how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel You Can Totally Rely On!

So as soon as you (or I) hear the phrase, how to build  sales funnel, your mind is immediately flooded with all types of potential possibilities, correct?

And is it -truly- any wonder? After all, if you were to bother to Google the phrase “how to build a sales funnel,”you’ll see a gazillion and one relevant responses, correct? For sure.

However, right out of the gate let’s be crystal clear here.

The type of potential, money making sales funnel which is being referenced here, is not about all the fancy sounding definitions or industry wide jargon, you may have become accustomed to hearing and or reading about.

Instead, the ultimate purpose of this particular post, is to -hopefully- expose you to a market tested sales funnel template, which you can start using right now, and start relying on going forward. Sound like a plan or what?

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Build A Sales Funnel You Can Totally Rely On!

One of the main keys to creating a reliable sales funnel and or sales funnel process, is by making sure, your funnel, has certain -basic-, must have elements and or components.

And by doing so, you greatly increase the odds, your funnel, will be successful long term. Of course, (it goes without saying), you definitely have to be open, to consistently testing and tweaking as you go, in order to maximize, your long term profit potential.

And obviously, the more you intimately understand, how and why, you want your potential prospects, to perform certain tasks, the easier it is, to create a customized and reliable sales funnel process, to compel and or ethically bribe them, to do so.

 How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Is Truly Evergreen!

Below is a screen shot, of a simple sales funnel type of template, any aspiring service entrepreneur could-either- use as is.

And simply tweak it around the edges, and or customize it to fit your specific service. Take a look.

(Important note: Your specific sales funnel, does not have to have every single component featured in this hypothetical marketing example. It just needs to follow the basic, proven outline.)

Let’s say you’re an aspiring CPA and or any other type of licensed, financial services providing professional.

Your initial high end offer could be, 60-90 minute a month, paid one on one consulting sessions, for small business owners and or service providers at $1,500 – $3,000 dollars per month.(Or X.)

But they save 20 (or X%) off, simply by making one annual payment a year, early in January of each brand new year.(And for doing so, you also provide X amount of additional free bonuses, valued at X.)

And your mid level, (bread and butter), main service could be, monthly paid group coaching sessions, of 60-90 minute each, for ten to twenty small business owners and or service providers, who pay $997 per month (or X.)

Proven Retail Selling Tips Should Make Up The Majority Of Your Sales Funnel!

Plus, they receive a free membership, in a private Facebook (or similar) group. Where they can ask any and all additional-related- questions, about proven -cutting edge- tax saving (and or) tax reducing strategies and or tactics etc.

And or, how to properly structure their businesses, for maximum safety, from potential company sinking lawsuits, and or maximum profit generating potential.

Their initial -low cost-, front end offer, could be 12 (or X) number of -either-, 60 -90 minute online webinar recordings, and or tele-seminar recordings.

Which would normally retail for $4,200 dollars.(Or X.) But -for an extremely limited time, you can purchase them for just a one time payment of $77 or $97 dollars!

And they detail how to legally maximize your long term tax savings, using 15 (or X) little known, cutting edge, IRS approved tax saving, and or tax reducing strategies and or tactics.

And their free lead magnet, list building offer could be, a seven or ten day, video boot camp recording series, entitled:“Seven Little Known And Rarely Used Tax Reducing Strategies!” (The Average Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Is Completely Unaware Of!)

Successfully Marketing Your Small Business And Or Service Should Definitely Include A Reliable Sales Funnel Of Some Kind!

Of course you (or they) should constantly inexpensively A/B split test various main power headlines and or potential free lead magnet offers, in order to discover which free lead bait consistently produces the most bang for your buck.

And yes, if need be, your customized sales funnel, can be as elaborate as you wish. But thank goodness, this isn’t a requirement, in order to get started.

Just keep the basic components in mine as you initial start, tweak, adjust accordingly and continue moving forward.

And hopefully, you get the overall, general idea of how to build a sales funnel, you can totally rely on, correct? Great.

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  1. Your blog and your idea was helfull for me thacnx for this

    i just find this post and dicide to share on social media and twitter thanx for this this is real helpfull post
    such a greate article
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  2. One of the most important takeaways for me Mark is your point about how all sales funnels don’t have to be alike. It’s so easy when you’re new at something to limit yourself to what the “experts” say will work. You can still follow the basic principles and yet create something that sets you apart from the crowd. Thanks for the advice and inspiration!
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