14Jul 2017
marketing leverage

Introducing Seven Potentially Profitable Ways Marketing Leverage Pays Off!

So as you’re constantly pondering which direction to go in, with regards to investing and maximizing, your extremely limited marketing/promotional dollars.

You definitely already know and realize, the more limited your resources in general,and your marketing dollars in particular, the more you had better be constantly creating, and or generating, some-maximum- money making marketing leverage opportunities, correct?

Which obviously begs the $64 thousand dollar question of, how? Right.

Hopefully, after you’ve read and begun implementing, at least some of what you’ll discover in the remainder of this post, you’ll at least partially, have some of your answers. Continue reading

13Jul 2017
digital marketing strategy

Seven Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Has To Be Reality Based!

   (Otherwise These All Too Common Seven Myths Or Misconceptions

Will Cost You A Fortune!)

Have you noticed, after you’ve been online for  while, you start to be able, to at least semi separate, the facts from fiction?

And you definitely have to quickly develop this ability, otherwise your long term digital marketing strategy, will suffer greatly and or be derailed altogether.

And as you start to realize, all the hype, regarding instant this, and instant that. Usually only applies to, how fast money leaves your bank account, and more than likely. It’s not coming back, any time soon, correct?  This is why, it’s critically important, at the outset.

You (and I), are made aware, of these seven, critically important myths and or, all too common misconceptions, as they apply and relate to, successful online marketing. Otherwise, it’s extremely possible, one or more of them, will probably cost you a ton of money.

And lead to mountains of (totally) avoidable frustration. Continue reading

12Jul 2017
marketing strategies

So Who Else Can’t See The Connection Between Online Marketing And Offline Power Marketing Strategies?

So no matter how you primarily market your extremely valuable products, and or services, you’re definitely going to need a proven, (on of offline) promotional strategy, for consistently generating, semi qualified leads, correct?

For sure. This being the case, your marketing strategies, probably need to involve,(a little bit of both the on and offline marketing world), so you don’t totally neglect any one particular approach over the other, right?

Just because your business is a traditional, offline bricks and mortar operation, doesn’t mean, you can’t or shouldn’t be utilizing, strategic opt in email/mobile marketing strategies here and there, correct? And by the same token.

If you currently rely, on your website and or WordPress blog, consistently having pages, (primarily) your how to, problem solving blog posts, consistently ranking extremely high in the major search engines, primarily Google.

This doesn’t mean, when it comes to implementing, certain proven marketing strategies, your online digital empire, can’t or shouldn’t take a page, right out of the offline world, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

11Jul 2017

Introducing The Not So Secret Strategy Entrepreneurs Use To Get The Word Out

   (Especially When They’re Initially Working With An Extremely Tight Budget!)

Have you noticed, practically any reputable business related publication you read, will carefully detail, the gazillion and one reasons why, of the 500,000 brand new, on and offline businesses, started each month, within two years or less.

Anywhere from 60-85% of them, cease to exist any longer. Have you noticed how fast they come and go as well? And usually, when you boil down all the extremely valid reasons why this keeps occurring, over and over again.

One all too common theme (reason), is practically always, somewhere in the real top ten reasons why far too many businesses and or aspiring entrepreneurs inevitably fail.They simply don’t have enough cash flow,reasonable business credit and or cash flow reserves, to whether those ebb and flows of being your own boss.

This with standing, there is one evergreen marketing strategy,which is versatile enough, to help practically any small business owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneurs, whether those inevitable peaks and valleys. Continue reading

10Jul 2017
marketing strategies

How Really Simple Marketing Strategies Generate Tons Of Marketing Leverage?

Can anybody seriously argue, there are more than enough, traditional advertising and or marketing options, for any profit seeking entrepreneur, to make your head spin?

And this is without including, the ever growing number of social media marketing alternatives, right?

Let’s just say,when it comes to your choice of potentially profitable marketing strategies, it may take some time, to finish the roll call, correct?

This being the case, it’s also equally important,for you to consistently generate, maximum marketing leverage, whenever and wherever possible, agreed?

Because with an extremely limited ad budget, and or resources, you simply can’t afford not to, correct? Then hopefully, you’ll whole heartily agree, with the potential marketing strategies, you’re about to be exposed to.  Continue reading

08Jul 2017
digital marketing

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fully Embrace Some Type Of Digital Marketing Strategies!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Ever notice, how some extremely smart, (not to mention), incredibly dedicated and savvy entrepreneurs, are barely scratching the surface, of marketing possibilities, when it comes to effectively utilizing, any type of, potentially profitable digital marketing strategies?

For some odd reasons, when it comes to throwing good money after bad, as it relates to, buying outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, simply do not and or will not, readily seize, the countless, untapped marketing possibilities, various types of digital marketing strategies, which are readily available to them. Hopefully, this isn’t the case for you…. Continue reading

07Jul 2017


small business

Since Your Small Business Can Generate Marketing Leverage Why Pay For Advertising? Part five

Going into this fifth installment, of this ongoing series, hopefully, you’re now starting to appreciate, just how much, strategic marketing leverageis readily available to your semi to severely cash strapped, small businesscorrect?

And don’t forget, you can always throwaway an outrageous fortune, on dismally performing, cash and resource draining,traditional advertising methods.

The real question is, (two fold.) Primarily, why in the world would you want to? 

And can you really afford to keep doing so? After all, what if, as a direct result of a little strategic testing and closely monitoring, you were to become aware, of how a far less expensive,and or time consuming, non traditional marketing strategy, is readily available to you.

And it dramatically lowered, your upfront out of pocket cost by a size able amount. Wouldn’t this more than justify,the money and effort you invest, in order to become aware of it? I sincerely hope so. Let’s have an even closer look under the hood, just to be sure. Continue reading

06Jul 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate Massive Profits From Used Merchandise!Part Two

So as you (hopefully) discovered, in part one of this ongoing series, it’s not a matter, of whether extremely savvy entrepreneurs, in the retail clothing industry, will eventually experience their fair share of damaged and or slightly used merchandise, correct?

It’s more a matter of when, and to what degree, right? Absolutely. In part two of this particular series, you will discover even more proven ways, to profit long term, from such an all too common situation.

And believe it or not, there are more proven ways to profit from, so called damaged merchandise, than may readily be apparent.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

05Jul 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate Massive Profits From Used Merchandise!

  (And How You Can Too!)

When it comes to clothing retailers sitting on unsold clothes (inventory), it probably never entered your mind, these savvy small business owners, are basically, sitting on money they can’t actually get their hands on just yet, right?

And by the same token, what about used, and or slightly damaged, clothing merchandise?

 How are they suppose to salvage it, and create any type of bankable profits from it, agreed?

Well, rest assured, just like your local car dealer, mini or major real estate developer, who has unsold inventory of any kind.

As long as those clothes, be they designer label or not, sits on the retailers shelf, or in their back room collecting dust, and they’re not in a customers closet, or literally on their back, the retailers cash flow is suspect,and or is not as good as it could and or should be.Agreed?

And if any of the above, (all too common situations, unfortunately describe you), your businesses cash flow is suspect as well. Of course this doesn’t have to be the case.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading