12Apr 2017


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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Four

So after three installments, of this ongoing series,(hopefully) it’s safe to presume, you can much better appreciate,how your resourced challenged small business and or service, can definitely profit, from the strategic use of another non directly competitive vendors, under used and or dead assets, correct?

In fact, in more situations than you probably initially realized, this one critically under utilized strategy and or tactic, could easily help increase your, and or your major competitors bottom line, could it not? Agreed.

However, with that said, let’s delve even deeper under the hood of untapped marketing possibilities, and or untapped opportunities, to discover even more stones, which -clearly- have been left unturned. Continue reading

11Apr 2017
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How Come So Many Smart Business Owners Neglect This Proven Marketing Strategy?Part Three

So did you notice in the first two installments of this ongoing series, how some extremely marketing savvy small business owners are able to consistently earn a great deal of long term gross profit, even if they don’t do so, on the front end of their particular sales funnel?

And has it also occurred to you, it’s most definitely possible, to look for potential marketing opportunities, to build the vast majority of your long term gross profits, from the back end of your business?

I sincerely hope so, because when the almost unlimited marketing possibilities of what’s truly possible, finally start to dawn on you, (hopefully) you’ll really start to appreciate, the untapped potential goldmine, you may and are about to be exposed to. Continue reading

10Apr 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Five

So just because you’re semi to severely cash strapped, that doesn’t mean some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, can’t make a serious go of it, correct?

In fact, in the case of an extremely marketing savvy CPA and or CFP, who just recently went out on their own, and hasn’t yet totally established themselves.

They (or you!) can still use some market tested, relatively low cost, high impact marketing and or promotional strategies, to help get the word out, about their services.

And while they do so, get other local, non directly competing small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, to gladly volunteer their various tangible and or in-tangible assets, to help them do so.

So even though they may not currently have deep corporate pockets, and or business credit a mile long, they can still consistently reach their target market, for literally pennies on the dollar.Sound good? Continue reading

08Apr 2017
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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Three

As you read the first two installments of this ongoing series, about how some extremely marketing savvy small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs, routinely find some creative, non traditional ways, of benefiting from some grossly under under used, and or dead assets.

Are your creative marketing juices starting to flow? Hopefully more than usual.

Can you see ‘how’ you can and definitely should, be able to look at -both- your business/service, and or a non directly competing vendors business, and start to spot certain, under used and or dead assets you can strategically leverage.(If not, you know who to contact asap, right? )

Have the first two installments of this ongoing series, opened your creative marketing eyes, to the enormous untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities?

What most profit seeking entrepreneurs would routinely see, merely as excess cash draining, dead inventory of some kind. You’re now starting to view as a springboard to greater, and greater untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities. Continue reading

07Apr 2017
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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!PartTwo

So as you originally read, (and hopefully) re-read part one of this ongoing series,has it started to dawn on you in a major way, ‘how’ and why, your cash strapped and resource challenged small business,service and or entrepreneurial startup venture, should definitely be leveraging, other non directly competing vendors, under used and or (so called) dead assets?

No matter what form they happen to come in. I sincerely hope so. Because as you start to develop this particular mind set.

You will -quickly- start to realize, there are a ton of aspiring entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, who may not even fully realize, and or appreciate, just how many totally under utilized, and or under performing tangible or intangible assets, they currently have access to.

Which the both of you, (meaning) one of their joint venture and or strategic cross promotional partners,can and definitely should be benefiting from.Hopefully this series, will set more of your natural, creative marketing juices in motion. Continue reading

06Apr 2017
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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!

So whenever you hear and or see the term ‘inventory’ and or assets, especially (so called) ‘dead assets’,(of any kind.)

Your initial first gut knee jerk reaction, is to probably think of some small business owner and or furniture retailer, with tons of so called excessive inventory of some kind, totally anxious to unload it, or them at super bargain basement prices and or terms, correct?

Sure, and it’s most definitely, an extremely pleasant thought. However please let your creative marketing juices, go far beyond that semi limited definition of circumstances.

Because by doing so, you are about to -potentially- open the door to, tons of previously unexplored trains of marketing possibilities and or opportunities.

In ways, you currently can’t even imagine. For just a moment, set your skepticism’s to the side, and or on temporary hold, and take a stroll down creative marketing possibilities lane.It’s definitely well worth the effort. Continue reading

05Apr 2017



How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Four

So here you are in part four of this ongoing series, right? Is it now crystal clear, how and why, some extremely savvy entrepreneursprefer (whenever) possible, to constantly create their very own, unique money making opportunities, as opposed, to waiting for them to magically appear.

Besides, if you were to leave the outcomes to (so called) ‘Lady Luck’, how often do you really think, she’s liable to smile upon? You so got that right.

Instead, as the first three installments have done, let’s focus on ‘how’, even a semi to severely cash starved -entrepreneurial- service provider, can swing the marketing momentum in their direction, and start leveraging and profiting from doing so. Sound good? Continue reading

04Apr 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Three

So after reading part one & two of this ongoing series, has it finally, (and or) is it slowly starting to dawn on you, some of today-s savviest entrepreneursare actually creating their very own unique money making opportunities, rather than waiting on them to somehow magically appear?

Has the thought crossed your mind yet? And did you also happen to notice, even if you are just starting out, semi to severely cash and resourced strapped, you can still leverage various assets, including your access to the Internet.

Just like the marketing savvy CPA and or CFP did, in parts one & two.

Part three will delve even further, into ‘how’ you can and definitely should, constantly be looking for some pro-active ways, of creating your very own money making opportunities, just like the service professionals (featured) in part one did.Sound good? Continue reading

03Apr 2017
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How Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners Unlock Their Long Term Profit Vaults!

   (And “How” You Can Too!)

So ‘how’ many times (entrepreneur) have you heard and or read about this incredibly powerful, and or potentially profitable, long term marketing strategy, often referred to as the (so called) back end of your business and or service?

I’m guessing, probably a lot, correct? One of the primary reasons, is because, (unfortunately),a staggering amount, of semi cash strapped (and extremely ) resourced challenged small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes.

Basically devote all, (and or) the vast majority of their readily available cash, credit, effort and other extremely valuable resources, into trying to create the lions share of their gross profits, on the initial sale -front end- sales funnel of their businesses. (Sound familiar?)

And while doing so, inadvertently, totally ignore the enormous, long term gross profit potential, in the severely neglected back end sales funnel component of their business.

Hopefully, after reading, studying and beginning to apply, some of ‘what’ you’re about to be exposed to in this particular post, this will no longer be the case for you.(Certainly time will tell.) Continue reading