Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Treat Their Business Like A TV Series Not The Movies!

So like many of today’s extremely savvy entrepreneurs, you probably love to catch a really good feature film, every now again.Correct? Absolutely! Me too!

But do you also (occasionally) prefer, a well done, low budget independent film? Again, me too.

And have ever  seriously stopped to consider, just “how” many incredibly parallel lessons and comparisons, there are to be made, between successful, on and offline marketing, and the movie business? Huh?

Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.Case in point: take a closer look at the following three situations, and see if you don’t agree, you can learn an awful lot, about successful marketing in general, and online marketing in particular, simply by studying the movie industry.

So Why In The World Should Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Treat Their Businesses Like An Extremely Popular TV Series And Not A Major Feature Film?

Okay, so do you happen to notice, each time you attend your local movie theater, or whenever you purchase a DVD, the very first thing these extremely savvy marketers do is, they make darn sure you and I are aware of the “coming attractions,” do they not?

Meaning: at the very beginning of the DVD, you and I are exposed to 5-7 minute snippets of various movies, that are  about to be released very soon!

So in other words, they make darn sure, we’re totally aware of, “what’s” coming just ahead! Case in point, whenever a guru is about to undertake a major “product launch,” what do they do?

Both they, and their army of affiliate, and JV (joint venture) and cross promotional partners, literally bombard our inboxes with pre launch videos, webinars and pre sales events!Do they not? Yep!See any similarities?

Effective Lead Generation Strategies And The Movie Business Are Closely Related!

Now (stop) and consider this, whenever Hollywood releases a big buck feature film, with one or two, (or more) major box office stars, and they go all out on the multi million dollar promotion! (Sound familiar? )

After you and I and millions of others, flood into the movie theaters, and text friends and family members, giving the movie (either) a giant thumbs up or down.What happens after this major event passes? Exactly.

On the other hand, think about one of your current,(or all time favorite) network TV dramas, and or weekly sitcoms.

Each week (each episode), sort of builds on what happened the week (or ) previous episode, does it not?

Case in point: As the various story lines (continuously) unfold, they sort of compel us to tune in for the very next episode, to see “how” things ultimately play out,right?

And now, with the addition of social media, the world wide raving fans, can and will, take to social, to express their opinion(s.)

Or to vote on this is that! Or to participate, and comment on the season finale, or to bid farewell to the series altogether etc.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Definitely Think Long Term!(Which Means You Should Too!)

Now think about your small business and or service.Whenever you have and or participate in any type “grand opening” event, that’s basically the equivalent of a gurus one time product launch, or a major motion picture, one time promotional event event, is it not?

And once the major promotional event is over.My friend, that’s “why” and when, you definitely need to convert from your major feature film event, promotional mentality, over to the weekly (ongoing) sitcom/drama marketing mentality!Huh?

Meaning: In order to get your best, (incredibly loyal) customers and or clients, to consistently return to your offline store/showroom, and or your online, (mobile responsive) WordPress website and or blog etc.

My friend, you definitely need some proven ways, to increase their engagement!Don’t you agree?

Treat Your Small Business Like A Real Business! (And Not Merely A Series Of Hyped Up Promotional Events!)

Case in point: let’s you run a (single location) Mom & pop style printing business.

And you offer every customer that spends over $50, (or X) amount of dollars.They automatically get a two sided annually renewable discount card, which allows them to purchase two sided copies at (just five cents) over you actual cost, for the next year!

Or in the case of your Mom & Pop family style restaurant, you allow your best customers to purchase any two desserts for just $1.50 apiece, for an entire year!(With your special laminated discount card of course! )Provided, you bring at least one, brand new potential first time customer with you, whose 18 and over!

Can you (now) see and appreciate, “how” these type of “battlefield tested” strategies, mirror a popular weekly, ongoing sitcom and or drama? As opposed, to a single one time, hyped up, major promotional event?

If so,  my friend, that’s how and why, savvy entrepreneurs, definitely need to market their products & services, more like an ongoing TV series, as opposed to (hyped up) one time promotional (major) feature film event!Any questions?Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can

apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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8 Responses to Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Treat Their Business Like A TV Series Not The Movies!
  1. Mark,

    I can see that you’ve been there and done that. You absolutely know what you’re talking about! Online businesses are marathons, NOT sprints!!! I’m all about building up a solid foundation and that takes time, as do all good things in this life.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
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  2. Hi Mark,

    A neat analogy – a movie versus a TV series.

    And you’re right of course. Businesses ought to look at their business as a tv series – a number of regular events building on the last.

    I think we can borrow something from the restaurant game. The best restauranteurs treat their nightly session as a ‘show’ or a performance. Top restaurants are good at using theatrical touches to leave an indelible impression in the minds of patrons. My point is that even more mundane businesses can use the idea – create a series of memorable experiences for customers.

    Sorry, Mark. Rambling now



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  3. Hi Mark,

    What a great idea. Of course, as a writer, I’m thinking in terms of a continuing story. I can also see how it would be an awesome strategy for marketing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thats a cool guide. Every small business has a potential if taken care properly over the period of time.
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