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3 Simple Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs Which Generate Bankable Results!

So when it comes to -both- consistently and profitably promoting and or advertising your extremely valuable products and or services.

Are you of the mindset, to reach for your check book and just starting writing checks and -holding on-, waiting to see, how things eventually turn out?

Let’s hope not.Are you truly open to discovering, three incredibly simple to implement, marketing tips for entrepreneurs, which definitely help you start making more money, with less upfront out of pocket expenses.

Or is your first gut kneed reaction, to look for some form of paid advertising? Be it on or off, one of the extremely popular social media platforms?

And far more importantly, (as of right now), are you somehow totally convinced, your sales funnel,  has and must start -somewhere-, outside of your business, instead of within? 😀

If you do, prepare to not only change your current thinking, but prepare to change your approach, and therefore, start increasing your long term profits too. Sound like a plan or what?

So Who Else Wants To Discover Three Incredibly Simple Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs Which Definitely Help You Make More Money! (For Less Money And Effort!)

Those of you who’ve been reading and implementing, at least some of what you’ve previously discovered on this particular blog.

You’ve already heard mentioned, and continuously hear, it stressed.

You definitely should be routinely implementing, some type of proven ‘bounce back’ offers, correct?

Case in point, because part of my information marketing business, occasionally involves, some type of mail order.

Meaning, first time and or repeat customers, often purchase, certain hard cover, self published workbooks, I promote via snail mail.

Guess what, whenever a order comes in and therefore gets mailed out first class priority shipping. 😀 (Anywhere within the continental USA.)

More Times Than Not Consistently Implementing Proven Marketing Tips And Or Strategies Often Lead To Generating Multiple Streams Of Income Producing Opportunities!

The first time customer, is automatically sent, some type of extremely time sensitive, market tested “OTO” (One Time Only), discounted price, “Thanks for your very first order” offer. 😀

And likewise, a repeat customer, typically receives, some type of market tested, extremely time sensitive discount coupon, to either:

 A.) Purchase some other physical information product and or bundle pack offer.

B.) And or, purchase one on one, hourly and or packaged consultation promotions, and save X.

And just depending on, (what time of year it is), and the ethical bribe inducing price discount and other extremely time sensitive bonuses being offered.

On average, about 25-40% of the recipients, will take advantage of these market tested offers.

Effectively Implementing Battlefield Tested Small Business Marketing Strategies Definitely Help Gradually Improve Your Cash Flow!

Here’s the other way, a proven (market tested) bounce back offer, (or series) of proven bounce back offers, (for those you) who are a little more advanced! 😀

Here’s the other way, you and I, can consistently monetize this mega proven strategy.You can (and definitely should), allow some of your most reliable, potential joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners to either sell and or give away, some of lower cost, front end physical products, and or services, to their valued customer/client base.

As ethical bribe, free or low cost bonuses valued at X.They (hopefully) induce more leads and or current customers, clients and or patients, to do X.

And you and I, relatively speaking, get inexpensively introduced, to more potential first time opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers. And eventually, more first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can And Definitely Lead To More Subscribers And Eventually Customers!(Don’t You Agree?)

And please don’t forget and or discount, you can and should, strategically bundle your extremely valuable, front end lead magnet products and or services, with other non directly competing vendors.

To help increase the perceived value, of your JV and or cross promotional partners offers. This way, you generate even more front and back end, income generating opportunities. 😀

Either way you decide to proceed, hopefully you’re now starting to better appreciate, how some incredibly simple, marketing tips for entrepreneurs, can and definitely will, help you make more money (over time!), for a whole lot less effort.  Don’t you agree?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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