Whenever You Run Out Of Fresh Creative Marketing Ideas Do This!

Whenever You Run Out Of Fresh Creative Marketing Ideas Do This!

Ever heard it said, “it’s far easier to service and  educate than it is to sell!” Don’t you agree? And lot’s of times, it’s far easier to simply leverage what others have already done, than it is to struggle with trying to keep finding new inspirations for creative marketing ideas!

Don’t you agree? Hey’ it’s a beautiful thing if you’re truly one of the extremely gifted  individuals that walks among us, and you’ve got more creative marketing ideas, than you possibly handle! Great!

But for the rest of us mere mortals! If you’re tired of constantly struggling trying to be creative! And you’d still like to profit from your carefully researched niche market! Boy, you’re gonna love this!

 Do This The Very Next Time You’re Fresh Out Of Creative Marketing Ideas!

Ever heard the name Bernie Madoff? And most (if not all) of you reading this know “why” that name lives in infamy, correct? However, entrepreneur do you also know and understand “how” or why your business, product or service can and should learn an extremely powerful and potentially profitable marketing lesson, because of the  multi billion dollar Bernie Madoff financial scandal?

Simply this! Whenever you get the chance to educate your current and future potential customers and or clients! Do it! Because the extremely savvy marketer(s) that strategically pull back the proverbial curtain, and expertly reveals  the real behind the scenes workings of X, Y and Z product, service and or company etc!

You become the perceived hero/advocate! Who’s there to save the day! For ex: What if a savvy financial planner and or CPA took the time to create a powerful free DVD and or special report, or podcast and or video series entitled: Seven sure fire ways to discover if you’re unwittingly involved in an illegal Ponzi scheme!

(And what to do about it if you are!) And start  strategically marketing it, right after the Bernie  Madoff scandal made national and enter national news!

Or popular local and national financial call in talk shows devoted their entire three hour segments to that issue and  directed their listener to their WordPress blog, to download a powerful free lead generating special report and free 90 webinar recording, that addressed the same issue!

Think they’d have any takers!You bet! Now do you see “why” sometimes (certainly not all), it’s far easier to service and educate, than it is to sell! And why instead of struggling to constantly drum up new (never before done) creative marketing ideas!

It’s far more profitable to simply be an educator! You’ll sleep better, attract far more engaging customers and clients! And make more money to boot! Don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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  1. Your welcome Mark,
    I’ll always looking for a interesting content that outstanding and good. I find some post in your blog and for that I’ll be here again and again.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Your post says a lot like it’s title. Every marketing campaign have different strategy and every time you have to find new ways to promote it. Your post provides a lot of creative ideas…


    • Thanks Bhavesh!
      Glad you found some value in it! Thanks so much for stopping by
      and sharing your insights! it’s much appreciated!

      Hopefully, you’ll drop by more i the future and continue to share
      your much appreciated thoughts!


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