04Jul 2017


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The Main Reason Your Small Business Has To Know What A Lead Is Really Worth!Part Three

So -hopefully- after these first two installments, of this ongoing series, your small business and or service, definitely appreciates, on a much deeper level.

The true -long term-, potential residual value, of what a semi qualified lead, can potentially be worth to you, and or your major competitors, correct?

And hopefully, your currently untapped, creative marketing juices have been sufficiently stimulated.

To the point, you’re finally emotionally ready, to start, if nothing else, initially implementing some of the battlefield tested, marketing strategies and or tactics, you’ve been exposed to, throughout this particular series, right? Great.

The sooner you start inexpensively testing, tweaking and  monitoring your results, the sooner you’ll start profiting in the long run. And this is ultimately, what it’s all about, is it not? Continue reading

03Jul 2017
small business

How And Why A Little Strategic Charity Can Help Your Small Business Prosper!

Lots of profit seeking small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, try and successfully advertise their way to ultimate success,right?

And perhaps this constantly growing list, includes your business/service as well, correct?

Hopefully, if it does, your results are far better, than what the all too typical, semi to severely cash strapped, small business owner/service provider experiences.

The main point (here) being, you don’t have to be a genius, nor do you have to be well established in your business, (on or offline), in order to throw as much money as your particular budget can afford, at potentially wasteful, and or dismally performing, traditional advertising campaigns.

Sound familiar? Well, what about the other end of the business spectrum? How many times, (currently) and or in your recent past, have you heard bout an entrepreneurial venture (of some kind), using local charities, to successfully fuel their long term success? Is this potential marketing approach not interesting? Continue reading

01Jul 2017
small business

The Main Reason Your Small Business Has To Know What A Lead Is Really Worth!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, practically every successful, small business  owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneur you know, is usually pretty savvy, at some form of effective lead generating, advertising, promoting and or marketing,correct?

And on top of this, they definitely understand and totally appreciate, why both they and you, simply have to know going in,what their ideal customer,patient and or clients, total lifetime customer value metric  numbers are, correct?

Otherwise, as their attempting, to seriously evaluate, whether or not, or where they should allocate, more or less, of their extremely limited, financial resources, they may more easily be misled, right?

Sadly, this all too common occurrence, happens far more than it should or needs to. By better understanding, and knowing how, to at least ball park the aforementioned concept, you can at least avoid some major pitfalls, which are -always- just around the corner and waiting to happen to those less informed. Don’t you agree? Continue reading

30Jun 2017

Introducing The Not So Secret Strategy Entrepreneurs Use To Get The Word Out!Part Two!

As you previously discovered in part one, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, often rely on well implemented, joint ventures (aka) strategic alliances, in order to fund some of their non conventional marketing strategies, correct?

And by the same token, often times, non directly competing vendors, can and do form various types of strategic alliances, in order to keep their traditional promotional costs down, while simultaneously, get the word out, about their extremely valuable products, and or services.

While other extremely dedicated small business owners, and or start up entrepreneurs, continuously fall b the waist side. For any number of, previously mentioned reasons!

But as you discovered in part one, this definitely does not have to be the case, correct? Continue reading

29Jun 2017

How Strategic Blogging Has A Lot In Common With Offline Power Marketing!Part Four

So hopefully after the first three installments, of this ongoing series, you definitely appreciate, all of the rarely mentioned similarities, between offline power marketing and strategic bloggingcorrect? I sincerely hope so.

Because as you take a much closer look, you’ll soon come to realize and appreciate, it really doesn’t matter, all that much, how you and I consistently attract our specific target markets right?

Provided, at some point, you’re able to consistently convert, some of those semi qualified prospects/leads, into some repeat, long term customers, clients and or patients etc.Don’t you agree?

So let’s go even deeper under the hood, to discover how strategic blogging, has a lot more in common, with offline power marketing, than a mere casual first glance, would have you to believe. Continue reading

28Jun 2017

How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Miss The Boat With Their Ad Dollars!

  (How Not To Let This All Too Common Occurrence Happen To You!)

Does this all too common occurrence, really surprise anyone? This being, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, small business owners and or service providers, simply working way too hard, for the sort of meager, (if any!) results, their gargantuan efforts typically produce.

They work tirelessly in their business, yet not nearly as much, on their business/service, correct?

And the inevitable emotional and financial strains, of slightly and or continuously, being over extended, under financed and constantly under siege, by far better capitalized -major- competitors, both on and offline.

Slowly and methodically, takes their toll. Does any and or, most of this, sound all too horrifyingly familiar?

If it does,thank goodness, it most certainly does not have to be the case, and or the end of the story… Continue reading

27Jun 2017



Do You Think Your Local Jeweler Networks Like This!Part Five

Hopefully as you’ve learned (and or) discovered, after the first four installments, of this ongoing series, practically every serious, profit seeking entrepreneur, networks to some degree or another, correct? Absolutely.

The real question is, once all the smoke clears, and the rather large checks are written, does it actually help pay the rent/lease or not?

Typically, you’ll find, what most (on or ) offline, aspiring entrepreneurs, are trying to pass off as some form of bankable power networking, is little more, than gloried socializing,lightly sprinkled with just a dose, of income producing activities thrown in.

Because say what you will (entrepreneur), your results don’t lie.So in the case of these profit seeking jewelers, let’s dig even deeper, (hopefully) to discover, how they can start systematically, prospering, from their extremely well oiled networks. And how you can too. Continue reading

26Jun 2017
marketing strategies

How Really Simple Marketing Strategies Generate Tons Of Marketing Leverage?

After being exposed, to the previous three installments, of this ongoing series, are you finally starting to appreciate, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, are able to consistently, generate some big, long term profits, simply by leveraging, another non directly competing vendors, little used and or under performing assets?

I sincerely hope so. In part four, you’re about to discover, how some under performing assets, can -either- be brought back to life.

Or how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, help other vendors convert some of their under performing assets, into long term perpetual money makers.

Even if, these particular assets, have been, (and or), currently under performing for years.Sounds pretty incredible, does it nod.

Rest assured it’s true entrepreneur.And before it’s all said and done, (if) it turns out, you’ve got one of these particular, under performing assets you’re currently sitting on, you’re about to discover, how you can make it perform at a much higher level too. Is that not interesting? Continue reading

24Jun 2017


Introducing A Profitable Marketing Lesson You Can Learn A Halftime Show!

 (And This One Lesson Might Increase Your Long Term Chances For Success By At 500%!)

Seems a little odd doesn’t it? a local and or national sports franchise, could be your major inspiration, for some potentially profitable, marketing lessons, does it? 

So do you (by chance) have a favorite sport, and or favorite team you happen to enthusiastically follow Or have any close friends, relatives, spouse, kids and or live in significant other, who does?

If so, you already know and appreciate, just how far out on the limb, some of them can be right? Especially their team and or favorite sports icon, make it to one of the finals, in their respective sport, correct?

On the contrary, have you ever really stopped and noticed, just how marketing creative, some of this sports franchises can be?

If you’ll start to take serious notice, going forward, can and definitely will, uncover an discovered, some low cost, and potentially profitable, marketing lessons, just waiting to be discovered. Continue reading