Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!

Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!

So do you know anybody that runs some type of business (on or offline) that has really struggled? And through or (maybe) because of their many trials, tribulations, setbacks and challenges etc; they ultimately pulled through.

So right about now you’re probably wondering (or at least) you should be, what if anything, any of this has to do with a (so called) fear of failure? Fair enough and we’ll most certainly get to that in just a second.

But first, let me just state that there is practically no person and or entrepreneur that yo can think of (or one going forward), that will not at some point experience some major financial and or emotional challenges.

And the ones that have experienced massive success,(the type we’re craving to emulate!) You can bet, that they have definitely burned more than their fair share of the midnight oil!

And you best believe they’ve had those private moments when they’ve questioned whether or not they’re worthy or whether or not they deserve the massive success that they’re pursuing! Who hasn’t? Honestly, when the challenges start to become really massive, (and just a little scary!)Who reading this can honestly say they’ve never temporarily had that momentary rush of doubt?

And asked if maybe we’re not partially or completely out of our league?

Here’s Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!

It’s hard to be believe that some terribly misguided entrepreneurs actually think (or are led to believe) that simply because they so desperately want or wish to profit, that somehow (miraculously!) they will. (Good luck with that.)

Irregardless of their lack of business skills and or technical abilities etc. And far too many also seem to think (initially) anyway, that they can ride the passion train to long term success and eventual profitability.

Not realizing or coming to grips with the fact that they are more than likely, no where near as prepared as they should be for a dramatic sudden down turn in the local economy. Or for very aggressive (and extremely) well financed brand new major competition!

Or for a major illness to a partner and or a major break up in the ownership of the business etc. The main point being, they simply haven’t taken the time or the necessary steps to succeed in business.

Case in point; have you ever watched the extremely popular reality television show “Kitchen Nightmares!” This show is a prime example of extremely capable men & women who without question, are incredibly gifted chefs, but are totally clueless about exactly”what” it takes financially and emotionally, to run a successful restaurant!

When Failures Not An Option You’re Starting To Get Powerful Close!

Which brings me full circle to my real main point. You’ve often heard it said that some people have a fear of success! While others have a fear of failure.

And the latter is probably totally not true, unfortunately! Here’s why that would be a tremendous blessing, where that phrase really apply to you or someone you know that’s currently struggling in business!

Imagine if your doctor informed you during your last check up, that unless you lose 15 LBS. (or so) within the next year, you’ll be dead! Honestly wouldn’t you do everything conceivable within your power to accomplish that goal? Irregardless of the many obstacles, challenges and setbacks that were placed before you! Bingo!

So you see (my friend!) it would actually be a blessing if you or I really did develop a real fear of failure! Because our dogged determination/ take no prisoners type of attitude, would definitely cause us to persevere! Until we eventually succeeded! Don’t you agree?

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6 Responses to Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!
  1. Hi Mark,

    From where I came, there is a saying: “What you fear most is the best for you”. I don’t know if this saying is used here in the western world or no. But what it means is what you fear most, face it boldly because it is going to turn to be the best thing. How true that is?? I am not sure.

    But in the business world, we will face the fear of failure for sure and it is inevitable and it can slow us down but should not stop us.

    Thanks Mark for sharing your wisdom with all of us. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    • Wow Neamat! That’s a truly awesome and incredibly meaningful saying!

      And no I hadn’t heard it before now, so thanks for sharing
      it and man is it ever profound!

      That makes so much sense! In both life in general and business!

      Leave to you to impart (as always!) some extremely powerful words of

      I’ll have to be sure and keep that saying somewhere in writing near to me, so that
      it stays top of mind!

      Thanks as always for sharing your incredibly valuable insights and for your continuous support!
      I truly appreciate both!

  2. I have a successful promotional products business but I can say that it creeps into my mind all the time the fear of failure. I have had major mishaps along the way. You have to pick up the pieces and get back into the game. I do not dwell on the obstacles but try to work on the positives. It is the only way to move forward.

    • That is a really great attitude to cultivate Arleen!

      Because we both enough in business, it’s not if we’re going to experience temporary
      setbacks and temporary failure!

      It’s more a matter of when and how many!

      Thanks for sharing your extremely valuable real world insights!!

      As always, they greatly appreciated!

  3. You put this-“fear of failure” in such simple terms, making it easy to understand and achieve. The example you gave of a doctor telling someone to lose weight or else will be dead in a year, makes one to think more and do all that could be done to live and this applied to business could produce great results.
    Thanks for the share.

    • Absolutely Siphosith!

      May we all be blessed with a real fear of failure, as it relates to successfully
      growing our businesses!

      Because if we are, as you said, we’ll create massive long lasting and fulfilling success!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


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