06May 2017

  (And How You Can Too!)

Hopefully at this point, it’s no longer a valid question, as to whether or not, you should be strategically using, some form of battlefield tested email marketing, right?

Instead, your primary questions should circle around, how you should be using it. Irregardless, of whether, you primarily market your business, products and or services on or offline.

And if you do plan on primarily marketing online, you simply have to start building your very own, opt in email/mobile marketing list, yesterday.

And in order to do it effectively, you need one of the many reputable, paid email service providers not the free versions of their service.

And the main reason being, the paid versions give you the utmost marketing flexibility and options, while the limited free versions do not. Continue reading

05May 2017


email marketing

How This Misinterpreted Stat In Email Marketing Is About To Cause You Some Major Frustration!

Isn’t it about time, the rubber finally met the road? Meaning, if you’e serious about building and or maintaining a profitable online presence of any kind.

Then you simply have to be utilizing some type of proven email marketing  strategies,correct?

Which also means, you definitely need to find (asap!) a reputable, state of the art, paid email service provider, which fits you current needs and budget.

Because without instant access to your very own opt in email and or mobile marketing list, your chances for real online marketing success, are basically slim and none.

How’s that for a reality check/wake up call? Hold on, (because sadly) we’re not to the bad part yet. Until or unless, you get a realistic view of what you’re getting into, and or what you’ve already gotten yourself into, some of what you read and  hear online, is definitely gonna cause you to wipe out emotionally.

And you definitely don’t want and or desire that particular outcome, right? Continue reading

04May 2017


small business

How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, your semi to severely cash starved, and or resourced challenged small business, can still consistently generate tons semi qualified first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar, correct?

And even though you may have, tons of local major competitors, with much deeper corporate pockets, and therefore much larger, traditional type of advertising budgets.

You can still use, some little known, underground, ninja type of marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

And still out promote them, don’t you agree? Part two will delve even deeper into this ‘triangulation’, joint venture (JV) type of marketing arrangement, which you were initially introduced to in part one of this ongoing series. Sound good? Continue reading

03May 2017
small business

How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!

Is there anything better, and more satisfying and potentially more profitable, than your semi, to severely cash strapped small business and or service, consistently generating more and more high profit generating customers, for less and less upfront out of pocket expenses?

Don’t you just like the sound of that?

That would sort of be the mother lode of advertising and or promotional mega scores, would it not?

Honestly, what profit seeking entrepreneur, do you currently know, and or can think of, (worth their salt),who wouldn’t be satisfied with that type of arrangement?

Especially if they didn’t have to try and completely overhaul their current business/service. Instead, they just strategically tweak a few things here and there.

And leverage their current contacts and tangible assets, and create more business by doing so. Does this sound like something you’d definitely like to hear more about? Great. Then please read on… Continue reading

02May 2017
small business

How Your Severely Cash Strapped Small Business Can Stop Wasting 80% Of Your Ad Budget!

So do you currently have any realistic idea whatsoever, just much time, money and continuous effort, the average severely cash strapped, and or semi resource challenged small business owner and or service provider, dedicates to their monthly and or quarterly advertising budgets?

For sure it’s bad enough, they spend tons of their dwindling cash, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums.

You know, the usual suspects, like early morning- local cable TV ,and prime time listening radio, and or Sunday  morning newspaper ads,and even though these tried and true, traditional advertising mediums have massive paid circulation, and extremely wide readership going for them.

The truth told, they are just far too general in nature, for your (or my) particular specialty to ever gain any bankable traction. And as a net result, over and over again, at least 80% or more, of the advertisers dollars, are simply wasted.Ouch.

Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.So it definitely stands to reason, if you could invest far less money, yet consistently generate far more bankable results, you’d definitely like to know about it? Is that a resounding yes or yes! Continue reading

01May 2017
email marketing

Why This Simple Offline Dating Concept Works So Well For Email Marketing Too!

So you’ve finally decided to get serious, and strategic and start effectively utilizing one of the many reputable, paid email service providers, right?

Good for you, because now, you’ve just moved ahead of at least 85% or more, of the other online marketers, who -even though – they at least have their very own, self hosted WordPress websites sites and or blogs. Imagine their dire situation for just a  second.

They go to all the trouble and ongoing expense, of consistently driving semi qualified, albeit-semi cold first time targeted traffic to -either-their state of the art WordPress website and or blog.

Not realizing, (on average) a staggering 99% of all first time visitors to your blog, but especially your sales page, are simply not there to purchase anything, just yet.

So if the only option they’re given, is to either buy something or leave. Guess which choice, (on average), at least 99% of them will quickly decide to choose?

Bingo. So let’s put you in the position to profit from this all too common occurrence.While the vast majority of your major online competitors continue to struggle,and not really know or understand why. Continue reading

29Apr 2017
small business

How Come So Many Smart Business Owners Neglect This Proven Marketing Strategy?Part Four

So you definitely do consider yourself an extremely savvy small business owner, service provider and or savvy startup entrepreneur, correct? Great! That’s really good to hear.

However, with that being said, hopefully you have begun to realize, and appreciate, by you constantly ignoring, and or neglecting altogether, the potential income producing back end of your business/service.

You’re potentially kissing off a long term, perpetual income generating goldmine sales funnel, and you may not even be aware of doing so.

Part four of this ongoing series, will hopefully, help you begin to not only see, but really begin to appreciate, the marketing opportunities and or possibilities, you have at your fingertips. Continue reading

28Apr 2017
email marketing

Three Simple Reasons You Should Avoid These Common Email Marketing Mistakes!

Hopefully your resourced challenged small business and or service, is currently taking advantage, of one of the many, well respected, paid email marketing service providers currently on the market, right?

Because strategic email marketing, in practically any positive application you can think of and or utilize, is usually a positive thing.

For all the usual reasons you (and I) have already heard at least a million times or more.

Without a doubt, it definitely shaves upfront cost, for the smaller, cash strapped small business owner and or service providers. Stop and consider this one potential cash saving maneuver alone. Let’s say you currently have at least 1,500, (or X) number of regular local customers/clients etc.

Rather than direct snail mail them twice a month, and costantly spend all your extremely limited cash,instead you can (either) send them pre- written follow up autoresponder messages throughout the entire year.

And or you can periodically send them unscheduled,extremely time sensitive “broadcast” email alert messages. And save a bundle while you do it. Continue reading

27Apr 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Four

You definitely consider yourself, an extremely savvy, skilled and dedicated small business owner, entrepreneur and or service provider, correct? Me too!

But regardless, there are times, when certain situations, as they relate to building and maintaining, a growing business and or service, you and I fall a little short, here an there, every now and again, right? For sure.

However, there’s probably an extremely good chance, once you become aware of certain situations, which you’re not readily and fully capitalizing on, you definitely wanna fix those situations asap, do you not? Absolutely.

So in the remainder of this particular post, you’re going to be exposed to at least three potential marketing possibilities, which should definitely help jump start your creative marketing possibility juices. Sound good? Continue reading