How And Why Your Business Will Succeed With The Right Automation!

You have to admit, there are certain elements of your business and or service, which wouldn’t be nearly as efficient and or effective as they currently are, without the right type of automation, in place,correct?

And yes, (it definitely) goes without saying, some higher end automation,definitely works better than some of the lower end automation.

But still in all, you and I, are better off with some type of access to proven automation, right? Agreed.

Take a look at the remainder of this blog post, then you be the ultimate judge.Fair enough?

So Who Else Wants To Know How And Why Your Business And Or Service Definitely Will Succeed With The Right Type Of Automation!

First of all, with regards to some proven automation, take youtube as a prime example.

Since you already know and recognize, youtube is the second, most used and recognized search engine on the planet, correct?

Case in point, whenever you and I, and or your major competitors, get certain long tail keyword, optimized videos,on youtubes 1st, 2nd and or third page.

They get continuous, organic (free), targeted traffic, to their videos, which hopefully have some type of market tested “CTA” (Call To Action) in them.

Here’s the other thing to consider, let’s say you (like me), currently has at least a few videos, on youtubes 1st page, for specific, long tail keyword phrases.

See the screenshot image -just- below, because it highlights, two of my videos, which currently occupy youtubes 1st page, for a specific long tail keyword phrase.)


How And Why Your Business Will Succeed With The Right Automation!

Why Your Small Business And Or Service Can And Definitely Will Benefit From The Right Type Of Automation!

Case in point, when you or I, get your videos ranked on youtube and or Googles 1st or second page. The longer your/our videos rank high on youtubes 1st or second page, the more ad revenue, both youtube and Google can generate.

And you also receive other little known perks.For example, (when you) take a really close look at the screenshot image above.

Here’s what you’ll discover, the top video, is currently listed # one on youtube, for the long tail keyword phrase, “how to get a bank loan approved.”

However, if you look closely at the second video, (as of the) publishing of this particular blog post, the second video, which is currently listed # two, (on the exact same page!), for the long tail keyword phrase, “bank loan approved.”

It only has 48 views. Primarily because it just got moved to youtubes 1st page.My guess is, because it’s a relevant subject, to my primary video, which currently has 41,922 views! 😀

Strategic Video Marketing Is One Of The Proven Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Service!

So out of the blue, I now have another video, with relevant subject matter, now listed (for the moment) anyway, on youtubes 1st page.

And for a completed different, long tail keyword phrase, but it’s currently listed # two, under my most viewed video,on the exact same page.

Once again, strategic automation, has really taken my video marketing efforts, to a whole new level, don’t you agree?

And best part is, you create your videos once, and they work for you and I, and or your major competitors, from now on.Provided, they remained ranked, on youtubes and or Googles, 1st or second pages.

Strategic Automation Is Definitely A Must! (Don’t You Agree?)

So this is the primary reason, this particular video, is being showcased in this blog post.Hopefully, if this blog posts gets free (organic) traffic, the video gets double the exposure.

And since it has a “CTA” an my blog post has one to, strategic automation has a chance to work for me, 24/7.

Hopefully you’re starting to appreciate, how and why strategic automation,  will definitely help your business and or service succeed.Don’t you agree?

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