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Why It’s Just Lunch For Your Major Competitors But It’s A Potential Lead Generation Goldmine For You!

Entrepreneur, (in your wildest of dreams), did you ever truly stop to consider, that where  you and several colleagues, friends and or associates frequently eat lunch, (provided) it’s  more family style orientated), just might be where or “how” you could create a potential lead  generation goldmine of sorts?

That thought probably has never occurred to you up to this point has it? But rest assured,  under the right entrepreneurial circumstances, (meaning) both you and the owner(s)  being open to it!

It most certainly has real possibilities, as you will shortly discover!So please do hang on    just a bit.

However, right out of the gate, let’s be extremely crystal clear here; the following  non traditional type of semi “ninja” marketing strategies you are about to be exposed to,  involve you and or someone you currently know and respect, already having an ongoing  established friendship/business relationship of some kind, with at least one or two family style oriented local restaurant owners.

Who are hopefully, at least open to hearing “how” the two of you may possibly help strategically grow each others businesses, for literally pennies on the dollar!

So How Does An Extremely Savvy Entrepreneur Such As Yourself Strategically Turn Your Standard Place Where You And Your Colleagues Routinely Eat Lunch Into A Potential Lead Generation Goldmine?

So do you currently have, and or know of a local (family style) oriented restaurant, where you and some of your colleagues like to routinely meet for lunch and or dinner?

You know, it’s got great food that’s still reasonably priced and lots families bring their kids there as well!Believe it or not (entrepreneur), if you and or a respected colleague or a relative has been eating there long enough, and at least one of you is on a first name basis with (either) the owners and or managers etc.

And they happen to have additional rooms they periodically rent out to local businesses for various (private) banquets and other type of dinner party celebrations etc.

You (and or) your major competitors may be on the verge of hitting the proverbial “Mother lode!” 😎 Here’s why?

Let’s suppose you are the typical, (not necessarily) marketing savvy Magician. And even though you’ve got tons of skills and kids, primarily five to twelve years of age, along with their parents and guests at the events you routinely perform at.

They absolutely rave (on and offline) about your routines, you’re not to good at consistently generating any new business from your (all too) typical, standard advertising methods!

Thank goodness though, you practically survive (on both) good old fashion positive word of mouth and mouse buzz!Because your Facebook fan page is full of likes and practically every time you perform, at least a portion of your extremely popular routines, gets video taped and posted on both yours and other customers youtube channels. And pictures of your performances regularly gets tweeted and are constantly featured on Pintrest and Instagram etc!

Thank Goodness It Only Takes A Hand Full Of Really Good Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies To Move Off Center In A Really Big Way!

So let’s suppose you approach the owners of the restaurant, about strategically helping each other (not only) grow each other businesses, for literally pennies on the dollar!

But, also create some serious long term “customer goodwill” in the process as well! Here’s one of the very first “market tested” lead generation strategies the both of you will inexpensively test!

Since you already know from the way your numbers fall on your typical performances. You typically charge $300 dollars per hour for your typical family outing ,with a bare bones minimum requirement of two hours!

And for your more upscale private corporate events, you typically charge them $500 dollars per hours, again with a minimum of two hours required!

However, now that you’re starting to study various proven marketing strategies, you now automatically offer a “VIP quick decision” 25% discount to any family with more than one kid, that wants to book you on the spot, for a future engagement with another kid and or relative etc.

And you also require an upfront twenty percent “good faith” deposit, in order to make it temporarily legally binding!And you also offer the same 25%  VIP discount to your corporate clients as well!

However, typically at your corporate performances, it’s your corporate clients who wish to book you on the spot for their kids and or grand kids etc!

So now, whenever you perform corporate outings, your flyer that you circulate prior to your performances, offers 35% off any private shows to individual families, only to the first seven potential clients that head over to your WordPress blog, and (first) join your opt in list and then head to  your sales page and leave their twenty percent good faith deposit!

And of course, as long as they cancel at least 48 hours before you’re scheduled to perform, you’ll gladly refund 100% of their deposit! Otherwise, you’ll gladly refund 85% of their good faith deposit and you’ll retain 15% for compensating you for having to rearrange your schedule at the last minute!And attempting to refill that pre- scheduled time!

Let Your Major Competitors Go Broke As They Struggle To Implement Some Consistent Lead Generation Strategies!

That said, you’ll offer the savvy restaurant owner $300 dollars and (your best market tested) two sided business and or index cards, and tell their wait staff to do the following with them. Pick out at least eight different (non) related adults with kids between the ages of five and twelve.

And before they finish their meal and pay for it. The wait staff will approach (either) this husband and wife and or Mom & her close friend, or Grand Mother or Grand father or Dad and his kids etc.

And tell them an extremely valued (local vendor) that being you! This vendor has graciously paid $25 dollars toward their entire bill! And and that’s when they also hand the adults one of your best (market tested) two sided business and or index cards!

And side (A.) congratulates them and side (B.) invites them to head over to your WordPress blog, so they can enter your monthly “free” drawing for their chance to win a two hour private show, that’s valued at whatever your current hourly charge is, times two!Bingo!

Now first of all, ladies & gentlemen, “how” do you think that totally unexpected gesture of goodwill will make those patrons feel?You got that right!Secondly, you think a certain percentage of those card holders will head over to your WordPress blog and enter your free drawing!Yea!

And third, you think those Moms and Grand moms won’t be texting a few girlfriends, relatives and really close colleagues, to let them know which restaurant they got this totally unexpected offer from? You’d better believe it!

And finally, let’s look at your position.You’re strategically building a highly targeted semi qualified opt in list are you not? And each month and or every 60 days, you’ll choose at least one extremely lucky grand prize winner!

And strategically follow up with all of that month’s runner ups and offer them some sort of “quick decision” discount offer correct? Absolutely!

In part two, you’ll discover even more proven ways to strategically turn where you and your colleagues routinely eat lunch, into a potential lead generation goldmine!Until then.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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