So How In The World Does Being More Charitable Fit Into Your Long Term Marketing Plans?

Alright, be completely honest here, are you seriously scratching your head right about now, wondering “how” in the world, being more charitable, actually fits into your long term marketing plans?

Hang on, because it may not be as outrageous a proposition as it appears to be!

And if so, how in the world does it eventually translate into a higher net profit for you!After all, isn’t the whole point of you and I being more charitable,to help others? It absolutely is.

However, is it actually written anywhere in the charitable hand guide that says, just because you’re going out of your way, to help others and be as charitable as you can be, that’s no reason not to grow your bottom line as well.Is it?

Hopefully, you’re not against growing your business, provided you don’t short change any charities in the process!Let’s take a look at how an extremely service provider, could systematically go about doing just that!

So How Do You Strategically Combine Being Charitable With Simultaneously Growing Your Business?

Let’s say you currently have a fairly successful, (single location) computer repair service.And of course you can’t stop dreaming of the day when you, (A.) Open multiple successful locations! And (B.)  have at least one of your locations, be inside of one of the cities busiest malls!

Also for the most part, even though you obviously don’t currently have access to an over the top, glitzy fortune 500, massive ad budget.(Not yet anyway.)

You still have managed to generate some pretty positive, (viral) word of mouth and mouse (local) buzz.

Even though, (to date) both your current Facebook fan page and twitter following, are really nothing to speak of just yet! 😎 And truth told, you really haven’t quite figured out “how to” effectively leverage your social media presence, to the point, that doing so, actually translates into more money in your bank account!

Still in all, you remain optimistic of the long term possibilities.So you always manage to find at least 20 minutes within your hectic twelve our work day, to find something positive, entertaining and or educational, to constantly tweet about.

That said, recently, as a direct result of a potential contact that you met, (of all places) at one of your monthly networking events!And since you usually don’t even bother attending these events anymore!

Only because, typically they don’t amount to much more, than you (both) handing out & receiving a bunch of worthless business cards, that rarely if ever, do you ever follow up with!(And even on those rarest of occasions when you did, not much ever came out of doing so!)

However, it’s very good thing you decided to attend this particular monthly event!

Because, (as fat would have it), you met and had this rather intriguing 45 minute conversation, with this high level administrator and one of their top executive assistants. And it really got your marketing wheels of possibilities turning rather fast! 😎 For a much welcomed changed!

Who Says Effective Marketing And Some Good Old fashion Charity Can’t Be Combined For The Benefit Of All Concerned?

Basically, here’s the short of it.Turns out, this mystery man and his top high level assistant, are way up the administrative totem pole with the fourth largest charity in the city!Say what?

And (as fate would) also have it, when it comes to this fast paced (IT-Information Technology ) stuff, they couldn’t be more clueless! 😎 And for the most part, so are the vast majority of business owners and service providers that continuously donate their hard earned money to the charity!

And the administrator said he would be (more than happy), to not only discuss your wiz ban computer repair shop donating, anywhere from 10-30 hours per to their main charity!(But would all but guarantee the board would overwhelmingly approve such a measure as well!)

And then he rather casually mentioned, (they currently) have a monthly digital newsletter they send to their 3,700 opt in email subscribers!

Plus, once every six months, they mail a 130  page, physical directory, that list local businesses, and they sell (both) classified and various size display ads as well.(And of course they also have a state of the art, mobile responsive WordPress blog too!)And that’s when your marketing light bulb really started to shine! 😎

Why Sometimes It Takes A Little Charity To Really Get Your Marketing Wheels A Turning!

Here’s “what” the two of you tentatively decide to initially, inexpensively test! Once a month, you’ll do both a column and open editorial , write in segment called, “Ask The Computer Experts” (Anything you want to know about computers!)

And you or someone on your staff will provide (both) a detailed answer, and if need be, occasionally, you’ll create a short 2- 5 minute, “how to” demonstration video as well!

But here’s the real marketing hub! Two things.First, (A.) You’ll give every staff member of the charity, “lifetime” VIP, annually renewable, laminated discount cards, where they save X% off for life! (And get this!) Your “VIP lifetime” discount is good, whether they leave the charity or not!

This way, (if by chance), should they decide to seek employment elsewhere, they can still get their numerous, ongoing computer repair/consulting needs handled by your company! That way, they still have very good reasons to continuously spread the word, (both) on and offline about your incredible services! 😎 Don’t you agree?

(In fact, maybe one of them will be a social media marketing company and the two of you can barter all or some parts of your services! 😎 )

And second (B.) The charity will also create a special-cut out- discount coupon, that every advertiser in the directory will be given, when they (either) advertise and or donate to the charity!

And the computer repair business owner, will agree (in writing) to donate 5% (or X%of every transaction they do, as a direct result of  being involved with the charity!

Your Marketing Strategies Don’t Need To Be Glitzy Just Effective! (Don’t You Agree?)

Plus, once every 90 days, (give or take), the charity will send their 3,700 opt in email subscribers, (and constantly growing) an extremely time sensitive opportunity offer, for  them to come to your store and receive their very own annually renewable, laminated “lifetime VIP discount coupon cards!”

That way, each time they bring their computer repair and or ongoing consulting needs to you, they automatically save X% off, and the charity constantly receives a 5% (or X%) kick back for life! And you constantly generate some all important first time customers, (and possibly ongoing consulting business clients) for literally pennies on the dollar!

And all because, you were (initially) savvy enough, to add a some good all fashion charity, to your long term marketing plans!Any questions?

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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