cool, so please pay close attention.First, let’s properly set the stage,by naming our three primary participants, and all three are local respected vendors, but not directly competing with each other.

But they all benefit from the same primary, upscale-local- female customer base.And these three main primary players are, a local cleaners, upscale women-s boutique shop and a local upscale jeweler, which targets the exact same target audience.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Strategic Triangulation To Consistently generate More Or More Business For Less Money!(And You Definitely Can Too!)

So the sandwich vendor (the extremely marketing savvy business owner/service provider entrepreneur) in the middle of this type of triangulation, joint venture/cross promotional arrangement, strategically leverages the other two businesses, for the mutual benefit of all three.

And the really cool part is, it doesn’t matter which small business and or service, is actually in the middle. In fact, they can periodically rotate positions, of being in the middle, provided doing so, continuously helps all three vendors.

But for this particular example, in order to demonstrate the enormous long term profit potential, the upscale jeweler will be located at the end of the JV-sandwich- type of triangulation example.

And the upscale cleaners, will be located on the initial front end. And the since the jewelers, local high income earning, ideal female customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars over the next five to seven years.

They’re more than eager, to be the primary financier of most (if not all), of the initial up front out of pocket, promotional/marketing costs.

Because, once they put a pencil to it, they quickly realize, their cost per semi qualified lead, is drastically reduced, by at least 40-60% or more!

Developing Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Definitely Worth The Time And Effort!

Both the jeweler and the upscale women-s boutique store owner(s), approach one, and or several, local, reputable dry store cleaner owners, with solid reputations within the community.

Both the women-s boutique store owner, and the upscale jeweler, wants the dry store cleaners owner(s) to place their two sided index cards, inside the pockets and, or pin these extremely time sensitive discount coupons, on these women-s plastic, covering their clothing.

These two discount coupons, invite these highly influential, potential first time customers, to come to both businesses store fronts, before the coupons expire.

They’ll automatically save 20% at the women-s boutique, off their very first purchase, but save an additional 15% (or X %), simply by bringing any potential first time customer with them, whose 18 and over.

Your Extremely Well Honed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Serve You Well Over The Long Haul!

Plus, just bring a guest with them, whose at least 18, and they’ll also automatically receive a free 16 oz. bottle, of one the stores best selling and smelling perfumes.

As long as supplies last! And when they come to the jewelers store, for the very first time, they’ll automatically save 40% off their very first purchase, of $500 dollars or less.

And save 60% off their very first purchase, between $501 and $1,000 dollars. Plus, they’ll also automatically receive an extremely popular free charm bracelet, which normally retails for $100 dollars.

Provided they bring a potential first customer with them, whose at least 18 years old. This is the basic foundation, from which all three, non directly competing vendors, will strategically build their very on profit generating sales funnels.

With The Right Marketing Strategies Your Resourced Challenged Small Business Can Still Get It Done!

In part two, you’ll discover even more nitty gritty marketing strategies and or tactics.

For now, hopefully you can see and you’re starting to appreciate, how this type of sandwich, triangulation, JV/cross promotional arrangement, can and definitely will, help your semi, to severely cash strapped small business, systematically generate more and more first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar. Any questions?

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