01Apr 2017


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate A Ton Of Magnetic Ideas For Their Target Audience!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So can you think of any process in your business, which doesn’t benefit, from you becoming far more effective at targeted lead generation?

In fact, have noticed, how many of the extremely savvy entrepreneurs, make effective lead generation, one of their main priorities?

Lets face it (already), the more semi qualified, targeted leads, you can inexpensively generate and convert into paying customers, clients and or patients, the more profitable your business/service will be, correct?

By knowing and understanding, how to attract your ideal customers, this type of knowledge and or skill, can be sold to other non directly competing entrepreneurs, could it not? Absolutely.

And the practical marketing possibilities are wide open, don’t you agree? For ex; you can send a single email message, and or series of them, entirely based around various forms of effective lead generation strategies, right?

Or create free lead magnet giveaway ebooks, PDF files and or free lead bait podcasts, could you not? And on and on it goes… Continue reading

31Mar 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers Right Under Their Competitors Noses!

 (And “How” You Can Too!)

Have you read any of the ongoing multi part series, on ‘how’ some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are academically no smarter than you.

However, when it comes to effectively implementing proven marketing strategies in general and lead generation strategies in particular, they most certainly have a decided edge.

And it’s up to you (and only you!) to aggressively take the steps necessary to close this gap in (both) knowledge and implementation, asap.

Otherwise, as your major competitors continually develop and gradually improve their various entrepreneurial skills.And rest assured, they most certainly will, the potential income generating gap edge they currently possess, will only grow larger and larger. Continue reading

30Mar 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Seven

Most small business owners and or service providers, have at least some idea, how to do some form of lead generation, correct?

Their challenge is, how to they consistently generate, high quality leads, for literally pennies on the dollar?

This particular skill,(in a nutshell) is what ultimately separates the extremely savvy entrepreneurs among us, from everybody else. Would you not agree?

After all, practically any profit seeking entrepreneur, can buy some form of traditional paid advertising.

The $64,000 dollar question is, ‘how’ do they make doing so pay? Practically every profit seeking small business owner, and or service provider, at some point in their entrepreneurial journey, has attempted to use some form of (on or) offline, paid advertising methods, have they not?

And typically, they don’t or rarely break even, on the front end of their sales funnel.

And because, at least 90% or more of them,not only have little or no workable understanding, of how and why, their business, product and or service(s), definitely need to develop some type income producing activities, on the back end of their sales funnel.

They’re basically stuck once their front end paid advertising methods, aren’t profitable.Simply by understanding and successfully implementing, some proven lead generation strategies and or tactics, you can and definitely will, help take you business, and or service to the very next level or two. Continue reading

29Mar 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Six

So have you noticed, ‘how’ certain, extremely marketing savvy entrepreneursconsistently go about lead generating, for literally pennies on the dollar?

While the vast majority of their current and future major competitors, spend a mega fortune, on dismally performing, and outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums and methods.

For ex; some severely cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or cash strapped entrepreneurs, try to build their presence in the market place, strictly by running glitzy, traditional, local TV, radio and or newspaper campaigns of some kind.

And after systematically draining their (not exactly) deep-to begin with- corporate bank accounts, and practically wiping out their readily available credit, they ultimately come to the sad realization, they simply can’t sustain this extremely costly approach. For several reasons.

On the other hand, once they begin to develop, some bankable lead generation skills, watch ‘how ‘ wide, the doors of opportunity, begin to open for them. Continue reading

28Mar 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Four

So after three installments, are you starting to see and appreciate, ‘how’ some extremely savvy entrepreneurs (no smarter than you BTW!) are able to consistently, generate some high quality leads/prospects, for literally pennies on the dollar?

And how, once you understand and calculate your ideal customer,patient and or clients, total lifetime customer value, you are in a much stronger position, to decide how to go about successfully attracting them.

Online, this value is often referred to as your ‘shopping cart’ value. Installment # four,will implement and build on some basic marketing strategies.

But of course, do so in such a creative way, so as not to readily attract the attention of your major local competitors.And put your business and or service on the fast track to success. Continue reading

27Mar 2017
email marketing

How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!

So now that you’ve discovered, a major email marketing mistake, in part one, which (unfortunately), tons of aspiring online marketers, constantly make.

You probably, mistakenly think, or thought, you were out of the woods, (so to speak), correct?

Well you’re not, and you’re not even close to being so.
For one thing, as you also previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, once your subscriber actually joins your opt in list. My friend, this is when the real work begins.

But it’s critically important for you (to both) realize and appreciate, what you do to, or for your subscribers, from here on out, will definitely, make or break your chances, of building and establishing, any type of bankable cred with them.So over deliver, and under promise.Because doing so, opens far more doors than it closes! Continue reading

25Mar 2017


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Massive Lists And Tons Of Profits While Doing So!

 (And “How” You Can Too!)

By now, you’ve heard the shocking truth, which states a staggering 88% of all brand new (on or offline) startup entrepreneurs, will be out of business, within five short years or less, correct?

And in far too many cases, after you boil it all down, they simply had, more revenue going out, than they did coming in, correct?

In other words, (for any) number of valid, and or invalid reasons, they -unfortunately-, spent retail to generate their -all important-first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

And they consistently sold their extremely valuable products and or services, at bargain basement wholesale rates.

Endless price wars and, (let’s face it), too much inexperience, in the day to day management trenches, ultimately caused their titanic to sink.

In terms of consistently generating, some of their ideal, first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar!For the right marketing professionals, it’s a piece of cake!

Which means -entrepreneur-, as you save a fortune upfront, you don’t have to initially maximize, your front (and or) long term back end gross profits! Because you’ll be under far less pressure to have to constantly do so! Continue reading

24Mar 2017


small business

Why More Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer Marketing Strategies Over Advertising!

So does your resource challenged small business and or service, have any type of workable advertising/marketing budget?

And do you currently have a fairly accurate idea, of ‘how’ much you can actually afford to spend/invest, in order to consistently generate, your all important, first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

And even if you do have some sort of workable marketing/ad budget, do you currently have any realistic idea, what your ideal customer/client-s total lifetime customer value is?

Because if, or once you do, you can literally get as creative, as your marketing juices will allow.And really distance yourself from your nearest competitors.

This particular blog post, will expose you, to what your marketing possibilities really are, when you view them from the creative marketing possibilities perspective, versus the traditional advertising one. Continue reading

23Mar 2017
marketing strategu

What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part Four

So after reading three previous installments, of this ongoing series, hopefully, you are finally starting to appreciate, ‘preeminence’, doesn’t literally mean, exclusively doing something first.

It primarily relates to, what happens, from a marketing strategy point of view, when (you and or) your major competitors, decide to add the all important unique twist or two, to any given marketing strategy and or tactic etc.

And thereby gain, some sort of strategic advantage.

For all practical purposes, you have effectively implemented, and hopefully are benefiting from, both now and in the not so distant future, some sort of strategic advantage.Because you’ve implemented the mega proven marketing strategy, ‘preeminence.’Let’s have a much closer look under the hood, to see ‘how’ this particular marketing concept, can and should work for you. Continue reading