Automation: Why It May Not Lead You Straight To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!

Entrepreneur, is your small, semi cash strapped business and or service, currently benefiting from some form of proven automation or not?

And if not, why not?

On the other hand, have you, like so many other, extremely dedicated, startup entrepreneurs, inadvertently, placed far too much positive expectations, on the wrong type of automation and or technology?

Are you sure? Because it seems like, an awful lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, are totally convinced, automaton in and of itself, will eventually and ultimately lead them to their promised pot of gold.Good luck with that. 😉

Let’s take a really closer look, as to why this may be the case. And what you definitely need to do, to correct it.If it is.

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know Why Some Forms Of Really Simple Automation May Not Necessarily Lead You Straight To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!

Before getting directly into the meat of this particular post. Let’s be crystal clear. Without a doubt, you and I, definitely need to be constantly and fully leveraging, various forms and types of automation and or technology.

The potential danger arises, if or when, you and I, rely way too heavily, on the wrong types of automation.

For ex; if you’re leaning and relying far too much, on your various social media accounts, to reach your target audience, instead of continuously building, your very own, opt in email/mobile marketing list.

Over time, without notice, you may find yourself at a grave disadvantage. Because one of these major social media platforms, may change their rules and suddenly, your account(s) get completely shutdown.

Sadly, it happens far too frequently.

A Really Simple Marketing Plan Definitely Includes Some State Of The Modern Technology And Or Automation As Well!

Case in point;notice the video embedded in this particular post? It’s one of my most viewed videos.

Currently, (as of this publishing), it has 42,747 views. And it’s steadily growing.

And currently ranks on youtube-s 1st page, for the specific, long tail keyword phrase, “how to get a bank loan approved.”

But who’s to say, youtube (and or) Google, since Google currently owns youtube. 😀 What if the powers that be, decide to change their video ranking algorithms.

And just like that, my video along with all the others, currently ranking on page one or two, suddenly end up on page five, or even further down the rankings. 😀

Even though my video has a market tested “Call To Action” (CTA) in it, where would this ultimately leave me? Exactly.

So are you starting to see and appreciate, why it may not be in your long term best interest, to rely too heavily, on various forms and of types of technology and or automation? Say yes!

So How Does Some Forms Of Simple Automation Not Necessarily Lead To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!

Have a look. Hopefully, you’re consistently adding some fresh, how to, problem solving content (of any kind!), to your WordPress blog.

And if you are, hopefully you are currently taking advantage of your RRS feed (Really Simple Syndication)capabilities.

For ex; have a close look, at the two screenshot images below. Both were recently taking, inside the dashboard of my WordPress blog.

Both show recent updates, of the current number of voluntary subscribers, who’ve joined my RSS feed.See how my subscriber base increased?


Automation: Why It May Not Lead You Straight To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!


Automation: Why It May Not Lead You Straight To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!


So they can receive free, instant email message updates, whenever any new content, is published on my blog.Pretty cool, right?

Here’s the major caveat to constantly be aware of.

You Definitely Need Some Type Of Control In Order For Your Lead Generation Strategies To Be The Most Profitable And Effective!

While it’s definitely a really good thing, for you and I, to have a free subscriber base, volunteer to receive email alert updates, each time any brand new, problem solving content is published on our blog.

The potential problem, with this particular type of automaton is. When all the dust settles.

Guess what, you and I, really have no control over what our subscribers receive.Huh? Case in point. By having your very own opt in email/mobile marketing list.

You may decide to send out, twice in one week, two, previously unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alerts.

Maybe you need to announce, a last minute change or maybe you need to announce, you’re marking down your current over stock even lower.

But only your VIP opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers, can take ultimate advantage, of this 72 hour window!

The Wrong Type Of Automation Limit And Or Shackles Your Entrepreneurial Possibilities!

Your free RRS feed,unfortunately doesn’t allow you this type of much needed marketing flexibility.Now does it? Sadly it does not.

Does this mean you shouldn’t use and or leverage it as much and as often as you possibly can? Of course not. 😀

Just be keenly aware, in the end, all types of modern technology and or automation, is definitely not created equal! Don’t you agree?

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