06Mar 2017
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What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!

Have you heard, and are you currently familiar with the marketing term ‘preeminence?’

It’s a really fancy way of saying, you do something, or give the perception of doing something first in your particular niche and or sub niche.

And every entrepreneur and or major competitor, who comes behind you, unless they somehow do it a gazillion times better.

You’re business, service and or product, is still perceived or recognized to be the first, (and therefore) the best to have done so.

Pretty cool distinction, right? It’s not often you can generate and or find yourself, in a position, to take advantage of preeminence, but when you can -ladies & gentlemen-, it makes for one heck of a potentially profitable marketing strategy,as you are about to discover.

And remember, you don’t have to always be first, just being perceived as one of the first to do something fairly meaningful to or for your target audience, which makes a big marketing splash.

Often times,just the fact of you doing so, is more than enough, to create and maintain, some bank account filling, positive word of mouth and mouse buzz.

For years and years to come. And best part is, doing so may actually cost far less, than any formal PR and or promotional campaigns typically would. Continue reading

04Mar 2017
small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Six

So hopefully, you discovered even more proof in part five, of this ongoing series,how even some non traditional small business service providers, such as an up and coming CPA”s,CFP”s, Accountant and or a Tax Attorney Specialist, can and definitely should be, strategically leveraging the power of the Internet, to continually and relatively inexpensively grow their businesses, correct?

Especially, if they’re just starting out and they may not have a state of the art WordPress blog, and or website, built or workable just yet.

You read that right, (thank goodness) modern Internet marketing technology, allows them (and or) you or I, the luxury of still being able to have, a viable online presence, which may or not initially include, a conventional type of website and or fully developed WordPress blog just yet.

Certainly, as things continually develop, there will come a time, when these more traditional marketing tools are needed.But not so much in order to get started with your professional lead generating efforts.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

03Mar 2017
copy writing

Three Potentially Profitable Reasons You Definitely Need Good Copy Writing Skills!

So have you ever noticed, ‘how’ much time, energy, effort and money, the average, semi cash cash strapped, small business owner, service provider and or startup entrepreneur, will invest, trying to grow their business, in assets, which do little or nothing, to help them accomplish that?

And by the same token, they don’t seem to recognize, there most certainly are particular assets an or skills, when properly developed over time, will most certainly pay dividends, not only now, but in the future an well beyond.

One such skill, is becoming, at leas semi competent at some form of bank account filling copy writing.

Let’s be clear here, in order t get really good at some form of persuasive copy writing, (entrepreneur), you’re definitely gonna need to burn the midnight oil.

But as you continually develop and hone your skills, it will most certainly be worth it.Here are three potentially profitable reasons for doing so. Continue reading

02Mar 2017
small business

Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!Part Two

So as you were reading part one, of this ongoing series, did you notice, and start to really appreciate, ‘how’ even a semi cash strapped, small business owner and or service provider, can eventually go out on their own, once, or as soon as, they develop, some bankable lead generation skills?

Great, that’s really good to hear. In part two, you’ll also discover, at least three more really important pieces of the lead generating marketing puzzle, which really help glue everything else together.

Let’s be clear right out of the gate.Having a workable monthly advertising/promotional budget is great, but not a requirement.

On the other hand, the less readily available cash and or credit you have, to initially promote your extremely valuable products and services, as an aspiring solo-startup/preneur etc.

Entrepreneur, then quickly developing some bankable lead generating skills is not an option. It’s a requirement. Continue reading

01Mar 2017


small business

How Even Smart Small Business Owners Over Complicate Internet Marketing?Part Two

So do you currently have any idea, ‘how’ common it is, for a ton of extremely dedicated, and extremely hard working Mom & Pop type of small business owners, and or service providers, to initially buy into investing a ton of their hard earned money, in a non asset building, static, brochure-ware type of website?

It’s called a static brochure, only because typically, the website may not have an active blog component to it.

And other than introduce the owners and other key players in the business/venture, via the “about Us” page.

The site just list prices on various services and might also feature a videos and or some semi recent photos etc.

Otherwise, your all too typical, first time visitor, arrives (lands) on some page on the site, and they or may not actually go any further into your site, before quickly deciding, your site is simply not for them!

And entrepreneur, (for the record), when they decide to leave, a staggering 99% of them or more, are never ever coming back! And that’s why static, brochure type of corporate website sites totally suck!Because there is no strategic list building going on! Continue reading

28Feb 2017
small business

So Does It Make More Sense For Your Small Business To Market Or Advertise?

Since you are -most definitely- a profit seeking small business owner/entrepreneur, are you not? Which of your current assets, do you feel you should be investing more heavily in, and why?

Right now, for whatever reason(s), be they strictly emotionally and or financially based.You have decided, to use strategy and or tactic, X, Y or Z, in order to, (you basically) fill in the blanks.

Lead generate, cross promote, add/upsell and to consistently generate referrals and more extremely high grossing back end revenue of of some kind.

You didn’t just happen to decide you really liked this particular strategy or tactic, for consistently lowering your first time customer/patient acquisition costs, right? No way.

Something, some process and or outcome, or lack thereof , virtually compelled you, to draw the current conclusions, which you have, right?

So the $64,000 dollar question becomes, should you, based on your current skill set, knowledge base, real world experience(s), current ad/promotional budget and conversion rate figures.

Are you better off, investing more or your (traditional) and non traditional assets, marketing and or using some form of conventional advertising, of your extremely valuable products, and or services? Continue reading

27Feb 2017
small business

Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So can you -personally- think of, any profit seeking, small business owner(s), service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, who can’t or won’t be much better off financially, if they take the time and effort, to develop some bankable lead generation skills? Me either?

But here’s the thing,(ladies & gentlemen), unlike learning and becoming highly competent at any type of money making copy writing skills.

You or I, (thank goodness), do not have to become guru like, in order to benefit dramatically, from -first- learning and implementing, some market tested lead generation skills.

Because the moment you have figured out, what primary solution your target market craves most, and you, (and or) your major competitors, can effectively demonstrate, you can provide an affordable solution.

Guess what? Your business, product(s) and or services, will sky rocket to the head of the line, in your ideal prospects mind.And that’s sort of the whole point, is it not? You got that right.

So let’s quickly go under the hood, to see ‘how’ some of today’s, savvy albeit semi to severely cash strapped, small business service providers, are doing just that… Continue reading

25Feb 2017

The One Critically Important Skill Every Entrepreneur Definitely Needs To Develop!

   (Because Doing So Will Pay You On Many Levels For Years And Years To Come!)

So being a profit seeking entrepreneur, means you most certainly wear a lot different hats! Especially in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, correct? Absolutely.

And along the way, you hopefully develop some much needed leadership skill to, correct? But ladies & gentlemen, as you and I constantly evolve and learn from our inevitable mistakes, missteps and occasional blunder or two.

Throughout our entire journey and inevitable transformation, there is one critically important skill, and rest assured, it is most certainly an acquired skill over time and constant, extremely focused and dedicated effort.

Your dedicated focus on developing this one particular skill, beyond your initial headwinds, has the potential, to continually pay and or compensate you, in one meaningful way or another.As you are about to discover. Continue reading

24Feb 2017

Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Four

So are you finally ready, after three installments of potentially profitable examples.Are you finally ready, to start thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur?

And have you also noticed to this point, when and wherever you, (and or) your major competitors, have highly honed and developed skills, and or specialized knowledge of any kind, you (or they!) have -both- the ability and opportunity, to create various multiple steams of income.

Is that starting to become more and more evident to you? Great! That’s really good to hear. In part four, let’s go even further inland, in order to discover even more, currently untapped, potential marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

And virtually none of these potentially untapped opportunities, will  ever be discovered and or uncovered, by your all too typical, small business owner/service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, who only sees the trees, not the overall forest of marketing possibilities. Continue reading