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5 Potentially Profitable Ways Email Marketing Adds Value To Your Business!

You certainly have (little) or no real problem, with your business and or service, becoming more valuable, correct?

Especially if it doesn’t take deep corporate pockets, in order to do, correct?

And if it turns out, strategic email marketing of some kind, can and does, add more value to your business, you’ll definitely be okay with, right?

Great. Because in the remainder of this particular post, you’re about to discover, a bare bones minimum, of at least five proven ways, strategic email marketing strategies, can and most definitely will, add value to businesses bottom line. Sound good?

So Who Else Wants To Discover Five Potentially Profitable Ways Strategic Email Marketing Strategies Can Definitely Add Value To Your Business!

First of all, (please) stop and consider, this far too often overlooked, potential benefit and advantage to strategic email marketing campaigns.

Let’s say, you currently run a local printing business, and after running your -customary- free drawing, during the primary summer months of June – September.

You whined up, with an additional, 2,000 opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers on one of your main lists.Which brings your total opt in subscribers, to a very respectable total of 6,500 and counting.

There Are Lots Of Ways To Promote Your Business Which May Not Necessarily Be As Cost Effective As Others!

Not too shabby, correct? Now then, suppose, if you were not currently, utilizing any type of email marketing strategies and o tactics.

And you instead, had to snail mail,(a combination of) 6,500 prospects and or customers.Even if you used bulk post card postage.You’d still need to pay your typesetting cost each time you changed anything, correct?

Hopefully you readily appreciate, just how potentially expensive and time consuming, this entire process could turn out to be, even if you mailed them in batches of 250-500 at a time.

Introducing Five Potentially Profitable Way Strategic Email Marketing Strategies Can And Definitely Will Add Value To Your Business And Or Service!

First of, you don’t necessarily need, (right out of the gate anyway!), an opt in email/mobile marketing list of 6,500 subscribers or more, in order to be successful utilizing email marketing campaigns of any kind.

So take a really deep breath and light up just a bit. 😀 This being said. You definitely need, a reputable, paid email service provider platform, in order to truly enjoy, the following, five potential benefits, derived from strategic email marketing strategies and or tactics.

First and foremost, practice the proven art, of become an extremely valuable resource, both in the minds of your ideal prospects and customers, patients and or clients etc. And simply let strategic email marketing, be one of your vehicles, to help you convey such value.

And your major competitors, will be constantly eating your dust.

1.) Potential way to add value # one: First, you can and definitely should, use your email marketing campaigns, to provide, in depth case studies, to help demonstrate, both your proven expertise, in helping your ideal prospects (leads) solve their major issues, problems and or concerns etc.

Plus, in depth case studies, provide all important social proof.And different types of social proof, definitely leads to more sales and social media dialogue. 😀

2.)  Potential way to add value # two: Next, use your strategic email marketing campaigns, to deliver timely reviews, of potential affiliate products and or services, (you too) have personally benefited from, and therefore you highly recommend, for various reasons.

Your Market Tested Email marketing Strategies Can Help You Add Multiple Streams Of Income To Your Bottom Line!

3.)  Potential way to add value # three: Either grab and or create, a series of step by step video tutorials, and deliver them via your opt in email, drip campaigns.

These videos, can-either- be you on screen, (if you’re) comfortable being in front of the camera. And or they can simply be, you narrating Power Point slides.

(Hint: At least 98% of the 477 videos on my youtube channel, are simply me narrating Power Point slides, and they still-routinely- produce opt in email subscribers! 😎

4.)  Potential way to add value # four: You can and definitely should, use your email marketing campaigns, to deliver- either- written and or video testimonials, from some of your top customers, patients and or clients etc.

This is a very powerful and proven form of ‘social proof.’

5.)  Potential way to add value # five: And finally, you most definitely, should be using your email marketing campaigns, to deliver, either front end webinar recordings, as one of your best, free list building, lead magnets.

Or as a proven strategy, for educating your prospects, before offering/promoting, some of your higher end products and or services, in your sales funnel.

These are just five initial ways, you and I, can utilize strategic email marketing campaigns and or strategies, to ad value to your business and or service.Don’t you agree?

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