17May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!

Have you noticed, how many extremely dedicated, not to mentioned talented entrepreneurs, initially, simply don’t have an awful lot of money, or business credit to start with, in order to use the more outrageously traditional forms, of promoting and or advertising, their extremely valuable products or services?

Personally, on at least two fronts, I think it’s potentially a positive long term situation, to find themselves in.

First and foremost because, a good majority of them, eventually, turn to men & women like myself, in order to help them develop, and in some cases, maintain some sort of practical, customized marketing plan and or strategy.

And in some cases, you can actually negotiate, not only a commission based compensation structure, but help them generate enough upside potential, they quickly become one of your main, on or offline advocates.

And the other reason being, their advocacy, easily opens new doors for you (and I), so much faster, than many of our best lead generation efforts can.And who can argue with a perpetual money making arrangement like that, right? Continue reading

16May 2017
small business

Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money? Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have quickly come to realize and appreciate, it’s not if, your resourced challenged small business and or service, needs to develop some effective marketing alternatives,correct?

It’s more a matter of, how soon you have to do so, right?

Because if your ad budget can’t rival the corporate 500 type, where does this leave you?

And rest assured, your much better financed local competitors, will spare no traditional medium, left untapped.

Meaning, they’ll initially try running their glitzy, not necessarily effective, traditional ad campaigns, on the tops or sides of local cabs, buses and hugely wasteful billboards etc.

And during the major,year end, annual holiday rush, they’ll simply go all out. Which means, they’ll not only flood, the local, prime time, TV, radio and local newspapers with their outrageously expensive advertising/promotional ad campaigns etc.

But all their fool hearty advertising activity, will most certainly, temporarily drive everyone else-s cost up too! There simply has got to be some extremely viable marketing alternatives, to all of this madness, right? You’d better believe there is… Continue reading

15May 2017
small business

Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money?

Ever notice how most brand new start up small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, (for the most part),initially seem to lack readily available cash?

Sure, they’ve got enough money to bank roll opening their doors, and or being online, with their self hosted, state of the art WordPress website and or blog etc.

But sadly, since most of them want to try and initially advertise, and or promote themselves, as if they’re the fortune 500 type.

They simply can’t sustain such an outrageously expensive advertising campaign, and consistently receive so little bankable payoff in return, right?

So they quickly figure out their all too real economic reality. Which is, either they make the necessary adjustments asap.

Or their on or offline venture is rapidly headed to the ever growing junk pile of former great expectations! Sound all too horrifyingly familiar? It should.

That’s why the remainder of this particular post, and the overall mission of this blog, is dedicated to demonstrating, just because your resourced challenged small business and or service, doesn’t have deep corporate pockets, doesn’t mean you can’t consistently generate some huge, gross front and back end profits. Continue reading

13May 2017



How Under Used Assets Help Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Money!Part Two

Did you happen to notice in part one, how there are many solid, and reasonable definitions, for under performing and or under used assets?

And most profiting seeking entrepreneurs, has there fair share of them.

Even though initially, it may not be as readily apparent.

Rest assured, all businesses and or services of every shape and or size, (including yours) has some form of under performing and or under utilized assets.

And some of them are more easily identifiable tangible assets, why others are of the intangible variety.

And sometimes, other non directly competing vendors can help you identify and profit from them.

And other times you can learn to benefit from your very own under performing and or under used assets. The remainder of this post, will amply demonstrate the untapped marketing possibilities. Continue reading

12May 2017

How Under Used Assets Help Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Money!

Do you currently know any extremely savvy entrepreneurs, who happen to have a rather active stock market  portfolio, which they occasionally share their results with you?

Maybe they share how a certain portion of their portfolio, based on whatever type of evaluation and or analysis process they use.

It’s currently under performing, so for that ans many other reasons, they set out to put investment strategies in place, designed to help them increase their overall profitability, correct?

And so it goes with your some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, no matter what their particular niche and or specialty is.

Once or if, they discover certain assets, be they tangible and or intangible, are not performing as well as they could or should be.They immediately set out to change the situation, asap. And so should you. Continue reading

11May 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Drastically Reduce Overhead So They Can Prosper!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Honestly, how many times have you read about some extremely enthusiastic entrepreneurs, ultimately see their start up venture, come to a grinding halt?

Usually just as it’s about to really getting going, simply because there’s way too much overhead, and not enough bill paying revenue coming in the door, to offset the ever mounting debt, correct?

Does that sound all too familiar? It definitely should, because typically, most extremely resource challenged small business owners, and or service providers, simply over extend themselves, by not having enough readily available cash, credit, and when you get right down to it, in the trenches real world experience and or know how.

And as ongoing business debt and other major challenges steadily begin to mount, it starts to become more and more obvious, they simply lack real world know how.

And before you know it, they’re gone.And the next extremely eager group of budding entrepreneurs, have their spin of the entrepreneurial wheel.

But what if there was a proven way, for you you to drastically lower your constantly increasing overhead commitments, and still generate gross profits much faster! You’d definitely want to know about it, correct? Continue reading

10May 2017



Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Look For Creative Ways To Profit From Under Used Assets!

So do you prefer to advertise and or power market your extremely valuable products and or services.

Yea, me too. Because traditional advertising methods, are outrageously expensive.

And truth told, they take an awful lot of constant, repeat exposure, before you even begin to have a realistic shot at making an impression.

On the flip side, whenever you (and or) your major competitors, can strategically leverage, yours and or another, non directly competing vendors, under used and or completely dead assets.

You simply must do so.

Because more times than not, you can consistently generate some massive, front and or back end profits, for literally pennies on the dollar.And that’s always a good thing, right? 

The remainder of this post will reveal how you and I can consistently do just that. Continue reading

09May 2017
online business

A Major Reason Why Your Online Business Shouldn’t Just Copy What The Gurus Do!Part Two

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, your semi fledgling and or fairly new online businesscan and definitely will, get completely off course, in a major way.

If you try and simply copy & paste, what you see and or hear, your favorite seven or eight figure a year earning guru and guruette is currently doing, correct?

Absolutely. And even closer to home, as you continually try and do a side by side comparison, of their current online situation vs yours, the primary reasons for not doing so, should become more painfully clear.

Please don’t misunderstand here.Without a doubt, you and I should constantly strive to emulate our favorite guru and or guruettes most productive strategies and or tactics etc.

But in no way, think, (especially) in the beginning of the steady development of your online business, you will be able to consistently produce similar bankable results, and or outcomes to theirs.

When it’s totally obvious (and or it should be!), you don’t currently have anywhere near, similar entrepreneurial skills, cultivated networks, real world experiences, (good or bad), and or the necessary influence within your given niche/target market just yet. Continue reading

08May 2017
online business

A Major Reason Why Your Online Business Shouldn’t Just Copy What The Gurus Do!

So let’s be honest, your at times fledgling online business, can’t help but be tempted, by all the hoopla you constantly see, revolving around one of your favorite gurus and or guruettes, right?

Your inbox (and mine ) is constantly flooded, with some supposed case study, where the guru or guruette, successfully did this or that.

And out of the goodness of their hearts, they are only too willing to share their secret sauce discoveries, with the rest of us.

Oh how nice of them.  Don’t you agree.

But here’s what far too often, gets lost in the Internet marketing sauce. What these highly respected, six, seven and eight figure a year -perennial earners-, often fail to properly disclose.

It has literally taken them years of extremely hard work and dedication to reach their level(s) of ongoing success.

And unfortunately,(for all the wannabees online), they simply cannot transfer all of their years of -real world-experience(s), over to the rest of us, simply be producing an MP3 recording, PDF file, webinar and or high ticket course.

Certainly, any and all of those forms of educational material, will definitely shorten our proverbial learning curves. But none of them can totally substitute for actual real world experiences, both good and bad.  Continue reading