how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Adds Value To Your Business!

Wanna know how to build a sales funnel, which not only adds long term value to your business and or service, but actually makes you some money in the process?

Hopefully one, which isn’t too time consuming and or expensive.

Granted, any type of reliable sales funnel, is definitely going to take some time and continuous real effort to build, correct?

And you probably won’t be able to do so, without investing some of your hard earned dollars and devoting some time to learning how to do so, right?

Then it most certainly stands to reason, this type of ongoing project, will require focus and a strategic allocation, of both your tangible and intangible assets, agreed? Let’s have a closer look under the hood, in order to develop a much better understanding of this vitally important process.

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Truly Adds Value To Your Business And Or Service?

Right out of the gate, you at least partially understand, there are different types of sales funnels, correct? And within the sales funnel itself, there are various standard components, right?

There are on and offline sales funnels as well. So for this particular post. The type of sales funnel building and nurturing strategies, primarily revolve around an offline sales funnel, which over time, not only adds some real value to your business and or service.

But it ultimately generates a steady and dependable profit as well.And the really good news is, it’s not the overly convoluted type, which focuses on sales cycles and brand awareness etc.

Let the Harvard MBA’s go down this road if they must. 😎 Instead, you focus on steadily building a reliable sales funnel, which yields predictable results.Okay?

Why Some Form Of Strategic Email Marketing Strategies Should Definitely Be An Integral Part Of Your Sales Funnel!

Let’s say you run, a very successful, upscale women-s clothing and accessories boutique shop.And you target local women, who currently earn high five and six figure a year incomes.

Because this specific target group,currently has a total lifetime customer value metric of $8,500 – $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven year period.

And let’s also say, one of your most popular and successful promotions, is your monthly free drawing, where each month, one extremely lucky, opt in email/mobile marketing subscriber, wins a beautiful, designer handbag, which normally retails for $950 dollars -or X.

And every month, the other 99% of your runner ups, they automatically qualify, for two really cool, potential benefits, as long as they meet the following requirements.

Who Else Wants To Know How To Build A Sales Funnel For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

These runner ups, can enter a special monthly raffle, where they get a chance, to win a $650 dollar designer handbag.

And as long as they meet the following two requirements, they are allowed to enter the raffle.

1.) First: They must bring at least one potential, brand new first time customer to your store with them, before the end of the month,whose at least 18 years of age.

And by doing so, they automatically qualify, to purchase one of your best selling, high end 64 oz. bottles of perfume, which normally retails for $195 dollars a bottle (or X).

However,they can purchase it for just $90 dollars (or X), plus any and all applicable taxes & fees.

2.) Second: They must be a current opt in mail/mobile marketing subscriber, to enter the raffle, for just $100 dollars.

Otherwise, they can still enter the raffle, but it will cost all non subscribers $350 dollars to do so! 😎 Here’s why condition number one, is so critically crucial, to your long term growth, and or lack thereof.

Sometimes The Most Straight Forward Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners Or Service Providers Seem To Work Best!

Here’s what you need to thoroughly understand, about what potentially could happen, when a current subscriber, drags a potential first time customer with them, to your store. 😎

Obviously there are a gazillion possibilities, but let’s just focus on four main ones.

1.) First: For whatever reasons, this potential first time customer, may never decide to become a paying customer and therefore, long term repeat customer.

Because maybe they feel like your prices are way too high. Or they don’t like the ongoing services you provide etc.

2.) Second: Next, maybe they decide to join at least one of your opt in email /mobile marketing lists, but even though they remain on your various list, for the most part, they barely or rarely even open your email/mobile messages, let alone click on any of your sales links and purchase anything. 😎

3.) Third: Maybe they join your opt in email list, on their very first visit, because of your market tested ethical bribe.

But all they ever seem to purchase, are your lower end products and or services.And seems like the only time they even bother to open your emails, is when it’s obvious, you’re promoting some type of ‘blowout’ sales event etc.

The Right Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies Are Definitely Worth Their Weight In Gold!

4.) Four: Here’s where the vast majority of your major competitors -truly- blow it, with regards to strategic lead generating and building an extremely profitable, long term sales funnel process.

These customers at the lower end of your buying spectrum, can still potentially be extremely value to the long term growth of your business and or service. Say what?

Simply because, you never, ever truly know, who they routinely socialize with, and or who they’re personally related to.

Or who they currently work for and or who may currently work for them etc. So just because they may personally only spend their hard earned money, on your super bargains.

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Be The Booster Rocket To Even Greater Long Term Profits!

When they return to both their -immediate personal and or professional inner circles, you never know who or whom in those circles, will be immensely impressed, by the fact, someone-s wearing, a $300 dollar pair of diamond studded earrings, which only cost the person wearing them, $110 dollars, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees! 😎

They will definitely want to know what the full story is. which means, you can bet, your lower end customer, will spark a social media avalanche.Don’t you agree?

So here’s your major takeaway. Don’t be afraid and or hesitate, to sell your lower end customers, some of your higher end products, for or just above your actual hard costs, because you never ever truly know, who they are, or soon will be in personal or professional contact with,right?

Or who could whined up being one of your ideal, long term customers, patients and or clients etc.

By systematically doing so, this is how to build a sales funnel, which definitely adds long term value to your business and or service! Don’t you agree?

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